Showing Norv the Money

Ed Werder of ESPN is reporting that the 49ers are offering Norv Turner a lucrative incentive package in his contract in a bid to persuade him to remain and continue developing quarterback Alex Smith, rather than interviewing for the Dallas Cowboys’ head-coaching position, according to sources.

Turner is set to meet with Jerry Jones sometime after the Senior Bowl on Saturday.

[Reason #4958 to Hate the Cowboys]
[Cowboys to Come Calling for Norv?]


~ by 49ersNews on January 26, 2007.

15 Responses to “Showing Norv the Money”

  1. at least there trying to keep norv turner and not just letting him go without a fight!

  2. Now people can stop calling John York cheap…. I’m really getting sick of that.

  3. good, offer him big money,I dont think it will top the money jerry jones is willing to offer.

  4. one thing I don’t get is they are trying to bring norv turner to dallas to help develop tony romo,Isn’t tony romo a pro-bowler?it doesnt seem to me that tony is struggling, and he needs help.I think we all know alex smith needs norv most of all,unless norv is brought in to help tony romo catch the snap…ha ha faggot dallas…silver and blue is for fags

  5. this whole turner might go to dallas thing really makes you forget about the whole jerry rice talks shit post.whoever is posting these, post something that isn’t heartbreaking ok,I dont care if you have to make something up,for example:the whole dallas cowboys team including jerry jones died in a horrible plane crash when the dallas plane collided with the LA dodgers plane killing them all!!

  6. Classy guys. Real classy.

  7. I honestly believe Norv will remain with the 49ers… Not only is this the area he grew up in, his family resides here as well. He also has stated he is very happy and comfortable here. Its also nice he will be getting a raise and know how much he is wanted and respected on this team as well from the fans. Norv has been a huge difference maker on this team and I cant wait and see what his offense brings next year.

  8. But if he leaves, I say…… FUCK YOU BITCH!….

  9. Regardless of whether he leaves or not, I’ll still hate the Cowgirls just as much

  10. Real classy indeed………

  11. let him go and then move on to another offensive cordinator and another and another………………….

  12. Since when are the Dallas Cowboys an ex example of pure class and a model fan base. Give me a break.

  13. how come dallas doesnt have to play in mexico or in canada.there americas team?

  14. well turd you answered your own question. Because Mexico and Canada aren’t America.

  15. why is there a dallas fan on here….it’s probably T.O. hey T.O. learn how to catch the ball and shut your mouth

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