Nolan on Freeney

When free agency rolls around and the 49ers are figuring out where to distribute their 41 million. It appears safe to say that Colts free agent defensive end Dwight Freeney doesn’t appear to be a candidate for Nolan and Co. to persue. Recently Nolan was asked about Freeney and here is what he had to say

“He’s on the list. (If) we put him in this environment, maybe he becomes the other (kind of player). Maybe not, but he’s a good player. I don’t want to take anything away from him. But one player affects another. And I’m trying to build a football team and not someone who just gets stats.”

And on more comment related to Freeney

“I would rather have a big, tough, mean, ornery son of a gun who gets eight sacks and stuffs the run than someone who gets 14 sacks and gets his (performance) bonus,”

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~ by 49ersNews on January 9, 2007.

50 Responses to “Nolan on Freeney”

  1. Finally someone important says what I’m sayin for 2-3 years now.
    Freeney’s always playin for his stats!!
    Yeah, he’s a great pass rusher, if he wants too. But he won’t show his whole package every game, every minute, every play.

  2. Yeah that’s true Imean he’s a good plater to have on our team but you got to be concerned about all those things you mentioned.

  3. ahhhhhh fuck a good player an he isnt that intrested damn why do all the good players got to be additude problems i was hoping we would pick him up this team is heading up he would be a great addition to our franchise am i the only one who sees this o well lets hit briggs then

  4. good save some money for adalius thomas and nate clenents!!!

  5. There are still a couple lesser known studs on the market like Justin Smith and Cory Redding. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about, especially that Freeney can’t stop the run to save his life due to him being 5 yards behind the running back every play trying to pursue the QB EVERY play. We’re better off saving our cash on someone else. ::cough:: Thomas ::cough::

  6. and take all our 3rd and 4th round and 1rst round picks and trade up to get calvin johnson!!!

  7. we might try to trade up, but if not i’m sure we’ll find some studs with those picks.

  8. This tells me that Nolan will go after Thomas…because Freeney is one of the BIG offseason free agent names that COULD have been added to our front seven, but Nolan made the comment about what he is looking for and he is right to say it…this IS what Freeney does. Thomas, I don’t care what it takes, but we NEED him. The thing is that everyone needs to realize that the Ravens aren’t going to just give him away…don’t be surprised to see the franchise tag get slapped on him.

  9. Both Freeney and Briggs is classisk cover 2 defenders, which does not fit what Nolan want to do on our defence. Maybe Freeney can function as a 3-4 OLB, but that would be a huge gamble with that kind of money his is asking for.

    Adalius Thomas and Clement/Samuels would be 2 huge upgrades but players like Redding and Sands be solid pick ups as well.

    We might trade up in the draft but we will not do and all blitz. I can better see us stay at 11 and then trade bakck into the bottom of the round again.

  10. That’s good that Nolan is looking to improve the defense,he needs to get rid of Kwame Harris just like he got rid of Barlow Kwame Harris is trash truck juice!

    I wish we can get everybody that everyone is mentioning but we can probably get maybe two or three and especially to fit the 3-4 D!

  11. I would be surprised to see Ravens put the franchise tag on Thomas, they really don’t have enough cap space to do that. There will be other teams interested in him, because he’s an outstanding and versatile player, but I’m hoping his relationship with Nolan from his days as the Baltimore DC will sway him towards us.

    I’ve been saying Samuel was an quality CB for a few years now, but getting 9 picks or whatever this year just put his price way up, be probably wouldn’t even be much cheaper than Nate “I want the biggest contract ever given to a CB” Clements.

  12. Alright yall lets do this, we all come up with a list of defensive players free agents or who we think we should trade for, get them on here and we all agree on what spots need to be changed on D and who should start in that spot.

    And we can do that with the O and when the draft comes up we do the same with the picks that way we all agree logically on who should be new to join the 49ers and even try to get it to the franchise cause I here that the cardinals is including the players in the interview process for the head coaching position.

    Lets help make our team dangerous and unstopable again and get back to the dynasty we was!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. every time our team have been to a superbowl,we have had a top 5 defense and the offense has always over shadowed the defense.we need to work on both.and i beleave mike nolan knows what he wants.and freeney is not a run stopper and we defently need some line backers to stop the run,this year we had a lot of runningbacks run over a hundred yards this year.once we stop the run then we can work on our pass defense.

  14. if we are going to trade kwame harris,he doesnt have any trade value.the only thing we could get is a ,6th,or 7th rounder.and i dont know if a.thomas would be a good fit,i never followed his carier and i dont know how he did in a 3-4 with mike nolan.but i never herd of thomas till this year.and the ravens run the old bears defense a 4-3.i like that he can stop the run.

  15. Him and Suggs were the reason they ran the 3-4 when Nolan was in Baltimore. It worked out pretty damn good too. Baltimore won’t slap the franchise tag or give offer him his worht because they are stacked at linebacker. They were lucky to have Thomas for this long without having to pay him so much. I really think he will be a 49er next year.

  16. the most important thing is our pass defense but jerry has a point,there were alot of running backs that did have a 100 yard game playing us.just like edgerin james…he didn’t have a 100 yard game all season until he played the niners the second time and ruin our chances for the playoffs.and when we played the rams the second time steven jackson had like a 50 sumthin touchdown run which pretty much los us the game.

  17. these are really good free agents:
    Mac Duffinng,DT 279 and good rusher
    Dikimiki cuty-cookie, 168 this guy did 8 secs in 40 yard dash
    cool mickeymouse, 199 LB this guy is solid pass rusher
    diki minney,doghnutsd he is a good QB, 399 rush,hesaa M VICK!
    donut the chavodel8,hes 18 years old K and 1477lbs hes record is from 13 yards!
    what do u guys think? solid?


  19. Yes I did!




  21. Cato June of the Colts would be a good pick up by us if we do sign him ,his underrated as a LB and is consistent every play might just be colts best D Player this season and was a pro bowler last season ,so signing him would get some energy in our D and a Sure MLB major upgrade over D. Smith but then there is also A.Thomas cant forget him ….but what niners shud really fill good about is our FS SS position we got sure staters in Mark Roman and Keith(hitman)Lewis

  22. This really blows. I wanted freeny. Shit!

  23. Changing the pace a bit… and considering our biggest concern on Offense. Do you guys think we should really go after a WR in the first two rounds or even trade to get Calvin Johnson? I heard someone say the other day that if we actually had another #2 type receiver (like Bryant and Battle) we could actually be much more dangerous that actually signing or drafting a #1 type receiver. My take is we could probably sign Jerry Porter (I like that he is developed considering the 3 year rule with rookie WR). If not him, we could actually wait for round 3 and still draft a good WR. For what I´ve read, there`s good depth this year on that position.

  24. Jarrett declared for the draft…even though he is a punk. WE need to do what Zurdo is saying. There is no receiver worth wasting a first pick on except Calvin Johson…he is NFL ready. Other wise we need to look in other rounds. DOn’t be sad about Freeney…Nolan pretty much hit is on the head….plus he is way undersized for the 3-4. We need to invest our money else where. WHen you have a line that can stop the run it makes the QB desperate and forces them to make mistakes. I don’t believe Freeney would be able to do this under the 3-4.

  25. Freeney couldn’t be an end in the 3-4 and he is too heavy now to be a linebacker in the 3-4. Cate June is way undersized to play middle linebacker. He’s undersized as a weak side backer.

  26. ryan it seems you beleave what everybody else says….

  27. Do you want to know what I believe?
    -Adalius Thomas
    -Asante Samuel
    -Justin Smith
    -Jerry Porter
    Free agency allows us four more starters.

    -LaRon Landry or Darrelle Revis and H.B. Blades (If we have to trade up or down, do it).

    Right there is a guarenteed playoff team, if not more. I want a scary defense and a good offense. Like the Ravens or the Bears (Only a better QB than Grossman, that guy can only throw deep balls and suck doing that too).

  28. I have mixed feelings about Jerry Porter…he showed during this season that he has a little bit of TO. Again, like Nolan said…we aren’t looking for players that are just seeking the bonus, we need players that have a love of the game as well as a sense of pride in their team. I liked the list that Brandon created….I am with you on these names. However, I would prefer that we got Alan Branch with our first pick. However, if we can’t then YES, Laron Landry is a MUST! The beauty of this list Brandon has made is that it is very possible to happen.

  29. Jerry Porter will fit just right… He knows Norvs system an he didnt show no T.O. in him… He got benched for training out side of where the team trained and came in more fit.. The Raiders tried this (take no shit policy) and it turned out that wasnt what the Raiders are really committed to…. Porter was just a person that ART WAS TRYIN TO MAKE AN EXAMPLE OUT OF…. Porter will shine on the 9ers… We dont need to draft a WR… We need to DRAFT.. D…

  30. This sounds great….I hope you are right, but what about the incident where he showed up outside of the training camp wearing a wrestling belt with a huge dollar sign on it. That IS a true story. I am all for getting an experienced receiver instead of drafting one, but what about Donte Stallworth…he is from this area and he grew up a niner fan.

  31. The guy is stunning (Stallworth) and I certainly thought about him too, but it seems like he simply can’t get away from injuries. It happened on th Saints AND the Eagles. No matter where he goes he is injury prone. Sure, when he comes back he’s amazing, but we need someone durable. I remember Porter doing that, but honestly, how many Niners are the same? And how many professional athletes are the same for that matter? It’s all about going from nothing to something, which could actually be a positive. That could inspire them as if something to prove to the world. Porter is a big dude and that’s exactly what Nolan wants. Also, what better way to get back at the Raiders (which I’m sure Porter would LOVE to do) than to go across the Bay and play for the Niners and do well? I don’t think there is any better revenge.

  32. why dont we just get both (d.stallworth and porter)and get rid of a.bryant.

  33. Hmm..I personally wouldn’t mind that. Haha. It won’t happen, but I’d take it.

  34. there is better revenge,take good players from your own divition and make the rams,seatle,and arizona weaker.and the niners sronger!!!!

  35. STRONGER!!!!!

  36. Oh, I meant revenge for Porter, not on behalf of the rest of the Niner organization. It’d make him play with more of a chip on his shoulder. The more I think about him, the better he sounds. Check it:

    -He hates the Raiders.
    -He’s worked with Norv.
    -He’s relatively young.
    -He’s big.
    -He lives close.
    -He played with the greatest player ever, Jerry Rice.
    -He shouldn’t (emphasis on ‘shouldn’t’) be too pricey.
    And last but not least…
    -He’s good!

    If he doesn’t work then he doesn’t work. Players get cut all of the time, if anything he might light some fire underneath the guys we already have and make them play harder in order to retain their spots.

  37. Hey Brandon, you hit each an everyone of the reasons I came with for the Niners to sign Porter. I honestly think its a no brainer. The only guy Im not sure I´d sign fróm your list is Assante Samuel. I think he is going to be asking for Zillion Dollars, but I hope he doesn´t. And I´d rather give a Adalius Thomas a big pay check, because he can affect so many aspects of the game. And the biggest plus he has is the leadership he showed when Ray Lewis was injuerd last year, which I think is exactly what we are lacking right now. Look at the Ravens, Bears and Charges defense, they all have the extremely intense LB the infects the whole team (Lewis, Urlacher and Merriman respectively).

  38. fuck payin for a reciever man, they never live up to the contract, plus the 49ers need defense, everytime im on this site u guys bash derek smith, now some of u rather get a high priced reciever rather than a replacement for smith, they need to get thomas 1st and then see what else they can do

  39. I agree there is no way I would take Porter over Thomas, Samuel, or Clements. However, they ALL are going to want a BIG contract…Samuel had a big game against the Jets, Clements is going to want Ty Law money, and Thomas is going to want a big contract as well. The beauty of it is that we could sign two of three of these players. I highly doubt that we are going to get all three. I would choose Thomas and Clements if I had to pick because it is widely rumored on ESPN insider that the niners are seeking either a d-linman or a safety with their first pick. Pay Thomas and then talk about the rest. Porter would be worth it, but not over Thomas, Clements, or Samuel. However, Porter could be what we are looking for to get some competitive drive in the receiver core.

  40. plus we need to go after a defensive lineman,to bad we cant trade a 3rd or 4th round pick to get chris hoke from the steeters,but i also like sands from the raiders he is 6-7 335 from the packers there is donnell washington who is 6-6 325 pounds,plus there is anthony bryant from the bucks who is6-3 336 pounds.we need a big nose tackle to stop the run this year.

  41. i ment steelers

  42. Who said anything about signing Porter over Thomas? All I said was we should not concentrate on a #1 type WR and that I would dish out the big bucks to Thomas instead of Samuels or Clements.

  43. Yeah, Porter isn’t priority. But with all of that new receiver talk, I’d much rather have an experienced player than take a chance on 1st or even 2nd round WR in the draft. If he’s asking too much than he could forget it. With the problems he has been having lately, I’ll be surprised to even see that many teams go after him. When I wrote my list, they were kind of in order of importance (Thomas, Samuel, Justin Smith, Porter).
    -There is nothing I could say about Thomas that we all haven’t said before already.
    -Clements has already stated he wants to be the highest paid CB in the league. The only thing I could say to that is “screw him”. I don’t want a guy like that. Especially since I strongly believe he probably barely even makes the top 10 CB’s in the league, if he does. He’s like Moss, he plays when he wants to…or in a contract year. Sure, Samuel, after his amazing 10 int season, will want big dollar, but not Clements money. Rod Hood could be a possiblity, but he is a risk. I know wherever Samuel goes, he’ll be good.
    -Robert Geathers has been signed to an extension today, so that means Justin Smith is officially going to be available. He’s just what we need, a big, stud DE. He doesn’t have a name lke Freeney, but he can both rush the passer AND stop the run. He’ll probably never break any sack records, but he is durable and consistant and is a sure tackle. (81 tackles for a DE in one season says a lot more than 15 sacks does) I’m ALL for this guy.
    -I already stated some facts about Porter.

    I’m sticking with what I put and I’m sure we probably won’t get all four, but don’t be surprised if we get 3 out of the 4.

  44. just remember with free agentcy,we are not the only team looking to upgrade,i would be happy with 2 big free agents,even one.

  45. why are we thinking about drafting a DE and a linebacker from a team that can’t stop the little giants,that’s just a straight up bad idea,raft someone from the ravens.

  46. let’s pay nate clements like 2 mill,and say all the other corners are only getting 1 mill,that might work.then we can invest in adalius thomas.

  47. Nate Clements would never go for that…plus we have to worry about Gore’s extension. Rosehouse wants a lot of money for him.

  48. first we got to get a defensive cordinator,then get players from were ever he is from.then we get players from other places then we draft players .then, we let go some players,then we go to training camp,then we go threw the regular season then we win a super bowl then everybody is happy,the end

  49. I love that idea…

  50. That does have a nice ring to it…

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