With the 11th Pick in the Draft…

draft2.jpgThe NFL draft order has been set, sort of. The draft order for the teams that missed the playoffs have been determined and the 49ers have landed the 11th spot overall. There should be both good defensive and offensive players around the 11th spot. A few names that will come up will be Gaines Adams, LaRon Landry, Alan Branch, Patrick Willis and Ted Ginn Jr.

The Oakland Raiders get the no. 1 pick overall.


~ by 49ersNews on January 1, 2007.

61 Responses to “With the 11th Pick in the Draft…”

  1. 11th in round 1, 10th in round 2, 12th in the 3rd…. i know about the compensatory picks, but what other picks do the Niners have? And the comp picks can’t be traded, if I understand right. Are those picks set yet or are 3rd and 4th a guess at this point?

  2. I always thought the comp picks act like 33rd or 34th picks within that round…I’m pretty sure…

  3. yeah, all the comp picks are the last of the round, but i don’t get how they’re determined. why a 3rd and 4th for the niners? is it stats on how the guys they lost did?

  4. still got 4 months to go!mark carriker or amobi okoye or dave harris-M.L.B.

  5. willis draft alex go dilfer in world cup in sf fire nolan d smith kwame smiley bass heitman jj bryant adams ulbrich replace through draft and fa

  6. start talking to nate clements agent about a deal!

  7. draft willis wr ot otrt nt nt de and thomas clemens kimlin sapp as de by back super b a work through

  8. extend Gore!
    sign Clements and Briggs or Thomas!
    draft LaRon Landry!
    hire Jim Mora Jr as D-Coordinator!

  9. Actually either Landry, Branch, or Adams.

  10. We need to draft dwayne jarret………..

  11. Jarrett is a punk…he CAN play well, but he showed very little class during the Rose Bowl. I personally wouldn’t want him just because of his attitude and he stinks of the TO attitude. Alan Branch is our guy…we don’t need to be the Lions and waste our 11th pick on a receiver. We need d-linemen or someone for the secondary. It sounds like Bryant is coming back so what good would getting Jarrett be? We need people who can step up now, not people who will take 3 years to be fully developed.

  12. dwanyne jarrett hasnt declared for the nfl yet.

  13. We don’t want Jarrett…he’s talented, but a punk. The way he conducted himself during the Rose Bowl showed me that is will continue to be another distraction receiver in the NFL. Alan Branch is what we need and serves more a purpose to the niners cause. We don’t need to be the Lions and draft a receiver with our first pick…we aren’t THAT bad at receiver. Plus, Bryant IS coming back. It would be a waste of a pick on Jarrett.

  14. yes he did, He is not entering the draft they said it during the Rose Bowl

  15. okay, my falt, didnt watch that game,had to work.now i know

  16. o,my,dwayne jarrett next year.steve smith this year!

  17. any one hear about sidney rice?

  18. is sidney rice entering the draft?thats what i ment…

  19. He says that he plans to return next year, but his 40m times are way to slow for a primary reciever, he will be good at secondary or slot, but not primary.

  20. Sorry return to school

  21. the biggest problem for college recievers is not the whole one foot V.S. two foot rule. It is more of the ball weight and size difference. Yes it is really a big deal. So recievers cannot do all of those amazing one handed catches like they did in college, and it is more of retraining more than people think. With that being said that is why I do believe no matter what happenes in the free agency, the 49ers will focus on taking a CB in the first round of this draft, also because there is only about 3 good recievers and potentially 6 good DB’s. Becuase it is easyier to train a fresh DB than a WR. And well Formed (hieght/weight) DB’s are more important this day and age in football. CB is the most demanding position in modern day football, just think about they’re responsibilities. Nickel is more Zone and 3-4/4-3 is more Man coverage.

  22. the refs are just as bad too!!!!!

  23. this isnt gonna be a strong wide receiver class like i thought!and i dont like that one foot rule in collage foot ball.how about calvin johnson,if not maybe we can draft djuan woods.lol

  24. With Nolan wanting to run the whole 3-4/4-3 Hybrid defense basically masking the 5-2, we need to have depth with cover quality corners, Yes Keith lewis does fit into this pattern. He gets to play the Ronnie Lott role basically just intimidating recievers of going up for naked catches. Yes he does hit hard and he can take recievers out of the game. Coverage ability is his downfall, that why fits well as a FS, his role in blitz packages is way underated and he does cause fear in x, y and Z-backs in the middle. Mainly because most recievers are scared of getting hurt nowadays. It ends they’re pay day.

  25. Please check out my 2007 free agent forum on this site and let me know what you think

  26. there have been rumors of steve mariucci coaching arizona next year.anyone else hear that?

  27. Yes that has been rumured and about a month ago he had said that he was interested

  28. joes free angents i would want is d.j.hackett,randal gay,max starks,justin smith, i think justin smith would fit perfect in a 3-4 or 4-3 and chris brown on short yardage and at the end of games like the giants use brandon jacobs.but didnt you forget ,eric steinbach and kelly washington from the bengals.and maybe kevin curtis.

  29. we need offence! every one next year is going to be out to be focused on frank gore next year. so we are going to see how alex smith developes next year.i given alex 3 years to develope and so far he has not disappointed me.

  30. I was looking at maximizing our cap space and going for players that would fit into multiple schemes and have an easy going personality, and would not create a conflict in the locker room, from and by only bringing in 5 free agents it would create less confussion for the possible schemes going into training camps. And with 5 free agents that are on the brink of going to the probowl versus players that are every year in general would help us by keeping us under cap and the players i have chosen have proven that they aren’t the whole superstar type, but rather have the team support type mentality. Yes it is the NFL and money does matter, but the 49ers are in a position to go out and get above average players without breaking the cap bank, and Randy Moss proves he is not the type of player we need, and that that is the type of personality that we need to avoid, for now and the following seasons to come. And for the fact that 5 players is 10% of our active roster basically. I feel that it is a good start before the draft.

  31. E.I.
    Multiple schemes and multiple positions

  32. some times we do need them types,remember superbowl year and steve young lashing out at george seafort(how ever you spell it) at the eagles game and deon sanders back then.

  33. Yes you can say that todays football is “playmaker” football. But over powering egoes is never a good mix. And with the 49ers being a young in age and maturity team. The 49ers do not need a lot of ego being thrown around the locker room, for if it, did we might become the Raiders.

  34. Inorder to make my point think about it on a street level. who is more dangerous in a crowd, an O.G. or a wannabee. an O.G. expects too much and gets soft. A wanabee wants to make a name for himself. So with a lot of players just on the brink with that hunger for more, yes there will be ego but it is a matter of selecting those that are versital enough to fit in any scheme and still want to compete.

  35. justin smith then

  36. I haven’t been able find out too much on him, but with the 49ers. it is not so much a lack in the outside ruch, the 49ers are lacking in the inside rush and with the depth at outside linebacker minus Parys, the 49ers are actually fairly good. They don’t currently have the personnel to collapse the pocket up the middle. Sapoaga is learning, Anthony Adams cant so far and beyond that we don’t have a NT

  37. i think he would fit perfect in a 3-4 defencive end.

  38. Please it is Defensive, not defencive!!!!@$%^&*()(

  39. We should sign Tully Banta Cain, Corey Redding, Lance Briggs, and Nate Clements and then draft a receiver, a Safety, an OT and a complimentary RB

  40. My god man, have a plan, atleast!!! This draft is very short in terms of offense

  41. did you hear that we should switch k.harris to DEFENSIVE end!lol,he doesnt have the toughness to play any postions .and in the lindys football magazine i got .they say this year is a deep class of centers this draft.you got,kyle young(fresno state)ryan kalil(usc),lyle sendlein (texas)dave mozes(west virginia)and mark bihl(michigan)john sallivan( notre dame) and mike pollak(arizona state).

  42. yes there is a little depth, and for us it would be hoping for Kalil in the second round and he likely wouldn’t be able to start for atleast a year. He would have to learn our blocking schemes. Centers call the blocking schemes at the line. And with Kalil being the Second overal center in the draft we might not be able to get him without some draft pick up-trading on draft day.

  43. As for switching Kwame Harris, that is not going to happen, he is a guard playing RT, he does not have the speed nor footwork for the RT position. he should be looking at moving back to his natural position after the free agency pulls in march. And no there is no true ready made O-line starters in this draft

  44. i would love to get the 6ft.6inches and 330 pound MASSIVE DEFENSIVE lineman, alan branch.do you know how many offensive lineman he could tie up for our linebackers in a 3-4.plus he is the only defensive lineman that tall coming out that i see.

  45. Joe doesn’t know what he’s talking about…. it’s really early to talk draft right now…

  46. Dwayne Jarrett….throw some of that cap money out at some of the good corners on the market, and get Jarrett.

  47. Sorry but there are only 2 good corners possibly hitting the free agent market 1. Nate Clements, who is more of a zone cover guy and 2. Asante Samuel who plays more like Spencer. And the chance of the 49ers being acttually able to sign both is not likely. And with so many teams needing CB’s they wont be cheap. Veteran CB’s are ammong the highest paid players in the NFL and that would eat up a whole lot of cap space in just two players

  48. Joe ur a retard. You can’t scout players stop acting like you know what ur talking about.

  49. if jarret comes out get him no questions asked if not go for a safty in the first round an hope steve smith is around in the second round

  50. Here’s my idea:
    11th pick DT Amobi Okoye (only 20, eventual replacement for BY)
    43rd pick DE Victor Abiamiri (only 21, great talent, intelligent)
    75th pick WR Jason Hill (native SF, good red zone receiver)
    102nd pick CB Tavarous Bain (very fast, good corner)
    107th pick SS Sabby Piscitelli (6-3 224 lb SS, blazing speed)
    122nd pick CB Dwight Lowry (San Jose St, ball hawk)

    This draft would give us two excellent young D-lineman, and 3 DB’s to develop (hopefully we hit big on 1, but i think they can all play).

    Then for the big finale, spend $10mil/yr on either LB Lance Briggs or LB Kawika Mithell to anchor the LB corps for the next 5 yrs.

    Now THAT might make us a playoff team next year, but if not we’re so young, with 7 starters 23 or younger, we’ll be contending for a Super Bowl for years to come.

  51. (In reference to Don)

    I go to san jose state and was a walk on. Dwight Lowry is staying for his senior year. very good corner though, I agree

  52. Wow I’m a retard, and you say I not an NFL Scout. No I’m not. I was simply giving my opinion, but thank you for thinking I was.

  53. I agree dwayne jarrett is a jackass.he could easily end up like t.o. plus I think it wont matter because he’ll get taken before we get him

  54. do you think we could end up with jeff samardzija?he’s bamf


  56. DAWAYNE JARRET has the ability to turn the 49ers into an offensive power house

  57. jim give it up on dawayne jarret,he’s a good reciever but he’s arms are too small and he has no class.

  58. Agreed, DJ is the flavor of the month. We’ll sww how he translates later. We still have a couple recievers to develop and I’m sure we’ll pick up someone with all of the picks we have. There are sooo many good recievers in the draft, not just DJ.

  59. Duh we need a Punter, and a kiker the other round picks can be traded for someone like jeremy stevens

  60. I feel Laron Landry would be the best player for us to secure up the weakest part of our defense, the secondary. He has the potential to be an Ed Reed type defender and would have some solid veterans around him to help develop hiis skills. B.Y. is an excelent defensive leader and think about how key having Derek Smith and Ulbrich in the middle with Brandon Moore developing as he has. He could be a great playmaker because from what ive seen this year, a lot of the big runs on our team was due to our linebackers taking out blockers and then it would come down to the dbs having to make tackles. Mike adams would get run over, and mark roman was horrible in my opinion and chad williams is more of a tackler and keith lewis looks great as a run stuffer and amazing blitzing off the edge and looks more like a natural outside linebacker to me and is terefic on special teams. Now my supremely crazy idea is the consideration of Randy Moss, hes most likely not going to be a Raider, and i feel that with Coach Jerry Sullivan, the best WR coach in the leauge in my opinion, and Coach Nolan who in my eyes has done a wonderfull job in getting players on track and their heads out of their asses, could get his Mojo back giving is a WR that strethes the field, a TE that is a beast period that can do the same, wich would open up the possession routes for Antonio Bryant and Arnaz who can run off the catch and not to mention Gore sneaking out of the back field but I know, it sounds nutz but no one else has said anything about it so I thought i might bring it up. Use the rest of the pics for depth on D. Hows that?

  61. We need a Safety, but if Landry isn’t available, we should NOT draft Nelson. Drafting Nelson with the 11th pick would be a waste. With a draft pick that high, we should be after an elite college talent, and Nelson’s college numbers don’t have top 12 pick written on em’. Another need we have is at WR. Calvin Johnson will be gone by the 11th pick, so that leaves us with the opportunity to draft Ginn Jr. and Jarrett. Again, if we can’t get either Johnson or Jarrett, then we shouldn’t go WR with our 1st pick. WR is one of the toughest positions to make the transition from college to the NFL and Ginn Jr. needs further development to be considered an elite prospect. Jarrett and Johnson have shown in college that they have the ability to be game changers. Settling for Ginn Jr. just because he’s the best WR available and because he might have the ability to someday be a #1 WR isn’t enough to pick him at #11. It would be better for us to go with guys like Adams or Anderson at DE, Branch or Okoye at DT, and Hall at CB. The combine will decide how attractive these guys end up being, but this is who I think we should go after (in order from best to worst). Johnson, Jarrett, Landry, Branch, Hall, Adams, Anderson, Okoye. Any one of these guys will help us tremendously. But the combine will dictate a lot so let’s be patient.

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