Mac Duff Leaves for Texas

macduffmug.jpgThe 49ers have another opening on the coaching staff. 49ers special teams coach Larry Mac Duff has accepted the defensive coordinator position with the University of Texas. MacDuff will also serve as UT’s assistant head coach.

Mac Duff was one of a few coaches who 49ers head coach Mike Nolan kept on when he took over the team in 2005, sharing a history with Mac Duff that dated back to their time together at Stanford in the early 1980s.

“This is a really unique opportunity for me that I couldn’t pass up,” Mac Duff said. “I enjoyed working with the 49ers, but with the chance to work at Texas with Coach Brown, the staff and players, it was really exciting.”

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~ by 49ersNews on January 7, 2007.

13 Responses to “Mac Duff Leaves for Texas”

  1. anyone else ?

  2. Maybe we can bring in somebody else thats better,we always have room for improvement.

  3. I can’t think of who could be a good special teams coach.

  4. maybe henderson

  5. how about deon sanders or jerry rice?

  6. Deon skould be good for the corners and jerry for the wide receivers and specials teams?

  7. Deon should be good for the corners and jerry for the wide receivers and specials teams?

  8. tell texas to get outa here,go get some other coaches,gay ass longhorns

  9. Say good bye to the old soldier…you will be missed. Get out to texas and enjoy…we need quality control on the defense as well as the d coordinator.

  10. HELL YEAH!

  11. damn now a D coordinator and special teams coach?look at the bright side:are special teams weren’t very good this year anyway.

  12. w8 you know Larry Mac DUff can be our new D-coach? How ’bout that? he’s good as special teeams so???what do u think?? FUK U MOTHA FUCKAS IF U DO NOT FUCKING SHIT AGREEA


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