Jerry Rice Talks Shit

Here is a full article written by Bob Padecky from the Press Democrat. All I have to say is, well I’m speechless.

— Jerry Rice’s book was released Tuesday and the quickest review is this: Rice and John York won’t be sharing a pizza any time soon.

Not that the 49ers’ owner is the only target of the former wide receiver. Rice also took his shots at Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, John Taylor, Bill Romanowski, Warren Sapp, Alex Smith, Norv Turner, Shaun Alexander and, last but certainly not least, Barry Bonds, of all people.

Yes, many tender moments dot the pages of “GO LONG! My Journey Beyond the Game and the Fame.”

It is not a classic tell-all, slam-all autobiography that scorches reputations. Rice has fond words for his family, Bill Walsh, Joe Montana, Steve Young, Eddie DeBartolo and Ronnie Lott, and he speaks reverently and with humility of his hard scrabble Mississippi beginnings.

He goes back and forth on Al Davis, Jon Gruden and his father. But without much compromise, Rice throws some heavy punches at the 10 people listed in the first paragraph.

Rice was nobody’s fool as a player. He kept his tongue in check for most of his 21-year career, understanding performance, not oratory, was his occupation. Now retired, Rice has taken the muzzle off, releasing his inner diva. It is that persona which emerges from the book. At times unforgiving, relentless or direct, Rice doesn’t mince words.

It is those words that will be displayed now, with a short rebuttal following.

“As for the San Francisco 49ers I don’t see a bright future the way things are going now. I know the players on the roster are merely OK. Young quarterback Alex Smith is overrated and is not the next great 49ers QB.”

Could Rice be trapped into comparing Smith to Montana and Young?

“John York, the current owner, is more interested in marketing and promotional opportunities than he is in bringing top-flight players to San Francisco.”

York honored Rice at home Nov.19 at halftime of the Seahawks game. Apparently, it didn’t make much of an impression.

“If Randy Moss had the drive to be great, he could be the greatest wide receiver ever to play the game – he’s that good. His size and speed and ability to get open make him virtually untouchable. But Randy is more of a follower than a leader, and plays up to his abilities only when he wants to, and those two characteristics will prevent him from ever reaching his potential.”

Rice nailed Moss perfectly.

“He (Bill Romanowski) was very laid-back when he first entered the NFL. But after Bill left the 49ers … he turned from Bill to ‘Romo.’ He began taking pills and supplements and it changed his physique and his psyche. When we reunited in Oakland, I didn’t know this guy anymore. He literally scared me. His muscles had exploded, his eyes looked bigger and his temper on the game field and in practice was uncontrollable.”

In the book, the only other person who intimidated Rice was his father, who was not on steroids.

“John (Taylor) is the extreme example of someone who could perform without real practice. Just imagine how much better he could have been had he believed in Practice = Play. He could have been great; instead he was just good.”

Rice has no forgiveness for someone who fell below his all-consuming dedication.

“Norv (Turner, then-coach of the Raiders) was never really head coach material … He couldn’t control the players and guys like Charles Woodson walked all over him. Woodson routinely showed up for practice and meetings when he felt like it, along with some teammates.”

Turner still has the tread marks on his forehead to prove it.

“We (Raiders in Super Bowl) weren’t prepared, we weren’t ready and we weren’t focused. So when the opportunity came to speak up, I did … I could tell by their body language they weren’t interested (listening). … seemed to take the loss as just another regular-season game. They were just happy to have made the Super Bowl, apparently.”

An Al Davis team, not ready to play? Who would ever have thought that?

“(Terrell Owens’) problem, like so many other good players, is the attitude. I wonder how much better he could be if he just stuck to football, not entertainment. If you cross Terrell, he can’t ever seem to let it go … Doesn’t Terrell realize he’s a role model to all of the kids watching him?”

Jerry, the man doesn’t care.

“But has Peyton (Manning) won a very big game? Until he does, I won’t consider him a great quarterback.”

It’s a fair comment.

“When he (Donovan McNabb, Eagles quarterback) had a chance on the biggest stage – the Super Bowl – he wilted. Great players play their best in the biggest games. He didn’t. He made bad decisions and it cost his team.”

Is there something personal going on between McNabb and Rice?

“I can’t put him (Seattle running back Shaun Alexander) up there with the best. A lot of his teammates don’t feel he is of the highest caliber and do not believe he is a leader – a characteristic that all the greats have.”

Is there something personal going on between Alexander and Rice?

“But I thought what Warren did was wrong and uncalled for. The fact that he held onto my facemask instead of letting go makes me think it was intentional. Warren knew (it was wrong). It pissed me off … It still upsets me (Sapp’s tackle in 1997 tore Rice’s two knee ligaments.)”

In this instance, Rice is like Terrell Owens. He can’t seem to let go. Understandably.

“I think the San Francisco organization was thinking with their wallets, not their heads, and liked the promotional and commercial implications of my return on that Monday night despite the risks to me. (Rice broke a bone in his knee in a December 1997 game, trying to return from the ligament injury).”

Rice seems to be thinking with his heart here, not his head.

“I wonder how Tom (Brady, New England quarterback) would do without a great team behind him.”

The same thing could be said about Montana or Young.

“I would get my revenge on players who talked smack not only by sticking it to them in the game but by taking away their pride and confidence. Just thinking about them painfully watching the game film the next day brought a smile to my face as we won the game.”

He may have not displayed publicly Ronnie Lott’s ruthlessness, but Rice was every bit as merciless.

“Maybe whipping them like my father did to me was not the best way to teach them. Maybe I neglected them at a time when I should have been there.”

It’s not every day a prominent athletes bares his personal warts.

“To this day, I never believed I was the best receiver ever.”

No problem, Jerry. Everyone else did.

“Taking nothing away from Steve (Young), of course, who proved that he is among the NFL’s best, but if I had a choice of quarterbacks to be behind center in a big game, there was no question it would be Joe (Montana).”

Joe would also say the same thing about you and wide receivers.

“As athletes we know exactly what we are putting into our bodies, which is why I had to smirk when I read that Barry Bonds made statements that he didn’t know what his trainers were giving him in response to steroid-use allegations related to the now-infamous BALCO investigation. C’mon, he knew exactly what he was doing.”

Nah, it was all Greg Anderson’s fault, and Mark Sweeney’s, and probably the plumber, too.

“If reading my journey has inspired you at all – even just a little – then let me know. That’s the most gratifying thing to me.”

Yes, Jerry, your book will not go unnoticed. Any day now you should be getting a love letter from, well, pick a name. Any name.


~ by 49ersNews on January 18, 2007.

41 Responses to “Jerry Rice Talks Shit”

  1. I feel sorry about this…

    It’s sad when a living legend talks bullshit thus losing a lot of respect…

    He’s the best receiver, maybe the best player ever but he’s also the one who once lobbied for Steve Bono to be the starter over Steve Young…

  2. Holy shit theres not gonna be too many that talk to him any more, especially what he said bout Steve Young

  3. Don’t kid yourself, everyone who played with Rice knew he had all this in him. He did a great job of acting correct and saying and doing the right things in public, but he has every bit the attitude issues that seem to go along with being a great receiver. He just only showed it in the locker room and meeting rooms.

  4. Eh, he’s entitled to his opinion. Some points are pretty valid. Just bear in mind, because he’s the greatest receiver doesnt mean every word of his is unquestionable genius. How does he know Smith will not be a great QB? How does anyone know? He was paid to go out there, run-and-catch and that’s it. He wasnt hired to evaluate or make personnel decisions.

    My impression of Jerry is just wants to remain in the spotlight. He doesnt want to just retire and never be heard from again. That’s why he did Dancing with the Stars and writes books and makes all these public appearances. He can’t let it go.

  5. Jerry was a great player, maybe the greatest wide reicever to ever play. With that said he is no better than Owens, Moss, Romanowski or any other player that write, say or do something to stay in the lime light wether good or bad…..

  6. Sigh…. I would have liked to hold him forever on a pedestal. The cardboard cutout, the framed signed jersey, the signed helmet, and other memorabilia hanging in my pool room. He always kept it in the locker room, like it should be. To talk about it to sell a book is just wrong in my opinion.
    Doesn’t sound anywhere near as bad as Conseco, though…I’m surprised he didn’t get his legs broken…
    Rice will still be the greatest wide receiver to me…

  7. Ahhhhhhh I don’t know what to say about this but Owens Moss Romanowski are who they are and we all know the shit they’ve done but it don’t give Jerry the right to talk shit but at the same time do that gives the right to the media to say what ever they want to say?


  8. Man, why does he rip the organization that believed in him? That is really sad because he really didn’t do much once he left the organization. Granted, he was old when he did, but he talking like he is above a lot of people. Yes, I agree with what he said about most of the players, but why rip the niners? I thought he liked them. I know Alex Smith isn’t going to be Joe, but who is? RELAX RICE, everyone’s time comes and goes. Your did the same, but at least have the class to not rip your team…you know….the one who drafted you in the 121st round.

  9. at least rice waited till he retired to say this stuff,i beleave most of jerry rice said is true.about bill romanowski,randy moss,terrell owens and donavan mcnabb.and i would take montana over young any day!and what he said about york true before this year we didnt get any big free agents,we got good ones but no great ones.and all they have been consentrating on is getting a new stadium.and jerry rice has been around all these players behind closed i applause him on having anough balls to say what he said. and too me mcnabb is nothing more than an mommas boy and andy reid ass kisser.he choked(threw up)in the big game when it most least he waited to say what was really on his mind afrer he retired and sometimes the truth hurts.and at least he controled him self when he was on the field.

  10. So I guess according to Jerry it seems like there is not one great player in the NFL right now. Shawn Alexander, Manning, Owens, Brady, etc.

    Somebody must’ve needed some money. Didn’t he already write a book like 10 years ago?

  11. and maybe he said that about alex smith to make him to do a better far alex smith only plays one quarter of a game a week the other 3 he disapears in.let the truth be told!!!!!

  12. I’m disappointed. I could understand getting on a few athletes for being a-holes or cheaters, but why even bring up other names, like Brady? Jerry is my favorite player, but who WOULD do good without a good team? Imagine Jerry without Montana and Young all those years, think about it, this book may have never even been made, or his his career for that matter.

    All-in-all, he’s still the best, but remember people…he DID go the Raiders…

  13. Does anyone really disagree with anything he said. I think this is good — RIce is the best player ever and has the right to spout off. Go him!


  15. Don Hutson never wrote a book like this.

  16. who is don hutson?

  17. this is sort of disappointing, especially him making evaluations about guys like smith. He doesn’t know smith, he is not a talent scout. You would think he would like a guy like smith, someone who works as hard as he did. I was really psyched when he was on daily show and he came off really nice and such. But then i find out this is what his book is about. Ah well.

  18. thanks for the memories jerry but your a fucking asshole. doggy john taylor? steve young? brady? even giving up on alex smith in less than a season (im sure this wasnt written yesterday) and sayinbg he wont be great. then degrading our whole team from top to bottom. he has been a classless asshole since he left the niners. i hope he said somethimng about ronnie lott and ronnie decks his ass. u fell off big time in my book jerry. it seams like the great ones become assholes. montana, rice arguably the 2 greatest ever have shown that they are egotistical assholes. steve young, john taylor will always be loved because of their loyalty and support to our beloved team.all i can say is asshole!!!

  19. There would have been no point in Jerry doing the book if he wasn’t willing to share his true feelings about some rather sensitive subjects. There are so many books by athletes that are muted and watered down, and as a result, are totally uninteresting. Jerry strikes me as a guys who is not going to do something half-assed just to make a buck and I respect him more for it. You can disagree with Jerry’s opinions but you can’t deny his opinions are pretty fascinating.

  20. im actualy on my way now to the book store to get it.jerry rice going long i think is the name of after i read the hole book i will comment on it instead of just reading a half of put together negitave page!!!!

  21. After reading what Rice had to say, some of it I understand and some I dont. What Rice said about York, Bonds, Moss, Romo, Owens, the Raiders and Shaun Alexander in my opinion, are simply obvious to most fans. What was sad to me is what was said about John Taylor who I felt was one of the most underrated recievers in his era and beyond. I do however understand how most everyone would come up short in thier efforts to fill Rice’s own work ethic and Montana’s legacy. And as far as Tom Brady is concerned and as much as I dont want it to happen. Brady (and his good or not so good teams are knocking on the door to everything I hold sacred to Montana and the 49ers.

  22. and the thing with tom brady as one of the best comeback player is the kicker adam vinatieri is the best comeback player brady never threw a fucking touch down to win the superbowl.until he does he will alway be over rated to me.and NO MANNING has never won a superbowl. i hope payton does(i always like to vote for the under dog)they are over what jerry rice said was true.

  23. wow this is so werid i would never have thought he would say this

  24. Maybe Jerry and OJ can write a book together “If I was smart I wouldn’t talk it”.

  25. Maybe Jerry and OJ can write a book together “If I was smart I wouldn’t talk about it”.

  26. why did jerry rice get away with murder too.

  27. You guys sound like you are 12 years old. Do any of you even remember Jerry Rice? What has he said that can really be disagreed with? Practice does = Performance. Montana was the greatest QB Rice ever played with. Moss and Alexander are obviously not leaders. Sapp did the wrong thing. Bonds is lying. York is a marketer more than a football guy. Etc, etc.

    Are you really surprised that the greatest WR of all time is opinionated, difficult, and egotistical?

    And comparing Rice to OJ is criminal. Think before you write.

  28. Yeah he just murdered his rep with this book! I always thought of him as a team guy but apparently not.

  29. Damn, well if that’s how he realy feels…At least we now know what the pride and joy of the 49ers organization is really like.

  30. man I don’t like this one bit,the best wide reciever to play the game,a hero to so many 49er jerry, people like me who grew up watching you and being the best and showing so much class when you played,it’s just dissapointing when you say things about your former teamates and the team that you help become a dynasty.I agree with you 100% on what you said about T.O. and moss and manning and the raiders,but man don’t talk shit about your own team.that’s just not’s just not cool when the best and classiest football player ever makes T.O. seem like less than an asshole.but jerry im willing to forgive you,by the way, you did go to the raiders.

  31. non of this is bull shit i beleave every word jerry rice is saying.every person he has talked about,he has been on there team and seen the crap behind closed doors.he has been with,the 49ers the raiders and seatle.everybody knows,so far,the mannings never win the big game and brady never threw a winning touchdown in a to compare brady to montana and elway is bullshit.and any of you that dont beleave jerry rice,are in denial or dont know what the fuck your talking about.

  32. Jerry Rice’s opinions are sort of like the opinions of a friends. Even though you really like your friend you will still disagree with them sometimes and think that your friend is not always right. As is Mr. Rice. Certainly he made some points, but those were obvious and stated a million time by everyone else (T.O. and Moss), but there are a few items that are kind of in the ‘WTF?’ department. For instance:

    -His thoughts on Alex Smith. I could see saying that about an experienced guy 5 or 6 years in, but a guy that has only started one season with a young team in the middle of rebuilding. That’s like telling the parent’s of a 10 year old Einstein that their kid is an idiot and will never be smart. Could Rice be right? Maybe. But come on…it’s still too early.

    -In regards to the John Taylor statement, to me it just sounds like someone has a superiority complex. Let the stats show, we get it Jerry, you are the better receiver, we all know that.

    -He talks down on Tom Brady, but name one QB that has one a Super Bowl without a good team surrounding him. If anything I give Tom Brady a tad bit more credit than most for winning 3 rings in the age of the salary cap. Also, if he’s not any good than who the hell is? Does that mean there only exists 3 good QB’s and the rest all suck? Give me a break.

    Overall, this book was meant for one thing and one thing only: ATTENTION. But who can blame the guy? How could you go from not only the greatest receiver, but arguably the greatest player at that time to just some retired guy? When you have the spotlight on you for that long, I’m sure it gets lonely when the light goes out and when the light goes out people get desperate in the darkness to turn it back on. I still love the guy and he will always be my favorite player EVER (he WAS the one that made me a football fan to begin with), but eh…could have done without this, but nobody is perfect.

  33. I agree with the Tom Brady statement you made, but I think Joe had to do more for his team when he won his rings…Brady had a defense that made KEY STOPS all the time…Joe really didn’t. Lott did his part to intercept passes, but they didn’t have the D line that the Patriots had(sorry if I pissed anyone off with that statement). Brady is a little bit more of beneficiery of the system than Joe was.



  36. I guess the point I was trying to make with Brady is that I guess, according to Jerry Rice and the guy above me, there is only one great QB…Montana. That’s absurd, he might be the GREATEST, but he’s not the ONLY great QB. Football is a team sport, not an indivual sport. Brady did his part as the QB to get the kicker in distance. If the mentality was THROW, THROW, THROW, then the league would not have a running back or a kicker. Brady is great, Elway is great, Favre is great, Young is (definately) great and I guess the list can go on. ‘Great’ QB’s are team leaders and winners. Stats can sometimes be thrown out the window and how they win might too. In the end it’s all about the ‘W’. Brady is a great and besides Favre, he is the closest thing we have to a QB legend playing today. (By the way: Fuck Manning)

    I don’t understand why you are getting so upset. If you read my large post a few up, I am in defense of Jerry for the most part. It’s not like I am any less of a fan.

  37. yeah thats trueabout brady,the only person I see winning the games for the patriots was adam vinaterri,I guess the PATS are SOL this year.

  38. I am interested in hearing Rice’s thoughts on former and present players. His statement regarding Romanowski turning into a steroid monster is true. Also, his comments regarding Moss and Owens abilities are interesting and accurate. It is hardly egotistical to state these receivers have more physical talent then he, but lack the discipline. Furthermore, Sapp’s disgraceful grab and yank facemask should be remembered. That hit was so egregious it could have led to a broken neck or paralysis.

  39. Thanks for making all those comments Jerry..and taking the time to write your book. In between cheating on your wife who had cancer and going to all those massage parlors that you were caught in..and the public quickly covered up.

    Thanks for the role modeling. Also thanks for hitting on all the girls at Peninsula Athletic club in San Carlos where you frequent to get your blonde and asian fetishes on when you’re wife’s away.

    Thanks for going to the clubs at the pro bowl..when I saw you wisk away in a rental car w/3 girls in a caddillac and your wife looked the other way.

    He who has not blemish throw the first stone.

    Nice throwing Jerry. Hope you can catch stones as well as footballs.

  40. Though I have not had a chance to read his book, yet, it does sadden me to think that Jerry would go out of his way to name individuals past and present that he shared the field with. The man laid it all out on the field, every game, and there really is no need to scar his respectability and greatness with some lip service. Jerry, I know that you are probably bored, but please don’t let your angst diminish our image of #80.

  41. […] Jerry Rice Talks Shit | – 18/1/2007 · 40 Responses to “Jerry Rice Talks Shit” I feel sorry about this… It’s sad when a living legend talks bullshit thus losing a lot of respect…… […]

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