Gore and His Contract

frank-gore.pngMatt Maiocco has a great writeup talking about Gore and his contract. Basically says that the 49ers control Gore’s rights for the next three years and the money Rosenhaus is seeking will hurt his client more now than later. He is a little of the article, so follow the link at the end for the entire read.

— The 49ers want to sign running back Frank Gore to a contract extension. But they certainly don’t need to get one done.Frank Gore, however, needs a contract extension or he runs the risk of leaving behind a lot of money during his football career.

The 49ers essentially control Gore’s rights for the next three seasons, and there is nothing Gore can do about it.

[Niners Want Contract Extension, Gore Needs It] – Matt Maiocco


~ by 49ersNews on January 31, 2007.

19 Responses to “Gore and His Contract”

  1. can you say ,hold out in the waitings!!!with drew rosenhaus!!!

  2. fuck it….give him the hole 42 million we have!!

  3. just like i said before its all about money.i would give him a pay cut just for that comment on he will gain 2200 yards next year.next year he will be lucky just to last the season with gore saying that.

  4. His attitude alone adds value to the team. Many teamates can learn from his attitude, and hopefully it gets infectious. Look what he does for the Offensive line. They love him. Give him top 8 running back money with injury conditions if that’s at all possible.

  5. Top 5 with injury conditions would even be fine with me. Too bad I’m not in charge over there. 😉

  6. good thing

  7. larry allen gave that line a mean attitude(im just hoping the pass blocking gets better for a.smith).but gore is a good person and a good runner and im hoping this stays positive with drew rosenhaus and he gets his contract he is happy with.

  8. speaking of signing people, and contracts, we should sign Drew Bennet. He is a monster in the red-zone, and he is a great route runner. Just imagine, while Bryant is drawing coverage from deep safties and cornerbacks, Bennet could run short routes. He would be an easy target for Alex Smith. Plus he is 6’5!! I say we sign him to a three year deal. He wont be too expensive either.

    49er for life

  9. Everyone is down on Rosenhaus but he has had a pretty good track record of getting guys into camp. Obviously TO is the exception, but I think Rosenhaus, Gore and the Niners get it done.

    However, the article didn’t address the holdout situation enough.

  10. I AM SHOCKED!! arizona wanted to talk to jerry sullivan and the 49ers denied arizona permistion.

  11. looks like if turner leaves jerry sullivan is our next offensive cordinator.

  12. I just hope we dont hold the franchise doesn’t hold this in front of Gore for too long, it could get ugly. But I think if we play this right, Gore will be a one franchise player.

  13. I just hope the franchise*

  14. We need to take care of our best players if we want to compete in this league. Gore’s mother is a very sick woman and he needs that money much less for himself than for her.

    I know the Yorks will take care of it.

  15. I just pray Gore will not turn out to be another T O. Is money everything to NFL rookies??

  16. ddushy i heard the story on his mom needs a kidney transplant too,my dad just went threw that (kidney transplant)and it isnt cheap.and i hope the best for frank gore and his contract to get done and his mom does good with her illness.

  17. We need to start a “Donate for Frank’s Mom” Fundraiser or something. Then he will def. stay with us. 🙂

  18. They finally have a d-coordinator!! Bee reports that it’s Manusky. I have mixed feelings. Glad it’s over, but who is Manusky?

  19. >

    Yeah, I know next to nothing about him either. I do know that some people expected Nolan to try to talk to Dan Quinn again after he got axed from Miami…

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