Singletary to Interview for Dallas Job

The Dallas Star-Telegram is reporting that Mike Singletary is scheduled to interview with Jerry Jones for the Cowboys head coaching job. For those that want Singletary to stick around, don’t worry about this interview. It’s clear that Jones is abding to the Rooney Rule. There were mentions that Jones was going to talk to the commish to see if his head coaching search met all the parameters.

Which with reports that Turner is a slam-dunk this is a slap in the face to Singletary and the NFL.


~ by 49ersNews on January 29, 2007.

20 Responses to “Singletary to Interview for Dallas Job”

  1. erickson u r right, this is a slap in the face!

  2. If this is the case that Jones is only interviewing Mike Singletary to fill the quota of interviewing a minority and turns around and hires Turner the next day then the NFL should come down on Jones. Thats totally f-ed up and if I was Singletary I’d be pissed!

  3. of course they did interview Bowles the DB’s coach in Dallas who is a minority, which meets the criteria to the Rooney Rule, this is still crap and everyone knows it.

  4. jerry jones might as well take nolan too.what the hell!than you can have our whole staff!

  5. i guest there new head coach turner had suggested singletary! next they are gonna take our draft picks…..

  6. i hate the cowboys

  7. Fuck the Cowboys

  8. I can’t wait to go fuck up the Cowboys organization like I fucked up the Raiders and foreskins. T.O. will never give me a headache for he is a model professional athlete who always puts the team first. 49ers fans, KISS MY ASS! I’m going to go win a super bowl with future hall-of-famer Tony Homo err Romo!

  9. USA Today said Turner wants Singletary to be his DC for the Cowboys. Jones interviewing him is just a ploy to rape us of Singletary. If this happens it is really a kick in the balls!

  10. Here’s the link

  11. TJ…don’t worry about it. If Nolan feels Singletary is an asset and does not want to lose him he’ll promote Mike to DC and tell the Cowboys to piss off. The only way Mike can become DC is if he is granted permission for that position and the 49ers do not have to give it.

  12. Classy or not classy I dont give a FUCK! FUCK JERRY JONES! FUCK NORV TURNER! FUCK TERREL OWENS! FUCK THAT WHOLE FUCKING ORGANIZATION!!!!!! I vow to prey every night before I lay my head down to sleep, that Norv “Fuck” Turner justs fucks that shit up,,,,,, and fucks it up hard……

  13. he hasn’t left yet man. Also just to let you in on a little secret…there is no god and praying does nothing

  14. looks like we are getting gutted by dallas,fuck rules i hope we bitch slap or pistle whip the cowboys and leave them burning on there star.

  15. dallass is only gutting themselves by making norv turner the head coach.jerry jones is an idiot,god he is so stupid,did he know norv sucks at head coach?well I’ll guess he’ll find out when his team gos 4-12,and the niners win the devision.and yes I hope nolan pistle whips the shit out of norv turner

  16. we are all forggetting who started this mess,BILL PARCELLS,if old man boobs didn’t retire turner would still be with us right now and he would probably retire with if any body see’s bill walking around outside or something do us all a favor and pistle whip him in his giant man boobies and knee him in the balls and yell “TUNA SALAD BITCH”

  17. This is not a slap in the face of the league. The whole point is to get minority candidates an interview, and Singletary is getting one. In fact this rule has gotten him most of his interviews.

  18. I say pick the best candidate, why look at skin color. That rule is bullshit. Black,white,yellow, or green. The best guy gets the job.

  19. only because of the rule, not because of how good he can coach.

  20. Norv Turner is a fucking sally! I can’t believe this fucking idiot thinks he is a good head coach, when is it going to hit him that he sucks dick at it. He had something going for him here in SF and is throwing that away to go anxiously coach our fucking rivals. He deserves to go burn in hell with Jerry Jones, T.O., and the rest of those faggots in hick town. FUCK THE COWBOYS!

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