Rosenhaus, Gore Looking for Big Money

drew.jpgDrew Rosenhaus is taking a page out of the game show ‘Press Your Luck’ and is looking to get running back Frank Gore, big money and no whammys. According to an article in the USA Today. Rosenhaus and camp are seeking a contract for Frank Gore that makes Gore among the top-three backs in the league. The 49ers on the other hand are believed to see Gore being compensated along the lines of the top 10 backs. Gore’s contract is set to expire after the 2007 season and both parties are hoping that a deal can be reached before the beginning of the season.

“It’s a priority,” Nolan said of a new contract for Gore. “It was talked about since before Frank started to show up on all of your radar screens because of what we knew about Frank.”


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~ by 49ersNews on January 12, 2007.

39 Responses to “Rosenhaus, Gore Looking for Big Money”

  1. top 3?
    no way dude. won’t work at all.
    top 10 is ok, but no way top 3

  2. pay that dude .. top three this next year wont be bad when he gets 2200 yds rushing and 500 recieveing . dont hate on this guy he will be the best rb in 49er history .. PAY THAT MAN we got the money .. we didnt pay t.o jeff garcia… julian peterson .. lets at least keep fwank .. + we can always pay him in cookies

  3. that picture is great……and theres no way you can not pay the starter in the Pro Bowl…pay him…Not top 3, but top 7 money

  4. He should be payed as a top ten back, but until he shows us that he can do what he did this season again (which he probably will) he shouldn’t be wanting to get payed like LT…he isn’t as good as LT…however I WOULD take him over LJ because he is more intelligent (by a long shot) and he is way more team oriented than LJ who has just gotten through with throwing his team under the bus. The thing is Rosenhouse has the niners right where he wants them. He knows that he can shop Gore after this season like no one’s business not to mention the head aches and press he will light up because we took that long to sign him. Trust me, Rosenhouse WILL create heahaches for the organization if we don’t sign him to that extension by the end of June.

  5. vacationman…I can agree they didn’t pay Owens and Peterson, but Garcia got his. The year he was released Garcia was set to make $10 mil that year.

    Top 3 money…I don’t know, I could live with top 5. Of course the team will bring up his fumbling and lack of TD’s compared to players like LT and LJ.

  6. An da injury ?’s from da dayz n college…NOT TOP 3 MONEY

  7. thats y they should have extened him earlier before this happnened, but of course they fuck up again

  8. I’d put Frank in the top 5 in the league. In no particular order, LT, LJ, Shaun is up there (despite this season), SJax and Frank. I’d be happy if we paid him top 5 back money as long as there are some injury clauses in there.

    He’s a great back and I want him on this team!

  9. Rosenhaus…crap. Just look at how great of a job he did with Owens in Philadelphia. Unless he happened to learn his lesson from that debacle, we can kiss Gore goodbye after next season. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Rosenhaus talked Gore into holding out next season and he never played for the Niners again. Again, I say … CRAP!!!

  10. I hope they just get the extention to Gore and sign him.

  11. They should just pay him because he’s definitely earned it.

    Just make the deal long term.

  12. If Drew Rosenhaus ask for too much money and don’t get a agreement on a extention then Frank Gore needs to fire him and get a new agent.

  13. I think Gore has enough morals to him to keep this from getting real ugly. I really doubt that he will hold out because he is truely a team guy and he appreciates that the 49ers drafted him. I just hope I’m right because he really seems like a passionate football guy who reall cares.

  14. i dont agree with any of that statement.he has only been a starter for one he wants to be paid like he has been hear for 4 to 5 years.he has to prove to me that he is not injury prone to get money like that.every miami running back that has came out in the last 5 years of the draft,are injory prone. as soon as gore signed with drew rosenhaus i knew this shit was going to happend.dont get me wrong ,i like frank gore.but drew roenhhaus get a different agent before rosenhaus fucks up your carrier like he did owens and j. walker when with the packers.i like to see frank gore get extention on his contract.what happens if (god forbid)he does get a huge contract and then gets injuried at the begining of the the walker did in greanbay.draft peaple that dont come out of miami hurricaines.because they are the people drew rosenhass likes.

  15. Gore needs to get paid, i agree with this. I think there should be some sort of injury clause in it. As for Rosenhaus he is a dick but he is the premier sports agent in the league. Everyone goes to him cause he gets the $$$.

  16. give gore what he wants ok sign him to a big long contract let him rookie an retire a niner ok sign him quik we screwed up in the past but come on our future is bright if we sign him to a long big deal he is one of the best in the leauge right now dont let him go the longer you wait the more he will ask for 49ers4life

  17. The holdout is unlikely to happen because the niners are giving Rosenhouse the type of communication he likes to hear and he is getting it often. However, like it or not, Gore is going to get paid like this or he will be gone because Rosenhouse is ruthless and he isn’t trying to make friends with the organization.

  18. Gore, fire Rosenhouse and stay with the team, you know you are the top 7 but not the top 3 yet. Get real and talk sense with the team

  19. Gore will stay a Niner. Rosenhaus has simply made the opening bid and Niner have countered his top 3 asking price with a top 5 payday. How far is the 3rd and 5th level contract apart from each other? Relax, my prediction will be that Gore will be signed to the 4th highest RB contract in the league. He’ll want to be a the start of training camp. gore is a team player and very dedicated to the Niners, Nolan and Bishop for taking the chance and believing in him.

  20. just remember huge contracts that screwed the niners over a few years ago.steve youngs big contract then 2 years later forsed to retired and had to pay him for 4 or 5 years.junior bryants big contract that same year forsed to retire,had to pay him.just have this in mind when we sign frank gore?

  21. plus he has only had (ONE) full good HEALTHY year since high school!!!!

  22. if gore tops 2000 yards this yea he is a top 3 guy ok he is very good as it is we got a steal in the third round theres alot to come second year in pay the man 49ers4life


  24. I’m with Erickson and mntIdaGold — The top 3 demand is simply a negotiating ploy (as is the Niners top 10 counter). Every agent asks for more than he expects to get, and every team offers less than it expects to pay. All the commenters pushing the panic button, relax. What do you expect, for Rosenhaus to ask for only what he deserves? Get real! He’ll end up somewhere in the middle (top 4-7).

    And jerry, are you serious? Don’t draft Hurricanes? What, you don’t want NFL Defensive Player of the Years like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed just because Rosenhaus is going to make you pay them? Yeah, you’re right, their better off drafting inferior talent — that way, your defense sucks, but so you don’t have to pay them much. Are you sure your name isn’t really Terry, as in Donahue? Besides Owens and J. Walker didn’t even go to Miami, so how are you going to avoid Rosenhaus? He’s the footbal version of Scott Boras — negotiating with him is a necessary evil.

    And Doc lac, when exactly were they supposed to sign that extension, before he even played a full season? Then he got hurt, you’d be on here with all the other second guessers saying, “of course they fucked up again.” Why not try being a first-guesser and tell us who they should sign to an extension this year before their breakout season next year?

  25. hey,watch out,im not no fool who sitts hear and name call .im old school,i throw fist,and (no my name isnt terry donahue).we can give each other adresses and THEN DO SOME NAME CALLING.that was my oppinion.the players we have had here(except frank gore) from miami have all sucked.mike rumph ,ken dorsey and the defensive end,i think his name was least i have enough balls to put my reel name on here and not a bunch of numbers.basicly what i was TRYING to say is ,i think frank deserves a contract extention.but after a couple of years as a starter.and not now till he can prove he can stay healthy.i dont like rosenhaus.that is my oppinion!!!

  26. and i know owens and walker are not from miami but both player that are with drew rosenhaus.that started with one team and ended up on others.

  27. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$give frank this and frank will give us this..superbowl

  28. Jerry, re-read what I wrote and tell me what name I called you. That’s right, I didn’t call you ANY name. Just like you, I only stated my opinion. But I guess you’re all bent out of shape just because my opinion differed from your opinion. Get over it.

    I do agree with you that every Hurricane the Niners have drafted besides Gore has sucked (and that DE’s name was Andrew Williams, by the way), but right now Gore is by far the best player on the team, and they’ve had plenty of busts from other schools as well, so I wouldn’t write off Miami players just because of that. And I know you know Owens and Walker aren’t from Miami, but you said they should completely ignore Miami players to avoid Rosenhaus. How does that work if he reps players from all over? Even Gore wasn’t repped by Rosenhaus when they drafted him. The only way to avoid Rosenhaus is to avoid all upper echelon players and you can’t win like that.

    And I really don’t see how putting your real name down here proves you have balls, but I’ll tell you mine if it makes you happy. Josh. That’s my name. I guess I’m a tough guy now.

  29. PAY THE MAN! Are you kidding me or what?? Period.

    JERRY, maybe you should run your posts through spell check because it seems like you are a bum using free wireless internet around the city.

  30. beleave me this isnt a free wireless internet and what does that have to do with anything.well it seems like every one talks about drafting miami players in the first round and only a handfull turn out decent(except for RUNNINGBACKS) .i just think miami players are over rated every year in the draft.and what you said josh is(are you sure your name isnt terry as in donahue? maybe i just took it wrong way.and i think you dont need just florida players to have a good defense.


  32. This is what Mel Kiper is saying at the moment about the draft.
    This a combination of how he ranks the talent and how he sees the draft happening. What do you all think?
    Scouts Inc.’s Top 32
    Player Class Pos. School
    1. Joe Thomas Sr. OT Wisconsin
    2. Calvin Johnson Jr. WR Georgia Tech
    3. Alan Branch Jr. DT Michigan
    4. Brady Quinn Sr. QB Notre Dame
    5. Gaines Adams Sr. DE Clemson
    6. Adrian Peterson Jr. RB Oklahoma
    7. JaMarcus Russell Jr. QB LSU
    8. Glenn Dorsey Jr. DT LSU
    9. Leon Hall Sr. CB Michigan
    10. Marshawn Lynch Jr. RB Cal
    11. LaRon Landry Sr. S LSU
    12. Amobi Okoye Sr. DT Louisville
    13. Brian Brohm Jr. QB Louisville
    14. Ted Ginn Jr. Jr. WR Ohio State
    15. Adam Carriker Sr. DE Nebraska
    16. DeMarcus Tyler Sr. DT N.C. State
    17. Jeff Samardzija Sr. WR Notre Dame
    18. Sidney Rice Jr. WR S. Carolina
    19. Levi Brown Sr. OT Penn State
    20. Eric Wright Jr. CB UNLV
    21. Dwayne Jarrett Jr. WR USC
    22. Darrelle Revis Jr. CB Pittsburgh
    23. Tony Ugoh Sr. OT Arkansas
    24. Tim Crowder Sr. DE Texas
    25. LaMarr Woodley Sr. OLB Michigan
    26. Marcus McCauley Sr. CB Fresno State
    27. Quentin Moses Sr. DE Georgia
    28. Troy Smith Sr. QB Ohio State
    29. Daymeion Hughes Sr. CB Cal
    30. Anthony Spencer Sr. DE Purdue
    31. Kenny Irons Sr. RB Auburn
    32. Dwayne Bowe Sr. WR LSU

  33. Niners=11th pick.
    LaRon Landry-11th pick.

    I’m looking and I’m liking.

  34. Even Kipers newer big board says that we are going to take Landry. Just go to, click on the NFL, look mid way down the page and you will see Mel Kiper, click, go to his homepage and you will see the big board that he just updated.

  35. iiiii dunnnnooooo

  36. Sign him with a injury clause…. If he stays healthy he’s worth every fucking penny!

  37. An injury clause is a GREAT idea, but realize that Rosenhouse is low enough to challenge even that…along with a fumble clause as well. These are two BIG question marks about Gore that Rosenhouse will aggressively try to make us oversee or forget about…believe me.

  38. i see gore staying and an i like arock49s idea.

  39. We have the money, Gore like the Niners and Nolan. I agree top 3 is just a negotiating first bid. We will sign him, just me patient. Besides, we need to sign Gore before we nogotiate with any free agents so we know waht we have available. The only problem is we´ll only be able to sign either Thomas or Samuels or Clements but not 2 of 3.

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