The Eddies: Season Awards

eddie-awards.pngThe season is done and it’s that time to hand out the Eddies for the end of the year awards. Here are the season winners.

MVP – The Eddie goes to Frank Gore. Gore set franchise records for yards in a season and yards from scrimmage in a season. Oh yeah and he won the NFC rushing crown as well.

Defensive Player of the Year The Eddie goes to both Walt Harris and Brandon Moore. Harris had one of the best seasons for a corner in a long time and Brandon Moore turned the defense around once he got the start. Forced fumbles, sacks and more.

Offensive Lineman of the Year The Eddie goes to Eric Heitmann. He solidified the line after Newberry was shelved and despite missing the final two games with an injury he was the one consistent throughout the year.

Worst Lineman of the Year – The Eddie goes to Kwame Harris. How Harris still has a job is anyones guess, but watching Kwame get pushed back off the line week in and week out was embarrassing.

Pussy of the Year – The Eddie goes to Jonas Jennings who spent more time lying on the ground due to injury than he did standing up.

Hit of the Year – This was a tough choice, there was the Spencer hit on Kitna, the Lewis hit on Branch and the Robinson hit on Dawkins. In the end the Eddie goes to Michael Robinson for knocking Brian Dawkins out of the game and Shawntae Spencer’s hit on Kitna.

Play of the Year – The Eddie goes to Alex Smith for escaping a sack from Seahawks Kelly Herndon and then scrambling and hitting a wide open Frank Gore for the touchdown.

Clutch Player of the Year – The Eddie goes to Arnaz Battle. It seemed anytime the 49ers needed a big catch in a key situation Battle was on the receiving end.

Biggest Letdown of the Year – The Eddie goes to Tony Parrish. Parrish was half the player he was before his injury. Parrish was so bad that he was released to make room for a journey linebacker who was on the IR two weeks later.

<> Rookie of the Year – The Eddie goes to Manny Lawson. Vernon Davis was close but due to his injury Lawson wins by default.

Underrated Player of the Year – The Eddie goes to Andy Lee. Lee punted his ass off and quietly had one of the best seasons from a 49ers punter in a long time.

Most Improved Player of the Year – The Eddie goes to Alex Smith for putting his rookie season behind him and having a solid year.

Biggest Surprise of the Year – The Eddie goes to Keith Lewis. Walt Harris trailed Lewis, but in the end Lewis proved he could handle the safety spot and also brought a spark to the defense with his hits.

Best Offseason Acquisition – The Eddie goes to Walt Harris. No one could have predicted the season Harris had after signing in the offseason.

Best Trade of the Year – This was another close race. It came down to Kevan Barlow to the Jets or Brandon Lloyd to the Redskins. In the end the Eddie went to trading away Brandon Lloyd for two draft picks. Yeah Nolan raped the Redskins on this one.

Vaseline Play of the Year – Again another tough choice. It was between the Neil Rackers phantom field goal and the fumble recovery touchdown by Mike Patterson of the Eagles. The Eddie goes to the Patterson touchdown mainly because replays show he was touched and the refs admitted so after the fact.

The En Fuego Player of the Year – The Eddie goes to Sammy Davis for getting burned so often when he came into the game.


~ by 49ersNews on January 4, 2007.

15 Responses to “The Eddies: Season Awards”


  2. LOL, too funny on Pussy of the Year! …and I was SO FRIGGIN’ happy to send “runupthelineman’sback” Barlow packing!

  3. Oh my God, Sammy Davis makes Kwame Harris actually look suitable.

    The big question this year for me though was whether A. Smith was clutch or not. I guess, whether he’d be the next Montana or Dilfer. Given just a little bit more time, he could have won in week 1 and look at the Seahawks and Broncos. That all goes on him for those victories, no matter how well Gore or the defense played. He did his job and that was winning. I truly believe he IS our QB and will stick by that statement through thick and thin.

  4. hit of the year should have been frank gore hitting tiki barber out of the NFC rushing title!sorry tiki maybe next year….

  5. I don’t think smith will be the next montana,not to dis him,because nobody will ever be the next montana not even payton manning.montana is the best quarterback be honest with you at the beginning of the year I thaught smith would be a flop,but then he did so well in the pre-season and in a couple games,then after seeing the seahawks game I was hooked.alex smith is our quarterback,and he’s only getting better

  6. if you ever watch nfl network or ESPN they are always rippin on eli manning,and that’s just pothetic,eli has all those talented recievers and he still sucks.In my opinion alex smith is a better QB than eli manning.

  7. yeah but lets hope hes a better qb than peyton manning once he hits his prime

  8. How does the Surprise of the Year not go to Walt Harris…Some people didn’t even think he would start on this team

    ps…Robinson’s hit on Dawkins might have knocked him out of the game, but no one got a clear shot of it. Spencer’s hit was far more vicious and there is no way the Robinson hit compares. I don’t care if Dawkins says it was the hardest he’s ever been hit.

  9. i think surprize of the year was frank gore,who thought he would of stayed healthy all year and broke the franchize record in his first year starting…..and i think walt harris too….

  10. pussy of the year should have been kwame harris he was on his back more than 5 cent a hooker.

  11. pussy of the year should go to tiki barber or shawne alexander,because tiki is retireing and shawne always wears those stupid elbow pads that just look gay, but jonas jennings is a fine choice.

  12. Ha HAAAAA I feel you dog,tiki should get pussy of the year and he didn’t even want to consider at least one more year especially the way they went out in the first round for the second years in a row and try to win a ring.

    Jonas Jennings for big pussy of the year and Kwame Harris for Co big pussy of the year because eveybody can beat him off the tackle.

  13. As a matter of fact if I was nolan I would’ve got rid of kwame harris before firing billy davis like the end if thr broncos game.

    I would’ve been like, you dog clean your locker when we get back to san fran you gots to roll babe!

  14. And now that I think about it tiki barber reported that one of the reasons he’s retiring is because of jerimiah trotter and the hits and punishment that he gave him so he’s jerimiah’s bitch.

    Maybe somebody should use Tiki Barber is Jerimiah Trotters Bitch, Barry Sanders retired because his disire ran out to play football so did Robert Smith and at least Ricky Williams said fuck it I just want to get blazed but tiki, I’M 31 YEARS OLD AND I CANT TAKE NO MORE PUNISHMENT,MY BODY HURTS, JERIMIAH TROTTER PUNISHED ME TO MUCH AND MADE ME HIS BITCH!

  15. yo adrian

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