Norv to be Offered Cowboys Job…

Update: 01.29.07 — According to Chris Mortensen, Norv Turner may be announced as the Dallas Head Coach by/on Wednesday.


01.28.07 — Per a source close to the situation (not my usual source.) Jerry Jones will offer the Cowboys head coaching gig to Norv Turner. It will come down to Turner in the end. Stay in San Francisco or coach ‘America’s Team’ the Cowboys. Reports are that the ties Turner has to the organization then and now was the reason for him as the replacement for Parcells. If Turner accepts, which signs are pointing that he will, an announcement is expected sometime on Monday at the earliest.


~ by 49ersNews on January 29, 2007.

30 Responses to “Norv to be Offered Cowboys Job…”

  1. finely now we just have till tommarow!

  2. i rarely dont say anything on this sight.but this coming up year really depends on Alex Smith.we already got the running game now we got to focus on the passing game.and who ever we get got to focus on the passing game.and just like someone else said on this sight before. we need to put some presure on Alex Smith and see what he is REALLY made of.montana was presured by young all the time.

  3. montana was not pressured by young all the time. Young was on the bench for 1-2 years behind them, then montana got himself hurt and Young took the job.

  4. alex if intelligent should adapt to any coach he is paid millions to win.not kindergaten scholar, draft okoye merriweather abiamiri and eric wadle 1 2 3 3 etc.

  5. Bleh.. Norv has not done a good job as a head coach in the past. Most of his glory comes from his job as offensive coordinator for teams, just look at how he took care of the Raiders. If he goes, it will be more of a lost to San Francisco then a gain for the Cowboys, which is sad for me as a 49ers fan. But if he goes, i will take pleasure in watching the Cowboys go 4-12 and see TO tearing him a new one.

  6. I’ll wait for a real source…..

  7. so youre telling me there was no competion between montana and young.

  8. screw the “boys”

  9. Arock…you do that.

  10. Hey… if your right, then you got some great resources. If not, then my hunch that he’ll stay just keeps me safe and warm.

  11. how could young presure montana he won 4 SB would ve won 3 n a row if he didnt get hurt, if it wasnt for dat young would ve never made to da hall, and if turner leaves I would like to get CJ in the draft, jerry had a rookie 1,000 yrd rec. in AZ he can do the same with us!!!

  12. if you ever watch the story of joe montana,he said he felt every year that he had to fight to keep his job becauce he had steve young looking over his shoulder.who knew montana was going to get hurt.and thats what you call a real competiter.same with jerry rice,yes he is the best but he felt he had to compete for his job every year never hear alex smith say he feels like he has to compete for his job.maybe we should get drew new england and in dallas there back ups are now all pros now ask tom brady and tony romo.

  13. This guy is ridiculous!!!! How could he ditch ALex Smith like this. I respect Norv but this is a little too much.

  14. Alright Erikson I believe it now… After reading this, Fuck Turner… Fuck em’

  15. And why would Nolan interview Greg Manusky when he has only coached in the NFL 6 years, when Singletary is here now and has only 2 years less. Both are LB’s coaches. Plus the players have nothing but respect for Singletary. ???????

  16. i think it would be great to give singletary the defensive cordinator job.but bring some one else in for offensive cordinator.we need new coaches for new ideas to keep the offense rolling.the reason they are bring in greg manusky is becauce nolan knows him from there days in washington.

  17. next year let bryant young retire and he can be our defesive cord!

  18. well if turner goes to dallas .then dallas has an inside look at the draft too.

  19. Yow know, as much as it would suck for Turner to leave, at least it gives me the warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing that the Cowboys will be heading right back into the toilet where they belong with him as their coach. Oh, well. He was a great coordinator. And, hopefully something happens that will keep him with us. But, if not, there are other fish in the sea. I just hope Nolan can come up with something. I’m not so sure about Jerry Sullivan, either…

  20. I hope Turner has the luck he has had in Washington and Oakland. I have accepted the fact that he is going to leave. York needs to pick up the phone and call Joe “cool” Montana and ask him to work with Smith this offseason. Sullivan will then be the play caller in the same offense. We win anyway. The run game is only going to get better next year.

    What Nolan needs to do is hurry up and promote Singletary to DC or he is going to leave soon.

  21. it says sometime monday at the earliest,how come we are still waiting !! I guess he didn,t take the job.

  22. we need to get brady quinn,that’ll put some pressure on alex smith.screw drew bledsoe,that guy is a quitter,he just stands there and takes the sack,why do you think romo starts?

  23. Ron Bergundy…check the update I just added to this post. Mort is now confirming my initial reports.

  24. well thank you my good man for the update.stay classy.

  25. shit mike singletargy is getting interviewed now

  26. Matt Maiocco is reporting that Mike Singletary is interviewing for the job tomorrow. Why would Dallas interview Singletary if they have all ready picked their new head coach?

  27. Herd….Rooney Rule.

  28. All Def. minded coachs except Norv…. dont make no sense… it is what it is

  29. 9ers still finna b coo… to many catz running scared on this site…let tyme take it place an keep rollin wit da 9ers n a positive way…. catz wanna give up already


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