Nolan Pick Up the Phone…

Update 10:28am: Well so much for that Chris Mortensen is reporting that LeBeau will stay on as Steelers defensive coordinator.

07:16am – and call Dick LeBeau.

It’s official the Steelers have hired Vikings defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin to replace Bill Cowher and with that hire Dick LeBeau is most likely out of a job. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette is reporting this.

The hiring of Mr. Tomlin will represent a radical change in at least the way the Steelers play defense. Mr. Tomlin has coached a 4-3 defense in Minnesota and is a proponent of the Cover-2 or Tampa-2 style. Dick LeBeau, in his second tenure as the Steelers’ defensive coordinator, is unlikely to remain in that capacity under a head coach who believes in the 4-3 defense.

So Nolan is you are reading this pick up the phone call LeBeau and give him anything he wants. Throw buttloads of money his way, a few complimentary Senior breakfasts from Denny’s, a lifetime of Depends, and Geritol. Because at 70 years old LeBeau may not want to make the trek over to the West Coast, but if you sweeten the deal, maybe just maybe you can coax him to the 49ers.

I know it’s a pipe dream and I’m setting myself up for a letdown, but damn if Nolan could pull this off I’ll name my next born after him.

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~ by 49ersNews on January 22, 2007.

13 Responses to “Nolan Pick Up the Phone…”

  1. Hey Erickson… realistically, do we have a shot or is retirement an option for LeBeau? If this actually happens, we would arguably have one of the best coaching units in the league, right?

  2. I doubt this will happen at all. I can’t believe he’ll come to the West at this age. I guess he’ll retire

  3. Yeah they have a shot, but it is a loooonngggg shot. With his age and everything. I seriously doubt he makes it to the West Coast. But we can still hope.

    I see Nolan/Singletary coaching DC this season and Nolan will look again during the 2008 offseason.

  4. Chris Mortenson reported that LeBeau will stay.

  5. What are our other options? Because I wouldn’t exactly jump for joy if Mike Singletary took over as DC.

  6. Nolan lunched if he would have pushed at lebeau then maybe lebeau would have changed his mind but I bet you he never even picked up the damn phone,see this is the shit I hate,when somebody like that is out there you push no be conservative about it.

    So I guess it’s going to be singletary!

  7. its gonna be too much of a efford to try. so forget it nolan will have a better chance of hiring one of one sence j.rice is right we never get any big free agents.if someone dont fall into there laps then they give up,just ask the bills about clements trade.if it takes efford forget it.and why do they have there scouts out so long scouting free agents,its because they are looking for the best fit!thats what they will say,but it really comes to who ever the cheapest is the cheapest we will get.just like our defensive line coach he was probley cheap and thats why we got him.

  8. Cheap my ass…I’m really getting sick and tired of people saying the 49ers are cheap. Look around at some of the contracts on the team. Derek Smith, BY, Smith, Davis, Jennings, Bryant, Turner just to name a few. All are getting paid serious cash. 49ers are far from cheap. Quit reading those DumpYork sites and reading articles in the Chronicle.

  9. we will end up with singletary!maybe we will run a old bears defense style what is it?i think it is 4-6.thats what the ravens run now so follow them again.

  10. jennings injury prone,derick smith- no one else wants.smith you have to pay big money because of being a nuber one over all pick.and davis a top ten pick who you have to pay the money too.turner didnt want to move out of the bay area and bryant doesnt have a contract right efford ,no superbowl.plain and simple!

  11. u dont know what ur talking about. stop posting until ur well-informed.

  12. I think we need to get the right DC before the senior bowl…that is really important. At this point I would have to go with Singletary or ….This is way random….we could go after Michigan’s DC…they run the 3-4. Henderson has the taint of Millen on him. I would never touch anything that Matt Millen thought could work.

  13. Ryan…the staff is already in Mobile for the Senior Bowl. Highly doubt DC is in place before the weekend. And it wasn’t Millen who thought Henderson could work. Marinelli brought him in and both he and Henderson knew the Lions gig was temporary because Marinelli wanted Barry all along, but the Bucs denied permission last season. But if Henderson was going to be DC, he would have been hired by now. Most likely they’ll go Singletary/Nolan as DC and if it doesn’t work out how Nolan would like it this season. Start shopping again in the 2008 offseason.

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