The Waiting Game

Well it’s now Wednesday, and Jerry Jones is still dicking around on the whole head coaching thing. The signs are still pointing to Norv as the front runner, but Chris Mortenson is reporting that Mike Singletary had a very impressive interview and met with Jones for over seven hours. Mort also mentionedNorv stated that he was comfortable as the offensive coordinator in San Francisco and would put his family through hardship if he were to move everyone to Texas. Turner also would like more control over personnel decisions within the coaching staff as well as with players. So at this point no one knows what the hell is going on.

It has also been reported that on Thursday, Jones is scheduled to leave for South Florida and the Super Bowl so that could delay the naming of a new head coach until next week. In the meantime the 49ers have to sit and wait to see if they lose any of their coordinators.

Hopefully Nolan already has an OC in mind, if/when Turner decides to take the Cowboys job. Also, after Jones finally decides on his puppet yes man lackey head coach look for Nolan to finally name his DC, reports are Manusky had a very strong interview and at this point a very likely candidate, but it seems Nolan is waiting to see what happens in Dallas first before he names names.


~ by 49ersNews on January 31, 2007.

14 Responses to “The Waiting Game”

  1. this is just great. right when we start improving, dallas totally steals our coaches. parcells should of freaking stayed!

  2. Too bad we dont play the Cowboys next season.

  3. Man, I hope Norv stays…

    About Manuksy…I thought we wanted someone that has actually held a D-coordinator position?

  4. If Singletary had such an impressive interview as a head coach for another team, you think he would be considered more heavily for the coordinator position on the team he has been with. Give it to Singletary already!

  5. I think we can afford to lose Singletary more than we can afford to lose Turner. I wish we could have them both but, we niner fans dont live in a fairy tale anymore. But whatever the case may be Jerry Jones needs to make a decision because im tired of waiting on “Americas Team” who havent gotten passed the NFC wildcard game in 10 years.

  6. Chris…agreed if one of them has to go let it be Singletary. Hell he’s going to leave for a HC very soon anyway. That’s a given.

    Dick…thing is I don’t see Mike getting the DC gig w/49ers mainly because Nolan has to realize Mike will be a HC very soon and why promote him to DC only to turn around and have him searching for yet another DC after Mike leaves. Might as well get someone who will stick around for 3-4 years. Like a Manusky…

  7. My sister is very close with the turner family and last night she went to a going away perty for Norv. Hes gone!

  8. thats a lie man are u serious i was just reading some other bulletins and it said wat things that norv wanted like more personnel control and player control some shit like that i think Norv might of screwed himself saying shit like that to that old geezer JJ hopefully hell stay its not certain just yet!

  9. hey samson i read that too.if we loose singletary,then we have to find a defensive cordinator and a linebacker coach and assistant coach and a mental attitude.if we lose turner we might loose some of our offensive coaches we are going to loss players no matter trying to stay positive,but its hard.we already lost a great special teams coach whos next?

  10. yeah i know this is stupid the niners coaching staff is hot this season the cards wanted to interview sullivan and they were denied, this is fucked up man every year smith has to learn a new system WAT R WE GOIN TO DO GUY?

  11. Dude not kding at all. Im a die hard niner fan and the absolute truth is that my sister went to a going away cocktail party for Norv and his family last night

  12. FUCK MAN FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u know what man fuck that guy its better if he leaves now cause hes gonna get offers every year that he is with us let that bastard go he aint gonna do shit anyway!!!!!!! hes had his chances, Now the question is who r we gonna sign as a OC maybe MOOCH?

  13. well it seems we will have to wait till after the superbowl to find out who dallases head coach is.jerry jones said they will not say till after the superbowl plus might find new canidates for the head coach position.i think they are waiting to interview ron rivera of chicogo bears.

  14. jim that’s not true, because I was with your sister last night!!oohh!!! burn!! that’s one for pa pa bergundy.

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