Video: Nolan on NFL Network

Nine minute video clip of Nolan on the panel of NFL Total Access.


~ by 49ersNews on January 4, 2007.

28 Responses to “Video: Nolan on NFL Network”

  1. Mike Nolan Be Repin 49ers to the Fullest. He seems pretty confident about next year, i hope he is right. Alex Smith and Frank Gore will lead them to the division Title and maybe to the Super Bowl.

  2. I kind of skim through it but I was wondering if he mention anything about the defensive coordinator position and if he did who did he mentioned?

  3. i just it is some one that knows how to run a 3-4 AND A 4-3 and has some excperiance with coaching.and i hope mike singletary doesnt leave!!!

  4. nah he didnt mention it…. they showed him in the booth as the d coordinator when he was in baltimore and on his right side was Donnie Henderson.

  5. mike nolan is just like his dad…defense and run the ball.

  6. Damn I wish he would have mention something or gave us a idea of who he was thinking about hiring if it’s not going to be singletary which now I think about it I hope he stays and take the job or maybe dom capers,I’m with yall if yall think him or singletary or who else yall have in mind.

  7. donnie henderson or dom capers for now. i’d like capers but henderson is more likely as of right now.

  8. Big M that sounds about right both capers and henderson if it ain’t going to be singletary,I guess it just might be henderson that has the edge cause him and nolan coached together at baltimore and the know each other schemes.

  9. yeah hes in that video on nolans right side when hes in the booth in baltimore

  10. when did this air? I watch NFL total access every day and didn’t see this.and now that kick butt bumstinker frank gore video is no longer available on youtube

  11. Yeah that’s a good question cause I’m thinking I missed it but like you said I watch the nfl total access everyday and espn and espnnews and I missed the vernon davis interview but you can’t miss shawn merriman on espnnews they’ve been intervewing him like every other week since like last year.

    I’t seems like they would show these interviews for us niners fans a few good times so we can catch it cause I know it would be a treat for me!

  12. frank gore doesn’t get respect either,he is the best running back in the nfc and want’s to interview him.everyon talks about tiki barber though.

  13. in my paper it was talkin about the pro bowl, and all it talked about was tony romo and others,and for the running backs it only mentioned tiki barber!! tiki is not even starting in the pro bowl!! it didn,t even mention nothing about the 49ers or frank gore!!if anyone from the muskogee phoenix staff is reading this kick yourself in the nuts.

  14. is there any forty niner fans on here that live in mid america?

  15. You know everybody was a 49ers fan when we was winning superbowls and dominating the NFC except the people that hate to see a team be dominant and what they say win all the time.

    I was talking about frank gore since we drafted him and I knew sooner or later he was going to bust out like this but what fucks me up is with LT and rightfully maybe he should had won MVP and the rushing title but they talk more about larry johnson than gore and if I’m not mistaking gore is second in rushing yards but what if gore was throwing for touchdowns passes then will they call gore the greatest football player in the world like they do with LT.

    My other point is how we go from everybody jumping on the niners bandwagon that was’nt true fans to barely not mentioning us at all but if somebody beat us or if they want to show a good highlite reel for another team then that’s when you’ll see the niners and as far as mentioning us they like to down us until we started kicking seattle asses and winning and it was all of a sudden a feel good story in the nfl.

    It was just the losing and the ones that hated over the years is loving the fact that we were losing and that was my point that I’ve been making about the losing that we were doing since I’ve been on the blog with yall be we love our niners and thats all that matters GO NINERS.

  16. Gonna be 21 soon and have been a 49er fan all my life, through thick and really thin. Everything comes around eventually (unless you are a Lion or Brown fan, haha) but unfortunately most football fans aren’t like that. That’s disappointing to me to see how man people root for whoever is winning at the moment. I’ve never met a single Patriot fan prior to their Super Bowl stint and now suddenly I know about 25. It’s a joke, find a team and stick with them unless something horrible happens to your team or truly loses your respect (::cough:: Raiders ::cough::).

    I’m also sick and tired of hearing about Larry Johnson. He broke a record for carries in a year for Christ sake. If Gore had that amount of carries, he would have been above and beyond the record for single season rushing. I’m not going to lie and I always never wanted to admit it…Tomlinson is ridiculous and at least I can give him his modesty and dedication to his team. But Gore is still the man and has yet to truly prove what his full potential is. I loved him since we got him and the way he is playing at this early in his career, the sky holds no limit for him. I’m glad we have him…really glad.

  17. dont forget arizona.but they might get better soon…lol

  18. I know I hate boathoppers,ten years ago I couldn’t name one colts fan,now everyone is jumpin on their bandwagon.I was in the mall the other day and somebody asked for a colts just sickens me.I live in oklahoma by the way,but I like the 49ers cause I was born and raised in modesto calif.

  19. for 15 years,so don’t think im jumpin on the niners bandwagon.

  20. L.T. is an unbelievable back,but you have to give it up to frank gore .this is Gore’s second year in the nfl,and his first year starting,and he leads the NFC in rushing,not to mention he only started working out at the end of the summer.L.T. and L.J. both have been in the league for a while.and for frank gore to step it up like that.MVP BABY.

  21. the only thing,frank gore to me for next year,has to prove he can stay healthy

  22. this is crazy but it would be awesome if the niners took darren McFadden as a back-up for frank gore.just think McFadden and gore,that’s a deadly combination.McFadden or adrian peterson,or possibly marshawn lynch.let’s draft all three.

  23. I know my last comment is a little out there but what can I say IM jacked up on PCP.

  24. Haha, yeah, that’s a terrible idea.

  25. I personally really like Micheal Robinson. It sounds lame, but if only just for Madden ’07 I love him. I crush everyone because I substitute him for the HB Pass play and they never see it coming. Converted QB’s for life, haha. Seriously though, his versatility is uncompromising. Next year should be pretty neat for him considering Norv Turner is a gadget play master.

  26. sign mini me as arunning back,they will never see him cumminglol…

  27. mike robinson should be used like a slash type off player,never stuck in one posistion,the way he hit dawkins of the eagles.we should use him on defense as a safety and a wide receiver not just a running back.

  28. It’s so fun

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