Keith Lewis Signs 3-Yr Extension

The 49ers made another nice move today, this time by locking up their hard hitting safety to another three years. No word on the contract details. Lewis was set to become a restricted free agent, but the 49ers decided to not give any teams a chance to make an offer.


~ by 49ersNews on February 1, 2007.

23 Responses to “Keith Lewis Signs 3-Yr Extension”

  1. Good Move!! I do like him at FS. Not just ST. Glad to see he’ll be around for the next 3-4 years. Can’t wait to see more hard hits from this guy. He might win the “Jacked Up” crown next year.

  2. nice move

  3. Cool, let’s keep building….

  4. I’m down, Keith Lewis was one of my favorite players to watch (on any team) all year. I could tell as the weeks went by, receivers were keeping their eye on him (in fear) a lot more.

  5. I loved this guys hard nose (ronny lott) style of play, but he can not cover. He needs to be a SS, no FS shit because come playoff time (Because thats what the 49ers are building for) he is gonna hurt the team, more than help. What do you guys think?

  6. Or is it Ronnie lott…my bad.


  8. trust what nolan is doing… his decisions have been right so far


  10. nolan has been near perfect in the offseasons so far. only issue i may have had was letting j. peterson go.

  11. I agree, Lewis is no starting Safety. Keith will back up Roman at strong and concentrate on ST

  12. And that’s where Landry comes in…

  13. “nolan has been near perfect in the offseasons so far. only issue i may have had was letting j. peterson go.”

    Does Peterson really deserve the money he got? Seattle only got him because they overpaid so they could make up for letting their star OT go and still having a ton of cap space.

  14. ya and look at seattle last yr, there offense wasnt good, bc they lost a great tackle, offensive line is the most important part of offense

  15. Trust me guys once we get a pass rusher our safety’s will look amazing. They wont have to run all around with recievers on busted plays. Kieth Lewis is a good hitter and is very good on getting turnovers, but he is not very fast. Listen Kieth Lewis is going to be a great safety but we really need to get at the quarterbacks fast so that he can be more aggressive.

  16. Hey anyone out their, even erickson; with the mayor in SF making headlines with his affair he was involved in, you think York is just gonna pull the plug on him and set up camp in santa clara??

  17. Keith Lewis was more of a SS last year, although he was listed as s FS. On Nolan’s D the safeties are interchangeable based on the personnel grouping. Mark Roman is the real FS. As he has better speed and can cover better then KL. KL is our “wow” player that every D needs. His hits set a tone and the moment he became a starter the secondary was competitive. With more depth in the secondary, maybe even the addition of Clement and a pass rush then our secondary is going to be whole lot better.

  18. Hey Scott… I only banged my aide’s lady a couple times. Shouldn’t affect the stadium situation. I bet they don’t pull out like I did.

  19. haha thanks gavin

  20. nice move man,did you use a little sex panther,or was it london gentlemen?

  21. 49ers will get to big name players thru free agency and hose players will be Nate Clements CB(Bills) & Adalius Thomas LB(RAVENS), getting those two players will be awesome and fit Rite into our 3-4 scheme
    starters on defense for next season :Ronald Fields,Alan Branch,Melvin Oliver,Parys Haralson,Manny Lawson,Adalius Thomas,Brandon Moore,S.Spencer,Nate Clements,Keith Lewis & Mark Roman thats just a perfect D,And thet will be possible if Alan Branch Falls to us.

  22. Eh…that doesn’t really sound correct. Sorry. I guess I disagree. Bryant Young WILL come back AND start. Do you know why? He’s Bryant Young. He’s the man. I doubt Parys will spring into a starter. Melvin? Eh…
    Unless we cut Derek Smith, he’ll more than likely start beside Moore. He’s a smart player, he just kind of…I don’t know what happened, but it happened overnight. Nolan loves the guy too. I love the fact that you kept Spencer starting though, everyone is already dismissing the guy. When he is at full health, he rules. He just battled through some nagging injuries most of the season. He may have played, but he was probable and questionable practically every game. I noticed when he played, we always seemed a lot better too.

  23. Thank god he was signed. The Corndogeating Dallas Cowhicks may have signed him!

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