Henderson Set to Interview

donnie.jpgAccording to Matt Maiocco, former Lions defensive coordinator Donnie Henderson is set to interview with Nolan for the same position with the 49ers over the weekend, becoming the first known candidate for the position of defensive coordinator.

Henderson and Nolan worked one season together on the defensive staff of the Ravens, Henderson was the secondarys coach. As previously reported by Maiocco, the two did not always see eye-to-eye.

Also, the 49ers will interview Jim Tomsula for the defensive line position this evening. Tomsula became the youngest head coach in NFL Europe history in November 2005 when he was named coach of the Rhein Fire at 38.

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~ by 49ersNews on January 12, 2007.

15 Responses to “Henderson Set to Interview”

  1. Please tell me why we are giving this guy the time of day…he has brought nothing to the table. What did he do with the lions…what has he done? NOTHING, NOTHING, and more MOTHING!!! Dom Capers is the right choice…bring him in and lets get someone who knows how to win and how to mold young talent. Look what Henderson did with the lions. Weren’t they ranked in the bottom five in defense…how can we think this guy is a worthy of the red and gold. We have a tradition to hold up for god’s sakes and that is GREATNESS…this guy is NOT greatness. I know Nolan has worked with him, but unless Nolan basically says, “Hey, this is my puppet and I am will REALLY be making the calls on defense” then I don’t see this as a good idea.

  2. Mothing…what an idiot I am.

  3. ok um detroits defence sucked why would we even bother with his lame ass bump singletary up see what he can do 49ers4life

  4. i cant really knock on him,but i would like a player with more 3-4 defensive experience.

  5. I guess nolan just doesn’t want his team to win.I guess to Nolan winning is not important.

  6. Is Capers even available? Last I knew he was under contrct with the Dolphins. What about Donatelli (Falcons ex-dc)? Other than that the other option is an up and comer. But maybe new blood is what we need. But then again, that was probably the thought with Davis. What ever the choice Nolan needs results such as Turner brought to the table this year.

  7. Now that saben is gone maybe we can get capers depending on his contract situation, and I agree with what everybody is saying about henderson I know that nolan is familiar with him and all but looking at how detroit defense was this season why would we give him the time of the day.

    I think at the end of the day singletary will get the job because if you look back at I think it was the mike nolan interview on total access, he said something like he knows the player that singletary was and the whole thing with the eyes and all but bottom line he and the players like the kind of man that singletary is and I think that nolan respect him for that which may go a long way with nolan.

    Maybe we should give singletary a shot I think he did pretty good with the linebackers unless nolan hires a proven defensive coordinator that will give the niners a strong defense.

  8. and tim lewis from the giant just got released

  9. is wade phillips in his final year of his contract at san diego?

  10. ok he brought in a great offensive mind now lets hit up our defence i dont know if mora would come back lets try singletary or pick some one who has a above average defence lol come on guys

  11. I would not be upset if they hired Henderson. Don’t look at the Lions defense, look at what he did with the Jets defense while he was there.

    Capers is available but most likely will get a HC gig or become DC of the Giants. Not sure Nolan is going to wait around to see what happens with Capers.

  12. What are the chances that Nolan has someone targeted who’s coaching in the playoffs now?

  13. yo its What are the chances that Nolan has someone targeted who’s coaching in the playoffs now?

  14. NFL-Europa franchise Rhein Fire report on their official website that their head coach Jim Tomsula will be the 49ers’ new defensive line coach.

  15. This is in response to Ryan and all you other people with no football knowledge who need to do their homework before they render senseless opinions about people they know absolutely nothing about. Donnie Henderson lasted only one season with the Lions because he as FORCED by his boss to use a defense he was not familiar with. He was not allowed to use the defensive schemes that he learned in Baltimore that got him where he is.

    Read on and learn WHY the 49ers are and should give him the time of day. He is younger than Capers and his defenses have always been more aggressive than some of these conservative coaches you all love so dearly.

    Henderson made an immediate impact on the Jets defense in his first season as their defensive coodinator. From 2003 to 2004, New York improved from 21st to seventh in total defense, 23rd to fourth in the NFL in points allowed and 28th to fifth in rushing yards allowed. The team’s 261 points allowed in 2004 was just 10 points more than the league-leading Pittsburgh Steelers, and it ranked third-best in team history. The Jets 2004 defense also garnered a league-leading seven second-half shutouts, and held nine teams under 100 yards rushing, which included just two 100-yard rushers.

    Among the seven new starters on the Jets ’04 defense was rookie LB Jonathan Vilma, who was named the 2004 Associated Press Defensive Rookie of the Year.

    The defenses Henderson (Baltimore 1999-03; New York Jets 2004-05), has been a part of have ranked in the NFL’s top 10 in total defense a combined 14 out of 17 times, and in the top 15 in 16 of 17 seasons. Included in that total are 11 top 5 rankings, nine top 3 rankings and six top 2 rankings.

    Henderson spent five seasons with the Baltimore Ravens, and was part of the franchise’s Super Bowl XXXV championship team. He was hired as the assistant defensive backs coach in 1999 and was promoted to defensive backs coach in 2000. He tutored a secondary that was key in the team finishing in the top 10 in pass defense in three of the four seasons he oversaw the position group

    From 2000-03, the Ravens recorded 88 interceptions, which tied for the second-most in the league over those four seasons. Among the players he coached were three Pro Bowlers (S Rod Woodson, CB Chris McAlister and S Ed Reed), which represented Baltimore in the Pro Bowl a combined four times during Henderson’s tenure as defensive backs coach.

    In 2000, Baltimore set new NFL defensive standards as they went on to claim the Super Bowl title. The team established a new 16-game record for fewest points allowed (165) and fewest rushing yards allowed (970). The secondary, led by Woodson, who was named to his ninth Pro Bowl that season, set a team mark with 23 interceptions. The Ravens defense led the NFL with 49 takeaways and allowed an NFL-low 11 touchdown passes in 20 games (regular season and post-season). The secondary recorded 12 interceptions (two in postseason), six forced fumbles and six fumble recoveries.

    What has Dom Capers one lately? Why do you think he is no longer a HEAD coach?

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