Henderson Not a Candidate?

Matt Maiocco is reporting that former Lions and Jets defensive coordinator Donnie Henderson is not expected to be a candidate for the defensive coordinator opening, one league source said.


~ by 49ersNews on January 6, 2007.

22 Responses to “Henderson Not a Candidate?”

  1. we could still use henderson as a assistant cornerback coach.

  2. mora jim da man

  3. Watch it with the mora thing cause it was a whole miss understanding in the billy davis log but some of our family don’t think that mora is good for the job.

    Well since henderson is out then who’s left singletary,capers and who else?

  4. thank god. detroit was terrible anyways.

    and please no jim moron jr. do you guys remember how terrible he was under mooch? gesus i can’t believe people are even suggesting that. he played all the corners off receivers by 15-20 yards. you think billy davis was bad?

  5. baaqi,, others of interest r , Dom Capers, Jim Bates, and Dave McGinnis, , , , hope no Mora Jr. I remember da corners-15 yards off da receivers (dont wanna live dat over again.) Agree wit Jerry… Henderson as a Ass. Cornerback Coach…9ers ON TOP OF THERE GAME

  6. have merton hanks and ronnie lott as DB’s coach

  7. and have joe montana as qb coach,and our whole ex 1988-1989 super bowl team as coaches.

  8. hahaha, why not? We might as well bring George Seifert and Bill Walsh back to help too.

  9. joe should really get with alex smith and teach his some tricks of the trade.

  10. dont forget steve young as assistant.lolllll…

  11. we already have a on the field defensive line coach in bryant young.

  12. Damn I forgot about Jim Bates and Dave McGinnis.

  13. when do you think b.young will retire?I hope not soon hope he stays for a couple more years like 15 or so.

  14. what about denny green?

  15. Tiki barber was diagnosed with vaginaitus HAAA HAAAAAAAAA that’s funny as shit I like that, that could work Denny Green was almost hired as the niners coach he’s a Bill Walsh deciple, defensive minded but what he did with the nut ass cardinals is a big concern!

  16. true, but assistant coaches tend to do better after having head coaching experience. For example Norv Turner did a bullshit job with the Raiders but now that he’s our offensive coordinator he’s doing a great job with Alex Smith and company.

    Thats why (although not popular with many of you guys) I feel that Jim Mora Jr. wouldnt be a bad idea. But I could be wrong.

  17. I like jim mora jr. as a coach because when he was with atlanta he liked his players and his team,he really connected with his guys, especially mike vick.I think he can do the same with the niners and I’ll think he’ll connect with alex smith.

  18. do you really think denny green would be a good idea?

  19. D. Green , NO mORA, NO

  20. Dom Capers…he is the answer to the question…he can bring discipline in every area of defense.

  21. Mickey mouse can be a candidate right?


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