Singletary and the Rooney Rule

mike-singletary.pngWell all know Mike Singletary is getting an interview with the Cowboys today and if you’ve read most of the articles on the net you’d see that, like we mentioned yesterday, this is simply Jerry Jones complying with the Rooney Rule.

Now there are other concerns 49er fans have. They are wondering if Jones is bringing in Singletary to try and somehow get him to become defensive coordinator, with Turner as head coach. Since Turner told Jones he has someone in mind as DC, and rumors flied that it was Singletary. Just to clear the air on this matter. The 49ers can block a move to any position other than head coach. So with all reports pointing to Turner as the next Dallas head coach, the only way Singletary could leave and head to Dallas as a defensive coordinator is if Nolan allowed it. Which he won’t.

[Rooney Rule becomes hot topic once again] – San Francisco Chronicle
[Cowboys talking to Singletary today] – Star-Telegram

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22 Responses to “Singletary and the Rooney Rule”

  1. i thought jones did interview a black candidate? and btw: if singletary would be offered the job, nolan must let him go. as far as i know you cannot deny a coach a head coaching job.

  2. hans…I don’t think you are understanding what I’m saying. I’m fully aware that Singletary can leave IF he is picked as HC. I’m pointing out the fact that fans are worried that Singletary will leave to become Dallas’ DC if/when Turner is hired as HC. That is when Nolan telsl Dallas to piss off. Singletary will only leave for a HC job. Nolan can deny the Cowboys if they ask for Mike as DC.

    And yes Jones did interview a black candidate in Bowles, but if you’d read the two articles posted within the blog posting. You’d see that the NFL felt that Jones didn’t give more consideration to outsiders.

    Now do you understand?

  3. jerry jones can suck my dick.. i hate that old geezer

  4. got it now. thx dude.

  5. yeah, I hope Nolan tells Dallas to pull their lip over their head and swallow…

    you should hear what’s really in my head…

  6. freaking dallas, law off our coaches.

  7. not to change the subject,but about the interveiw with greg manusky from the chargers.we are doing the same thing we did with billy davis.billy davis was a linebackers coach in wade phillips system with the falcons with not a lot of signing him would be like signing billy davis.

  8. Indeed, but in the same regards, we had no talent to work with and towards the end Davis actually did half decent with the cast he had to work work. So all in all, just patch up some of the secondary, add another play maker on the line and make sure our depth is legit (CUT SAMMY DAVIS!) and hopefully we’ll be good to go.

  9. Brandon,,,,
    No Nolan had his hand n da play callin towards da end of da session….Manusky would b da same as Davis…. Really dont think we gotta worrie about gettin Manusky as DC

  10. Cowboys turned down Reeves…. for an interview… makes no sense…. if not Reeves den Wade Phillips makes sense to sign

  11. it already looks like they are going to take turner or wade there isnt any reason to say anything on this coment.

  12. when is turner gonna make up his mind?.all the signs point to turner leaving but there is still a chance he could say no.

  13. Fuck the Cowboys, for real.

  14. yeah fuck the cowboys… jerry jones is a little bitch who didn’t even want Romo to start… he’s so involved yet doesn’t even know his players… that faggot no wonder parcells retired

  15. i just hope we know who the cowgirls get soon before the season starts.the jags gave us 24hours to see dave campo.why cant we do the same.

  16. and did anyone else hear that arizona is interested in ravens linebacker a.thomas too.

  17. aww weakkkkkkkk so this means turners gone?

  18. I’ve actually heard some serious talks that the Ravens have no intentions of even letting him go. I’ve heard they are willing to cut Jamal Lewis to retain him. I wouldn’t be surprised, he’s a true difference maker and makes everyone on the field look better.

    I’d have no problem at all letting Norv go…that is, if we get DeMarcus Ware in return.

  19. You all need to learn how to spell! Or at least learn how to speak English. Reading these comments is like looking at a 2nd graders homework.

  20. hey look we got a school teacher on the site.

  21. okay lets kust forget about Turner. Okay so he knew he had to give the ball to frank gore, we can all see that he made a good choice there. Then he knew alex does good on the run so he gave him some plays to go right and half the time nothing happened. Then last he did a reverse every fucking game. Who cares about norv, i know it sucks for alex but if the 9ers get a good OC with an easy system like Turners then were all good, i mean last year i wanted to see more screen passes to vernon cause once he has 2 yards to run he is going all the way to the endzone. I want more complex play calling like New Orleans. Does anyone hear me out, so lets start thinking about jerry sulivian being the OC and what amazing passing plays he can bring to the game. O and its nice to think about some offensive additions when talking about the D….STEINBACH

  22. I’m all for Sullivan too. He deserves a chance to step in and show what he has to offer. Plus, being that his specialty in wide-recievers, hopefully he can put more emphasis on our passing game so that Alex Smith can still continue to adjust and develop at a quick(er) rate. As for Steinbach…hell, I think he could do more for this team than any other free agent out there currently. I’d be more than pleased to hear about him joining us.

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