Tomsula Hired as D-line Coach

According to the Frankfurt Galaxy’s official website, the 49ers have hired Jim Tomsula as their new defensive line coach. Tomsula replaces recently fired Gary Emanuel.

Tomsula is well-versed with the 49ers as the head coach with the NFL Europe’s Rhein Fire the last few years. Tomsula coached four 49ers offensive linemen last spring with the Fire — Tony Wragge, Patrick Estes, Harvey Dahl and practice squad player Sam Wilder. Wragge, who started four games for the 49ers this season, credits Tomsula for developing his pass-protection skills.

More on Tomsula: Here


~ by 49ersNews on January 16, 2007.

29 Responses to “Tomsula Hired as D-line Coach”

  1. I have not seen anything offical from the team administration. But if this is true, at least we have a D-coach with experience. I really think with the up coming draft and the young players we have and a good D- Coach the 49ers will take the Seahawks down this coming season. GO 49ers

  2. I know Nolan has done his homework on this guy, but my main concern is this guy has no first hand experience of the NFL, as a player or coach. The other concern is how much of a drawback will his lack of NFl experience be to a legitimate DC joing the team?

  3. i seen above that he has experiance working with our offensive linemen.doesnt say anything about working with a defensive linemen?mike talks about taking the seahawks down .i wanna see if we can take arizonia down.

  4. now we got till january 27th to find a defensive cordinator.

  5. Yeah I’m with you on that jerry about taking arizona down, we lost to them twice and the last lost is what knocked us out the playoffs.

    I’m also concerned about this guy not having no fist hand NFL experience too but the plus side of it is he coached some of our lineman and maybe he might suprise us all.

  6. and just remember mike nolan has not beaten arizona since becoming our head coach.

  7. i’m sure nolan knows what he’s doin he’s been in the league for a long time. plus this guy was a HEAD COACH, albeit NFL Europe, he understands all of the little things that the head coach will need him to bring to the table as the d-line coach.

  8. That’s what’s up that makes me feel a whole lot better to know that now.


  10. Yeah and I had alot of respect for garcia before he started crying after the game like a female because they lost,he might as well put on a half shirt, but I was digging that too.

  11. I was wondering if I was the only one who noticed that,that chick was pretty hot.

  12. now we need a hot chick with a half shirt at the forty niners games with the shirt that reads fuck da:packers,cowboys,and cardinals,oh I almost forgot raiders.

  13. I also saw the half shirt, and luckily I have Tivo! Froze it to show the wife that the directer blew it and slipped this 4 letter word by the sensors!

  14. no man i noticed too,that chick was pretty hottoo. thats why i noticed the tee shirt in the begining of the game before they had a chance to bler it out.

  15. and ryan,i would like it if we did sign adalius thomas.but i think we are already set at linebackers. wont be surprised if we didnt get a high prised linebacker .we got brandon moore on one side and manny lawson on the other.what we need is a couple of middle linebackers.plummer is up in age and showed it this year.and he can blame his eyes,i work with a bar tender who has lazy eyes and he doesnt drop an ounce of booze at all.and jeff ulbrich is too slow and already thirty.and dont forget we did draft,parys haralson.this year ,i think we will get defensive tackles,ends,corners and safties.and on offense it will get dept at offensive tackle and hopefully a replacement at right tackle and a couple of wide receivers .

  16. I agree Jerry, we are set, but we need a leader. Right now, who is the niners leader on defense? Bryant Young? He is great, but his time is coming very soon. Adalius would be perfect to take over a young defense and get them nasty. All of our picks…Haralson and Lawson are great…Moore has really stepped it up, but we are going for the 3-4. So, we need one more linebacker, one who has veteran leadership, and will take control. Right now, we don’t have anyone doing that. Young talent is great, but sometimes they make mistakes due to having too little experience. Adalius Thomas is a perfect fit. Dereck Smith was the weak link along with Ulbrich…I don’t blame them for that because they were all we had for the last couple of years. They have been ran into the ground.

  17. B. Moore more of a inside LB…. We need A. Thomas on the outside with Lawson… keep Moore an D. Smith in the inside and run the 3/4

  18. I hate to rain on anyone’s parade, but according to the other 49er website I view on Adalius Thomas is probably going to get the franchise tag…they were going over the math and the fact that the ravens are trying to get rid of Jamal Lewis and they say that the ravens are going to tag him. The NINERS also signed a lease extension up to 2013 today at monser park…thought you all would like to know.

  19. maybe they will try to match the ravens offer,like minnesota did with seatle with steve hutchinson.

  20. well i knew they(the ravens)werent gonna give him(adalius thomas) up with out a fight.but i dont beleave anything till it is set in stone.but i knew it.

  21. I hope you are right.

  22. if we do that.the person above me.then that would cost the niners a first round pick.i have the same feeling that the bills will put the tag on nate clements too.

  23. Yeah I noticed that she was hot to but our chick with the half niners shirt looks better and I’m not saying that because she has a 49ers shirt on, she can wear the shirt that you’re talking about with fuck da packers, cowboys cardinals raiders and don’t forget the rams and seahawks.

  24. Adalius Thomas isn’t worth a 1st round pick. I personally want Lance Briggs, but he’ll probably resign with the Bears to stay with Urlacher. Cato June is still a possibility, along with London Fletcher to get those young kids going.

  25. So I noticed some comments on his lack of experience with D-Line and just with O-Line. I don’t mind that at all, since he knows exactly what he’s up against and how to break it down. It’s like building a wall, you know how to build it and you know how to break it down. Plus, his lack of NFL experience…eh, big deal, how does that differ from collegiate coaches? We’ll see how he turns out I guess, but hopefully they help him out by giving him a couple more studs to work with up front.

  26. his profile said the his defensive lines were always solid, and he has head ccaching experience… i think it was a great hire.

  27. I wanna know who the hell was visiting the Frankfurt Galaxy’s website. lol

  28. We should sign Ben Taylor, Tully Banta-Cain, Kawika Mitchel, Nate Clements, Cory Redding, Terdell Sands, and Draft LaRon Landry from LSU, LaMarr Woodley from Michigan, and H.B. Blade from Pitsburgh and our Defense would be set

  29. ACCORDING 2 SFGATE.COM……..Jim Tomsula, the coach of NFL Europe’s Rhein Fire, was hired Tuesday as the 49ers’ defensive line coach.

    “I’m so excited, I wish I was out there right now in the grass coaching,” Tomsula said from his home in Florida.

    After spending nearly a decade coaching defensive lines, coordinating defenses and being a head coach in NFL Europe, Tomsula is overjoyed to be with the 49ers.

    “I’m from western Pennsylvania,” he said. “It’s always the Pittsburgh Steelers, but it’s also where Joe Montana came from. I’ve always admired the 49ers.”

    When he was younger, Tomsula watched the defenses of Mike Nolan when Nolan was a coordinator with the Redskins and Ravens. Tomsula also kept close tabs on the 49ers when he coached the Fire.

    Last spring, three of the 49ers’ offensive linemen, guard Tony Wragge, tackle Harvey Dahl and practice-squad member Sam Wilder, played for the Fire.

    Tomsula is an adherent of the 3-4 defense, a scheme he adopted for most of his seasons with NFL Europe. The 49ers would like to move to a 3-4 if they get the right players in free agency and the draft.

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