Lewis Not the Answer at Safety?

From Pro Football Weekly:

Even though Keith Lewis proved to be a major difference-maker after being inserted into the Niners’ starting FS role, we hear the team would prefer to employ him next season as a situational safety who could then spend more time on special teams, an area in which he excels. Our sources tell us the Niners believe Lewis could be a perennial Pro Bowl special-teamer if that role was his top priority.


~ by 49ersNews on January 15, 2007.

81 Responses to “Lewis Not the Answer at Safety?”

  1. I’ll drink to that.

  2. wtf?

  3. well then we have to get Reggie Nelson if this is true.

  4. fucked up doggy

  5. We need Ken Hamlin or Michael Lewis, maybe even Gibril Wilson

  6. we need edie torres, that guy is a FUCKING stud!

  7. Killa Keith is more of a Strong Safety than a Free Safety anyways. Maybe Nolan will have Lewis and Roman rotate at SS, and pickup a quality FS in FA (Hamlin), or the draft (Nelson, Landry).


  9. he did a good job this year and to do this would be degrating.lets get the head injuried,didnt do shit with seatle,kenny hamlin.or the i got burnt so often i got benched, michael lewis!if it wasnt for keith lewis and brandon moore this year we wouldnt have won as many games as we did.but mike nolans the coach.and whats this shit with norv turner now.

  10. never mind there talking about,terrell turner,not norv turner(my bad),.

  11. shaking a defense that only needs turning is not good.two (YOUNG)players and one is getting screwed right off the bat. i guess brandon moore will only be a back up next year too.

  12. i guess you have to be over 30 and be mike nolans little bitch to start on this team.gary plummer sucked donkeyballs all season but he started!and kwame harris too but he is under thirty.maybe we should have a NO SUCK DICK NO START POLICY.

  13. JDUBB has it right, Keith Lewis plays more like a SS. Yeah, he loves to fuck people up but he got burned more then a couple of times and he had a lot of luck this year (twice i can remember him getting beat and the reciever dropped the ball). I love his hard nose style but you can’t just keep picking up 15 yarders when the game is on the line. Speciely when the 9ers are in the playoffs nect year, he is amazing on special teams, and nolan has it all figured out (plus he can be a great rotation/backup)

  14. I want Landry 🙂

  15. dont be surprized if we dont get landry.they havent drafted a saftey in the first round since ronnie lott.

  16. my bad, there was ,dana hall in 1992.but he wasnt any good with us.

  17. here are some players i think we should release,harvet dahl,anthony adams,chris hetherington,taylor jacobs,kwame harris,deke cooper,patric estes,sam davis,b.j. tucker,lance legree, donald strickland and t.j. slaughter.what you think?

  18. This is the organization basically saying Lewis is still a safety, but we are looking for a different type of player to take over that starting role…Laron Landry. Unless Alan Branch or Leon Hall drop to us look for us to take Laron Landry. Adalius is coming…KNOW THAT!!

    I’m starting the chant.
    As for Kool Keith, split some time with Roman. He’s excellent against the run, but he is lacking some covering skills. But at the same time that could change, that’s what practice and training camp is for. I like the guy and want to see him play every Sunday, him and Moore are the most exciting guys to watch on defense.


  21. I’d agree with this if we had enough depth to move starters to specialists. But I think there’s bigger holes to fill than Lewis’ spot. If we have that much talent coming in, as in defensive line, corners, wide receivers, linebackers, etc., then yeah, fill that safety spot and let Lewis be special teams stud.

  22. i like how he plays in college(landry).i hope it translates into the nfl.mike nolan will see him up close(2 years in a row at the senior bowl).so i guess we will find out at the draft.is landry,a strong or free saftey.to bad keith lewis isnt gonna start,he only started half of one season and did a decent job ,i thought.he did get burnt a couple of times but what player doesnt in his first year starting.

  23. Here is the latest mel kiper list…by the way…I don’t see how such an athletically gifted person as Landry would set us back (no offense inteded).

    Player Class Pos. School Stock
    1. Calvin Johnson Jr. WR Georgia Tech
    Hard worker and team oriented
    2. Joe Thomas Sr. OT Wisconsin
    Imposing lineman with great quickness.
    3. Brady Quinn Sr. QB Notre Dame
    Poised and at his best under pressure.
    4. JaMarcus Russell Jr. QB LSU
    Big, strong with a powerful arm
    5. Jamaal Anderson Jr. DE Arkansas
    Gifted athlete and a complete player
    6. Adrian Peterson Jr. RB Oklahoma
    Durability is a concern
    7. Alan Branch Jr. DT Michigan
    A space-eater along the interior.
    8. Marshawn Lynch Jr. RB California
    Complete big back
    9. Gaines Adams Sr. DE Clemson
    Dominating ability with his athleticism.
    10. Leon Hall Sr. CB Michigan
    Great anticipation and awareness in coverage.
    11. LaRon Landry Sr. DB LSU
    Leader on one of the nation’s best defenses.
    12. Amobi Okoye Sr. DT Louisville
    Quick, strong and gets penetration into the backfield.
    13. Jeff Samardzija Sr. WR Notre Dame
    Great hands and speed for his size.
    14. Dwayne Jarrett Jr. WR USC
    Can create mismatches against smaller cornerbacks.
    15. Robert Meachem Jr. WR Tennessee
    Could elevate with a fast time at the combine.
    16. Tony Ugoh Sr. OT Arkansas
    Athletically gifted left tackle with upside.
    17. Charles Johnson Jr. DE Georgia
    Workout numbers should be eye catching.
    18. Levi Brown Sr. OT Penn St.
    Reliable at protecting his QB’s blind side.
    19. Sidney Rice Jr. WR South Carolina
    Above average hands and nice burst.
    20. Ryan Kalil Sr. C USC
    Benefits from practicing against great players.
    21. Lawrence Timmons Jr. LB Florida State
    Production and consistency are what jump out.
    22. Adam Carriker Sr. DE Nebraska
    Runs unbelievably well for 300-pound DE.
    23. Dwayne Bowe Sr. WR LSU
    Runs great routes and is tough in traffic.
    24. Marshal Yanda Sr. OT Iowa
    Well coached with outstanding technique.
    25. Anthony Spencer Sr. DE Purdue

  24. I keep seeing Landry at 11 and I keep liking!
    It’s like we are meant to be.

  25. i think brady quinn is highly over rated and with dwayne jarretthe could be a (big mouth baby)keshown johnson type or be a bust (like,mike williams from the lionstype) remember jarrett did get a lot of single coverage in college being at usc.and the sleeper i think is,jeff samardzija-he can be a bust (jj stokes)or the next ed mccaffrey.

  26. Go for Landry or Branch, or trade up, if Calvin is there around pick 6, which won’t happen, so go with Landry or Branch

  27. i still feel a trade in the first round …to move up, or move down..never know till the last month of the draft…wait for mike nolan and the his trading craft….so just remember… if you dont see landry in september…i told you so… to all ya landry stupid ass hoes….

  28. We need to start campaigning for Alan Branch. By all means we need to get this guy

  29. here’s what we need for a studly defense next year
    adalius thomas
    lance briggs
    asuante samual/nate clements
    laRon landry 1st
    daymeon hughes 2nd
    desmond bishop 3rd

  30. The 49ers arent going to sing two outside linebackers (thomas and briggs). They will sign thomas (i am 90 percent sure, nolan loves the guy). Plus manny lawson is the next julian peterson, his body type is the same but lawson is more athletic that int. against the rams, that was the shit.

  31. The 49ers arent going to sign two outside linebackers (thomas and briggs). They will sign thomas (i am 90 percent sure, nolan loves the guy). Plus manny lawson is the next julian peterson, his body type is the same but lawson is more athletic that int. against the rams, that was the shit.

  32. my bad^

  33. has anyone talked to baaqi lately?,he hasn’t been on here in a while.

  34. yeah you have a point, manny lawson is a stud,hopefully we can get laron landry to be a stud too(which shouldn’t be a problem)

  35. that would be pretty sweet though thomas and briggs at the same time,can you say “lights out”

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    And tiki and jerimiah trotter is demenstrating the product by trotter hitting him hard and tiki is emotionally showing why he said jerimiah trotter is one of the reasons of why he retired and speaking on how happy he is that trotter made him his bitch.


  39. THE REAL BAAQI,you think we eill get henderson or some one else.im waiting to see if marty shottenheimer gets fired,im hoping wade phillups is avalable,but then that is another pipe dream!

  40. we (will)get henderson….thats what i ment,my keyboard keeps sticken>>>>

  41. Alan Branch is EXACTLY what we need at nose tackle. He is huge and has the strength of King Kong. He is would perfect for the 3-4…especially when we are really weak on the d-line. We could trade up for Branch and get get Brandon Merriweather in the second round. Or we could trade up some more. I just don’t know how many draft picks we should use to get higher in the draft.

  42. Wade phillips whould seem like it would be a hell of a choice but as far as henderson goes it seemed like him and nolan would coach well since they did in baltimore but I’m a little concerned if we hire him will he bring that bad karma over with him from detroit because we don’t need that,we need to get better not worst.

    What do you think about single getting it (singletary)?

  43. they got good dept this year on defensive players this year. if landry or branch dont fall to us trade down and get even more picks and more players.i have been saying with our the first round pick,that we should get a BIG MASSIVE POWERFUL DEFENSIVE TACKLE to stop the run,and then we can worry about stopping the pass.when we have been to the super bowl we have always been #5 or up on defense.

  44. and ive seen brandon has stoped chanting landry,landry,landry…

  45. my only concern with singletary is no experiance,except for that i know he probley would do an good job at it.

  46. (singletary)my only other concern is he was a linebackers coach and has no experiance with teaching thr corners.(i dont think he does).THE REAL BAAQI!!!

  47. Yo got a real valuable point there about teaching the corners and not having that experience to coach the defense as a whole.

  48. About Landry…I don’t see how he couldn’t fall to us. Alan Branch could be a reach for sure. Questions to the crowd: How many teams in front of us are going to want a safety? How many run the 3-4? The answer is not that many. Plus, many are going to go after Leon Hall before Landry because Hall is a shut down corner.

  49. 12. Amobi Okoye Sr. DT Louisville
    Quick, strong and gets penetration into the backfield.

    I think we should draft this guy. He’s a beast and he started in college since he was 16! He came here and tested into a much higher grade in school so he is a very experienced young guy. What do you guys think?

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  51. On a better note Dexter Carter was just added to the Florida State Seminoles coaching staff, I have to double check but I think it’s for Running Backs Coach.


  52. The thing is that defensive tackles NEVER get the credit they deserve. Defensive ends do because they get the clear shot at the quarterback and have weaker people attempting to block them. A defensive tackle is just what the niners need. If we can put pressure on the quarterback then our secondary will come around. Our corner ARE good, but Walt will need to be replaced in next years draft unless Mike Adams proves to be GREAT…when the quarterback doesn’t have forever and a day to think about who they should pass to then they start making mistakes. We DO, however, need a free safety and that is what Landry would be perfect for. So, either way we are addressing an issue on our D. I think our linebacker core is going to be solved through free agency. The line needs to be done through the draft and let Bryant Young mold them into terrors. If we didn’t get Branch, but got Landry instead then we still got someone that is really good and ready to start.

  53. i like omobi okoyeas a defensive tackle. the only thing that concerns me is like alex smith.they were both young and might take a while longer for them to mature.

  54. That and the fact that he is 6’1″ FLAT!!! He is really strong, but we should have someone taller if we can help it. I’m not saying he won’t be good (who’s to say) but personally I would like someone taller and I would take Landry over this guy…that is just my opinion.

  55. you notice that too.i asked bigm about fresno states defensive tackles,louis leonard who is 6-4 and 330 pounds.but he said that they have no expierance at nose tackle.maybe we could take a look at him in the late rounds or rookie free adgent.plus there is chris terrell out of marshall who is 6-6 330 pounds.but i have never seen em play,just read about them so i dont know.

  56. Jerry…check out my other posting that I just posted, you won’t like it (sorry). Adalius might be as good as gone.

  57. I Dont Know Where This News Came out from but all i know is that the 49ers are working on getting a deal done with Keith Lewis Contract he is projected to be the starter at FS for the 49ers next season along with Mark Roman At SS,and also the 49ers will look to get a Stud CB/WR/DT in draft this season Safety position is not a concern for Coach Nolan He things he has finally found starters at that position In Lewis and Roman

  58. Then we should trade up to get Branch…if we give the texans or the bucs our first round pick and a low fourth or third it would be worth it…the news of Laron Landry came from Mel Kiper on ESPN.com on the insider page. Kiper said that niners are going to be looking for a young athletic saftey in the draft with their first pick. Look at the line up I have pasted on here…that is from his website. I am not a niner expert by a long shot and I am not claiming to be a draft expert, but Mel Kiper does know what he is talking about.

  59. If Laron Landry is on Board at the time we pick then its up to the 49ers coaches and personal to make a decision.They know more then we do on what the team really needs if they think we a a safety then go fro landry he’ll be a stud in this league .but the thing is i dont know whats there plan in Free agency because they’ll be some good Defensive players,but from what i heard and hear from around the team they think they need to address D-line And linebacker and CB position.thats i what i heard but who knows this is the NFL .anything can happen

  60. What websites…do have a link sf49ers?? I would always like a chance to see some new info.

  61. Johnnie Lynn the Denfensive back coach of the 49ers is a good from of ours so me being a die hard 49ers fan would try to get as much as i can from him his very close to those guys works for them obviously knows everything that happens.

  62. Johnnie Lynn is A Friend not “from” my bad

  63. Thats good stuff sf49ers!!! Right on!!!! Ask this guy some questions whenever you see him and keep us posted.

  64. i said a week ago on singletary might leave for the falcon job the two coaches i like the most were singletary and johnnie lynn.wasnt johnnie lynn here for like one year durring the dennis erickson era?

  65. Someone mentioned I stopped chanting, well it was because I was working but, where was I?…Oh yeah:


    Haha, come on guys, you read it. Nolan and the rest have yet to be sold on Lewis (and I’m pretty sure they know a little more than us about their players) and also Roman is certainly no Ronnie Lott either. Plus, what if one gets injured? Say one suddenly sucks really bad? Who’s there to take the place? Plus, last I checked run-stuffing wasn’t our biggest concern, the pass-defense was. That leads me to this: How many cornerbacks are instantly good their rookie season? Yeahhh, no how many safeties?

    11th pick=Landry.
    Trade up for a late 1st or early 2nd round pick=Monster, brick house DT

    We are finally hitting our stride again and we need instant contribitors along with projects and from what I see of Landry is that he is NFL ready…to dominate. Ronnie Lott style.

  66. Also, while I’m still in the ranting mood. It’s a stated fact that Landry has shown significant leadership qualities and besides BY, who else has really stepped up? Derek Smith? Pfft. Give me a break. I see Landry being the equivalent to Dawkins on the Eagles. The heart and soul of the team, leader, passionate and everyone’s favorite: FACE CRUSHING. What’s not to love about a guy that makes receivers drop balls simply by looking at them?

  67. I’m with Brandon…Landry, Branch, or Leon Hall…those are the only options for us in the first round.

  68. Reggie Nelson is “baby” Ed Reed. Landry doesn’t have the coverage skills that Nelson does.

  69. i think there are three teams that are interrested in landry before us in the draft one would be miami two would be the browns and 3 tampabay.to get laron landry we would have to trade up and if we are going to trade up.we might as well trade up for calvin johnson.

  70. Buttt…
    -Miami just drafted Jason Allen.
    -Browns already have good safeties that were high picks from the last fews years developing.
    -And…okay, you got me on the Bucs, but they need an entire new cast in the next few years between the holes they have already and the holes they’ll have with the elderly they have playing now.

  71. Oh and I’d rather have baby Dawkins than baby Reed. They are both incredible and are the best at what they do, but Landry has more leadership qualities like Dawkins. We NEED leadership on defense.

  72. ,and miami doesnt have a good strong saftey.and the other team i forgot to mention was the redskins.the redskins are sick and tired of adam archuleta.and there are romars of letting him go.landry has played every secondary positions for the tigers(lsu).so he can play strong saftey too.what do you mean the browns,have good safties,shawn jones (second round pick and has been injured since day one of his carier)has been a disappointing and brodney pool (strong saftey)is the only one that has been injury free.they got a solid rookie free angent in brian russell and romeo wants an upgrade.

  73. first i forgot to say the redskins,they are gonna trading or releasing,adam archuleta,and about the browns there whole secondary has been injury prone,sean jones(second round bust and the free saftey they got was a rookie free agent and romeo has said he wants to up grade the free saftey posision.the only good player the browns have in there secondary is strong saftey ,brodney pool.he is the only one thats not been injured.and miami wants a strong saftey and laron landry has played every position in the secondary.

  74. Good points, I disagree though with the Sean Jones=bust thing though. This past season he had 111 tackles and 5 interceptions. It was his third season in the NFL and first starting. Those numbers are hardly bust-worthy. Redskins ARE dicks and I wouldn’t be surprised if they find a way to piss me off yet again by taking him. (Just like they did Carter and Lloyd…whom were good and then Redskins ruined their careers overnight). The thing about the Redskins is that I have been hearing DT all day from them, 1st round. Alan Branch anyone? I guess I could kind of see the Dolphins taking him, him paired with Allen would be quite the tandem, but they also have dire needs elsewhere as well. Take a look at their cornerbacks…yeah, I bet even the commentators that get paid to know them probably forget their names during a broadcast. Don’t be too surprised to see them suddenly have a change of heart and use their pick to draft a QB. Harrington won’t cut it and Culpepper can’t get over his injury to save his career (to be honest with you, I think he’s sucked even before he got hurt, starting with his last season with the Vikes, anyone remember how awful he played before he went down? He made Brad Johnson look good in comparison).

  75. One more point about Landry:

    Isn’t it odd how suddenly there is negative talk about Lewis when to all of us fans, he played pretty damn good?
    I’m thinking Nolan and his coaching staff might have had intentions all along to draft a safety…

  76. i think maybe(a big maybe)he might be trade bate at draft time.

  77. if he doesnt agree with the new sistuation.

  78. how come atlanta falcons are at number ten in the draft?

  79. The question is….since we will be running the 3-4 should we draft a defensive end if Branch, Landry, and Leon Hall are gone? Defensive ends aren’t known for having the brute strength a defensive tackle has. The 3-4 requires the front three to be really strong guys with big time strength that can collapse the pocket. Of the teams mentioned that draft in front of us which ones run the 3-4? I would like to know that one.

  80. we should get a quick defensive tackle and and move him to defensive end to eat up the blockers.like we did with bryant young.

  81. plus we have melvin oliver who is 6-3 280 pounds.

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