Young Wants to Return

The 49ers veteran Bryant Young is pleased with the progress the 49ers made this season and he definitely wants to return for the 2007 season.

“I feel healthy and that was key for me, to get through the entire season healthy,” said Young, the longest-tenured 49er who turns 35 on Jan. 27. “And I like what we did in the offseason, there is a lot to build on. And with the type of guys that we bring in, it’s only going to get better.”

The final two years of Young’s contract voided after this season because he reached certain playing time incentives. Young believes the 49ers are on track to make the playoffs next season.

“I feel that, definitely. We’re headed in the right direction with this franchise,” he said. “And I want to be a part of that.”

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~ by 49ersNews on January 1, 2007.

19 Responses to “Young Wants to Return”

  1. young foreverrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  2. in this era of free agency, young is amazing. been there through highs and lows and never complains, never looks for a trade or a bigger contract. I hope the niners give him a good deal and thank him for his loyalty.

  3. The perfect player to teach the youngsters how the game is played. Reward this warrior, please.

  4. Definately want him back. He knows how to get to a Super Bowl and would be a great educator. Love the guy and would be very sad to see him go.

  5. love to see him stay and retire as a 49er.

  6. Bryant young is not going anywhere guys, Nolan has fallin for him too, he has already said thet he is too valuble to let him go. And when he is done playing Nolan said that he will be welcomed into the Staff.

  7. We should Keep B.Y. as a mentor, sign Tully Banta Cain, Corey Redding, Lance Briggs, and Nate Clements and then draft a Safety(perhaps Laron Landry), a receiver(Steve Smith), an OT and a complimentary RB and playoffs here we come

  8. Bryant Young, similar to Jerry Rice, is the epitome of what the San Francisco 49ers is all about. He Plays hard, He’s extremely humble and is unselfish.

    I truly hope that we reach the playoffs next year, just for Brant Young to be there again…..maybe even a superbowl?

  9. i wonder why jerry rice hasnt tried to be a wide receivers coach yet?

  10. Cuz Jerry Sullivan is the best receivers coach in the NFL.

  11. I’m talking about for us… for anyone else… i really don’t know, but I wouldn’t want him coaching somewhere else, I’d like him to start coaching in San Francisco once Sullivan looks to retire or move on up.

  12. @Samra: Why Lance Briggs. We need help on OLB but Briggs is a weak side cover 2 backer and we need a pass rush 3-4 backer. Redding and Cain could be servicable for us but not difference makers.

    I would like us to keep BY, Green, Wragge, Keith Lewis and Eric Johnson.
    Then go after Adalius Thomas, Terrell Sands (or whoever is the best NT in FA), Napoleon Harris (Vikings plays a system which does not suit him), Jerry Porter (knows and fits Turners system) and Ken Hamlin.
    Then we hopefully can draft Marcus McCauley from fresno State and Okoye or Mebane in second. I agree 3 and 4 round pick should be used for developing players on offence, but I don’t like Steve Smith though.

    I actually see Nolan be a busy trader again this season and I envision especially two options.
    1. We trade up back into the bottom of 2. round using some of our many 3 and 4 round picks.
    2. Trade for Jerry Porter but only if Turner is high on him. Raiders should take whatever they can get for this guy and consider they need help on O-line I see us try to trade Kwame Harris (I still love his upside as a run blocker and hi might be better at guard) and maybe a low round pick for Porter.

    We proberly wound’t get all of these free agents and some of them should only be for the right price (Sands, Harris and Eric Johnson). But I could see us be play off contenders with these upgrades.

  13. I don’t know why so many people are so high on McAuley??? Is it just cuz he’s from Fresno St. or something?? The guy has talent but he got benched for half the year cuz he went half-assed cuz his team sucked… what a bitch ass.

  14. Alright, I’ll probably get some negativity for this but just hear me out:

    I was reading an article and I saw that Odell Thurman will be available. His former team, the Bengals, said the are parting ways with him. Now, he DOES have a past of off field problems, but he is an amazing player and excellant middle linebackers are growing more rare…especially really young ones. I’m not saying sign him to a long term deal, but maybe have him sign a 1 year contract with certain clauses in it and see what he can do. Derek Smith, though I love the guy, has REALLY slowed down and Ulbrich is a very good back up and good for depth. We need a quality starter at that position though, a true play maker. What do you guys think? Is he worth a shot? Or is he really THAT bad?

  15. As long as we want to be a 3-4 team (which we don’t know for sure just yet) Thurman does not fit our team on the field with his smallist size of 6’0 and 230 punds. As for the off field issue it started allready in college and has showed he will countinue to be a turd in the pros.

    I don’t want him but what matters

  16. bryant young may be getting old but he has heart.he has a lot of love for the niners.I wish all are players had that kind of heart.

  17. for d-line we have to keep bryant young,Anthony Adams we have to
    resign him,he has been a good DT he is perfect for a Backup

  18. I just stroked my pene to climax because Bryant Young is most likely returning to the 49ers. Who here masturbates habitually? Sometimes I do it so furiously fast that I almost burn the skin off and it gets all chaffed. Then I get a sore for a couple days, and I can’t stroke it as hard and fast. I have to be gentle so I don’t rip the skin anymore. Then I ejaculate, sensitive tip, oooooooooooohhhh.

  19. I think that he can play for 5 more years he’s like 25 right?

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