Audio: Vernon Davis on KNBR

Interview with tight end Vernon Davis on KNBR.


~ by 49ersNews on January 5, 2007.

17 Responses to “Audio: Vernon Davis on KNBR”

  1. i cant wait to see vernon davis in a year or two when the rest of the offense gets better and he works on his hands.he just need better end zone dances….

  2. offensive line needs to get better and alex smith needs to keep getting better then V.D. will get about 60 balls a game.

  3. a year i ment

  4. vernon davis and keith lewis,probowl. next year. live it.know it.beeooooootch!!

  5. I’m not very good at predicting games, but this year before the season started I predicted 7 wins, but I think I got 2 out of the seven….one of my biggest upsets was I called the niners beating the chiefs,because trent green got knocked out his first game and I thaught that the niners would at least pull off a win.

  6. i know gore’s idol right now is tomlinson. i’d love to see guys like davis emulate tomlinson as well. no endzone dances, no celebrations, just hand the ball to the official and act like you’ve been there before. i think it’d be awesome of the niners took that upon themselves to be the team the just played football. total team attitude, no look at me dancing on the highlight real. i guarantee you that would get the league talking and i can’t think of a better way to be that disciplined mike nolan team. would kind of remind me of the attitude of the patriot superbowl team a few years back who were the first to come out without saying all their names, just “the patriot defense,” at the superbowl. now everyone’s following that team attitude. love to see the niners start that trend as they make their way to the league elite.

  7. do it like jerry rice does it,the best reciever in all of football.he did his talkin on the football field.ever since deion sanders was on the team the niners think it’s ok to act like a jackass, no help from t.o. either.all the young guys are looking at guys like t.o. and chad johnson and thinks it’s ok to mouth and crap,do it like jerry rice did it.

  8. look at the players now days like dwayne jarrett,showed no class at the rose bowl.I like guys like L.T.,jerry rice,frank Gore,jason taylor,and other guys that are extremely talented and some future hall of famers that know they’re good players and they have class.I think it’s sad when t.o. gets more of the spotlight than talented players in the league because of what goes on off the field than can’t really blame him though because t.o.couldn’t catch shit in a toilet t.o. has to fake his death or something to get attention.

  9. nolan really needs to talk to vernon about being a jackass after he get’s a touchdown.

  10. Especially when it’s a 15 yard penalty on the kickoff but we need some good celebrations!

  11. somebody needs to do the chicken dance for merton hanks..that would be sweet.

  12. Yeah that was the shit, see that’s what I’m talking about!

  13. Straighthate, I love that idea. I hated Brandon Lloyd celebrating after a first down and pointing FIRST DOWN while we were losing by 21 points. Big deal, that’s what we’re paying you for. Davis did it this year after a first down in a game we lost.
    Roger Craig, LT, Gore, Jerry Rice….watch film…they just produced.
    Can’t wait to see Davis grasp the offense and get the ball in the flat, or streak down the middle and outrun everyone next year. Let Johnson (If we have him) do the Brent Jones routes down the middle. He has no moves, just great hands. (When healthy)
    Give us a good right tackle and see how much Alex improves next year!
    When’s opening day, dammmmit??????????!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. oops…that was for the Big M comment under the other thread!!!!

  15. yeah I know, were getting our asses stomped,what the hell our your celebrating about? how bout you do your job and catch a pass and go back to the huddle and get the next’s just stupid when a reciever or somebody does what they are supposed to do and they celebrate.yeah it’s ok to celebrate but some guys like chad johnson do stupid s**t.I like how they fine players for using the ball as a prop, but they don’t fine players for celebrating.

  16. I wish that kid would have gone to ND, instead he is going to illinois.

  17. well it seems who ever gives the ball to the official(in the officals hand),seems that they dont get as penallized.

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