Permission Denied…

The Sun-Sentinel reports it’s believed the Dolphins aren’t letting assistant coaches interview with other NFL teams until HC Nick Saban’s spot is filled. That is costing a slew of assistants — most of which are under contract to the Dolphins through the 2007 season — the opportunity to seek jobs with interested franchises. A source said Friday that San Francisco has interest in interviewing defensive line coach Dan Quinn and special teams coach Keith Armstrong for staff positions, but the 49ers are unable to receive permission from Dolphins management.


~ by 49ersNews on January 13, 2007.

31 Responses to “Permission Denied…”

  1. dan quinn used to be with us before.and i like keith armstrong as special teams coach.but not a word about dom capers.

  2. they also have a great secondary coach and a former 49ers player in mel phillips too!

  3. For all of you draft gurus…check out the listing I put on the Rosenhouse posting. It gives you the talent rankings from Mel Kiper and Scouts Inc. This is similar to how the draft should lay out.

  4. i seen it,and if this the way the draft should lay out.then let me see the same list after the draft.garentee thats not the way draft will go.and no i wont make a list because im no draft expert.but i do know players fall or stocks raise weeks before a draft.

  5. senior bowl is still coming, north south… etc. stock will rise and fall a million times before then. nolan is probably waiting to talk to more dc’s that are still in the playoffs. maybe go after ravens dc? then get adalus or however you spell that and lance briggs. nate clements is a savage but not for top corner ever money. 20 mill signing bonus? hell no. i say its gonna be two star lb’s a mid level db (safety or corner) and maybe a solid wideout. i think tyromne calico is a fa this year, that would be sick. then 75% deffense 25% offense in the draft. go niner !!!

  6. It is sooooo awesome that Nolan is going to coach that game…he will have such a scouting advantage going into the draft. This is big. I want the Ravens to lose…then we start talking to Adalius Thomas. Of course no real contracts will be made, but if the Ravens lose then expect us to start making some calls.

  7. Everyone check out under the NFL section…you aren’t going to like what you read. It sounds like that guy from the Lions might end up being our guy…nothing is set in stone, but after you read the article and the combined article about capers getting paid big bucks to stay with the dolphins it doesn’t look like we will be getting the guy we are looking for. HERE’S TO ME PRAYING THAT I AM EXTREMELY WRONG ABOUT THIS GUY!!!!

  8. Sorry, but kiper just updated his top five draft it goes.

    *1. Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech (6-4, 225) | previous: UR
    He’s not only a tremendous athlete, but he’s also a hard worker and very team oriented.
    2. Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin (6-6½, 313) | previous: Same
    Huge, quick and athletic with a long wingspan.

    3. Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame (6-3½, 225) | previous: 1
    Poised, smart and at his best in pressure situations. Quinn did throw two interceptions in Sugar Bowl after throwing just one INT in his previous eight games.

    *4. JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU (6-6, 260) | previous: UR
    Big, strong signal caller with a powerful arm. Decision-making improved significantly this season.

    *5. Jamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas (6-5, 270) | previous: UR
    Gifted athlete, coming off an exceptional 2006 campaign. A complete player, equally as solid versus the run as he is as a pass rusher.

  9. Ryan…Capers has been a pipedream from the beginning. Anyone who really thought we’d land Capers isn’t being realistic. Not sure Henderson is the man, I’m sure he is the front runner but Nolan will make sure he takes his time and finds the right man.

  10. Yeah, maybe it was a reach, but it would have been so awesome if we would have.

  11. capers receiving an 2.6 million a year contract with the dolphins even without a head coach.

  12. just remember henderson isnt the only coach out there.dom took the money,ooo well.probley going to wait till after the playoffs or superbowl to find some one.but if we do sign henderson i wont be surprised.maybe mike nolan seen something we didnt.THATS WHY THEY ARE EXPERTS!

  13. i just hope with all the coaching changes.this dont set us back anther year for the new staff to get to know the players.

  14. cv364m brings up a HUGE point. Often when you have a coaching change like this it takes a little bit to get used to the scheme. Hopefully Nolan is running more plays on defense than what he is leading us to believe.

  15. how about them eagles!!!!


    Had to make another strong comback just for you jerry but I know you’ve seen some gay ass mutha fucka using my name ALL ON MY DICK AND SHIT but that Ha Ha HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA is just for you doggy DAMN I’M A HAPPY MAN EVEN THOUGH I HAD TO ROUTE FOR THE SAINTS BUT IT’S ALL GOOD.


  17. im watching jeff garcia cry now live in the press conf. cant wait to see ron jawarski cry too.iwas in shoprite today sporting my niners chain and jersey while every body else was in there eagles jersies and sweatshirts. some guy told me,i got balls wearing my stuff,i told him he has balls for wearing his shit only durring the playoffs . me and my friends laughed our ass off!!

  18. ryan thanks for those draft up i dont have to spend my money on those draft magazines.

  19. HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAA that’s what’s up and I see you was representing for all us niners fans in here and all over except the fucking punk ass mutha fucka that’s using my name and saying dumb shit.

    Can you believe the fucking balls on this fag ass all worshiping me and my name and like I said I never seen no shit like that before on here but he or what ever it is just at random picked my name out of everybody else name to play a game with is beyond me.


    I’m glad you came at dude in shoprite and played his nut ass in front of millions and geeked at him afterwards, WHAT THE FUCK HE MEAN YOU GOT SOME BALLS WEARING YOUR SHIT FUCK THAT PUSSY YO, KEEP REPRESENTING FOR THE NINER FAITHFUL.

    But what fucks me up the most is he said something like this was some kind of pep squad shit when the niners ain’t got nothing to do with the eagles and the saints he might as well started singing LEAN ON ME,WELL THEY DAMN SURE NEED TO SING IT TONIGHT CAUSE THIS SHOULD BE A MAJOR HURT PIECE.

  20. I dont think we have the personnel to play in the 3-4 scheme, I mean we have try over the last couple of years and we still go back to the 4-3, I said we should just stick with the 4-3 and we should go and try to get the ex D.C of the broncos yeah they slip this year but that does not mean he doesnot know how to coach….

  21. that messed up about that person using your name.i represent all year around.i like the niners like the son of sam liked girls with short brown dark hair.(its addictive).i remember last year with my sisters boy friend in virginia.he told me he was a die hard dallas fan,then they sighned he is a niners fan.i turned that mother to the red and gold!

  22. i think nolan is gonna stick with the 3-4.we do have the personnel for both kind of defenses(3-4 and 4-3).if we get a good defensive tackle(or nose tackle).like the steelers do!(plus the steelers dont have any players from miami and have a great defense!)we will get better once we stop the run,then we can focus on the pass defense .

  23. Capers becomes the highest paid assistant!

  24. That’s what’s up you got him to come to the real side and just like I told my man last night that the eagles is using the west coast offense (created by bill walsh) and they was getting our old players and so was the raiders and got the nerve to talk shit about our niners.

    He told me that it’s some dickhead that works at his job that claims he’s a diehard eagles fan runs around during the season and tease a niners fan that works there if the niners lose and taunt him and get all in his face and talk big shit.

    But now he said that the so called diehard eagles fan might not even show up to work monday because he’s embarrased and that the 49ers fan is going to chase him down and tease him.

    I put this on here for everybody to see too because they tend to hate on the 49ers but using our offensive schemes and who the hell they think andy reid is (A MIKE HOMEGREN STUDENT AND MIKE HOMEGREN A BILL WALSH DECIPLE).

  25. Since Dom Capers is of the market who will it be for defensive coordinator? nolan better pick somebody real soon cause time and coaches is running out, as we all know Jim Bates is gone too.

  26. maybe if we dont get hendersen,then maybe we will look into the college there is,tim lewis from the giants plus there still mike singletary.and you got anther pipedream in dick lebeau from the steelers.or another linebackers coach from some where.

  27. TRUE DAT!

  28. patriots won,but i still think bill belichick is a sore loser!patriots and colts AGAIN! remimds me of the 49ers and packers/and dallas a decade ago….

  29. Today there is more prove that we should focus on getting samules the CB from new England instead of Clemments this guy is solid and might come in cheaper…. also since the O.C. from the steeler took the arizona job we should try and get the steelers D.C two great reasons he has experience in the 3-4 and who better to stop an Offense which you are already familiar with this could give us and edge agains the cardinals since we have lost the last 4 games agains them….

  30. ye dick lebeau,is from the steelers,is said that too.look 3 above

  31. i said that too.i ment

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