49ers to Host Game in Europe?

Update: 01.12.07 — The Sports Xchange has learned that Miami will be the “home” team during the 2007 season for a game likely to be played in London’s Wembley Stadium. The Dolphins’ opponent will be either the New York Giants or Buffalo Bills.
01.08.07 — ESPN is reporting that the 49ers may be selected as a potential home team for a regular-season game next year in Britain or Germany.The other teams that could “host” the game are Seattle, Miami, Buffalo, Kansas City and New Orleans.

The opponent for one of the teams will be announced during Super Bowl week, but will not necessarily be one of the five not picked as the home team.Last October, league owners approved a plan to play annual games in Europe, Canada and Mexico. The first regular-season game outside the United States was played in Mexico City in 2005 between the Cardinals and 49ers.

The site of next season’s game is expected to be announced next week.

Source: ESPN


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27 Responses to “49ers to Host Game in Europe?”

  1. Great…. jet lag, lack of time to prepare, while other teams stay home, get rested, and prepare for their game in the USA.


  3. I think it’s fine for the league to spread the NFL love, but what’s up with the Niners having to play every outside the US game? If the league has such a boner for the Patriots and the rest of the East coast teams why not send them. They’d have less travel, but maybe the outside of the East coast, and for the rest of the world, the Niners are the true fan favorite.

  4. it should be a MNF game so that we could have more time to prpare for the game

  5. “it should be a MNF game so that we could have more time to prpare for the game”

    only if our bye is after it, otherwise its a short week the next week.

    I really don’t like this idea. In Canada or Mexico, fine, at least its close and the time difference doesn’t come into play, Europe is just too much travel time and too many hrs difference.

  6. Fuck that…

  7. That is stupid. NFL really does not give a shit about the teams.

  8. Ay, Does anybody know the score of last years game between the 49ers and cardinals when they played in Mexico!

  9. Screw that…they are taking away from games that could be watched in America…let them fly over here. The NFL needs to stay here and entertain US!

  10. And they are tryin to take away a game that i would be at the Stick! fuck that!

  11. that sucks for our guys. tyhey get screwed because of the time difference, lack of practice time then they have to come back home and do the same shit? we did the international thing last year, why dont they send anyone else? what about “americas team” haha what a load of bullshit, how are the cowboys americas team. the niners are easily the most recognize3d team in the world bar none

  12. How much do you guys actually know about the recognition of NFL teams in the rest of the world?

    From my experience, people don’t know a whole lot about the NFL at all. The 49ers, Giants, Cowboys, etc. would be recognised by fans at all familiar with the sport, but it’s the Raiders who would easily lead the way in merchandise and the like overseas.

    You’re very likely to see someone wearing Raiders apparel on a day out in Belfast, Dublin, London, etc….49ers, Cowboys, Giants? Not nearly as much.

  13. I don’t care if the rest of the world the 49ers. Do the players get money from the merchandise we would sell in other countries??? The 49ers need to concentrate on the team they are playing the following week.
    If the Rams or Seattle are playing at home while the 49ers are traveling to Europe, that gives the 49ers a distinct disadvantage for preparation time and that friggin’ jet lag BS.
    Instead of resting our players tired bodies from the Europe game they cram themselves into plane seats. (You think Jonas Jennings cried on the field, wait till he crams into that seat)
    Take 2 East Coast teams to Europe. Leave the West Coast teams alone!!!
    We’ve done our part for traveling outside the U.S. BE FAIR!!!! Take 2 of the teams that have NOT traveled out of the U.S.!!!!!!

  14. “I don’t care if the rest of the world KNOWS the 49ers”

    Darn typos….

  15. everyone will be wearing frank gores jersey,no doubt.

  16. yeah send america’s team,ha ha more like etheopia’s team cause it doesn’t look like they’re busy winning playoff games.

  17. oh great the amsterdam superbowl,hey lets play the cards again and get humiliated.great idea NFL,hey how bout we play a game in iraq,or maybe on the moon.

  18. or possibly underwater.

  19. I think we will play in USA in 15 of 16 games soo


  21. @shane:
    It’s true that you will find many folks wearing Raiders apparel in Europe. But make no mistake, only the fewest among them are really Raiders fans. By far the most of them only find it cool to wear the color combination of black and silver and the Raiders logo. They don’t actually know what they’re wearing.

    But when you see a fellow wearing the scarlet and the gold over here on our old continent, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with a 49ers fan.

    In Germany, where I live, we do have many 49ers fans. The largest German online fan community for an NFL team is the “49ers FanZone” (www.49ers-fanzone.de) and the largest German fanpage for an NFL team is SanFrancisco49ers.de (www.sanfrancisco49ers.de) – and all my fellow 49ers fans here in my country would just love to have the opportunity to watch our team without having to travel overseas.

    I personally do understand your concerns, but I feel truly sorry that many of you apparently just don’t care that the 49ers are loved over here…

  22. duffeldoffel,
    It’s nothing against you personally and anyone in Europe. But for me, (and I speak for only me on this forum) I want the 49ers to have every chance to get back to the SuperBowl. (as I’m sure you do, too) This isn’t just a business trip. These are huge bodies that have been smacked around on the football field for 3 hours. The body needs time to rest after the game. Not a long grueling flight. To me it’s an unfair advantage to the clubs that do NOT have to fly. If we aren’t as sharp for the next game because of the trip and the team we’re playing is, it’s not really fair.
    I also feel the same way about Thurday night games. I’ve heard grumblings that the team doesn’t get enough time to prepare, and the bodies are just recovering from last Sunday’s game.
    Preseason is one thing. But, to me, it’s a definate disadvantage during the regular season.

  23. You’d think they’d focus on east coast teams for a minimal time difference. I wonder what incentives are involved for participating teams?

    Of course, if they played a game on the moon, that would be so sweet.

  24. its bad enough that they move amercain jobs over seas and now football will be next.THATS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  25. this screws us out of a home game.now we will have to travel like it is an away game.why dont they do this shit to a playoff team?this the second time THE 9ERS will do this.lets play in the usa like the rest of the league.

  26. its bad enough that we sent more troops over to iraq every year.this is the worst time to be trying this shit.hellow?we are at war and the football league wants to send football teams over sea. i guess next we we will be playing or watching a superbowl from iraq.

  27. national football league,not international football league

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