Highlights: 49ers vs Broncos



~ by 49ersNews on January 2, 2007.

13 Responses to “Highlights: 49ers vs Broncos”

  1. 49ers played a good last game of the season, a game that they can take into the next season. Also, having Denver sit home and watch the palyoffs like we do was great. I really expect alot from the Defense after the draft. GO 49ers

  2. The team played a great last road game that showed the othe teams what to expect next year after the draft. The team should draft some good Defensive playes and GO 49ers to the playoffs and super bowl next season.

  3. What I find most impressive is that, to fans of other teams, we have virtually no stars on defensive, yet we came up with one big play after another. Like Brandon Moore’s tackle behind the line at the 1. WOW. Lynch got blocked by Alex Smith! WOW. I especially loved Keith Lewis’ tackle on Mike Bell in overtime and Cutler’s reactions to his excitement. A game like this just makes it harder to wait until next season.

  4. God is a Niner fan!

  5. One thing no one has really mentioned, is that we did it with out that immature POS known as Antonio Bryant.

  6. i only got to seen the last 15 to 20 minites and overtime.looked exciting.and if that was alex smith pushing the safety like cutler pushed lewis,we would have been penalized for that.but cutler got away with that one. i hope the officiating gets better next year.we could have been in the playoffs this year if it wasnt for some bad calls this year.but still excited for next year,like every year.

  7. Thanks E, didn’t get to see the 1st 1/2

  8. Alex Smith was looking off safeties and making nice reads in the 4th and in the OT. He is becoming a clutch mofo.

  9. cant wait to see next year when he gets better.and vernon davis and frank gore work on catching the ball.we got some needed, respect this year.

  10. ya no doubt they would have called a penelty on alex on that one, the league loves cutler though

  11. cutler looked like a little school girl when he limp-wristedly pushed keith lewis,that was hilarious!I also liked when anthony Adams was being held by the broncos lineman(pretty much had him in a headlock)and he still knocked cutler on his head.

  12. I think the 49ers are the most over looked team in the NFL.there was amoment in the season we were 5-5 and nobody still said anything about the niners.don’t worry,next year we’ll have everyone lookin at the niners

  13. it’s ok though, next year all those douchebags on sportscenter and espn and mike and mike in the morning or whatever will be talkin bout the niners instead of down-syndrome looking payton manning and the colts.

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