Manusky Named DC

It’s about damn time. The 49ers this morning finally named their new defensive coordinator. Greg Manusky former Chargers assistant has been hired to replace fired Billy Davis. With the whole Dallas thing still in the air it’s nice to finally have closure on the defensive side of the ball. Manusky has been an assistant coach in the league for six years and the selling point on Manusky for Nolan was that he is well versed in the 3-4 defense. Reports are that if Wade Phillips were to get the Cowboys gig, Manusky was the favorite to replace Phillips in San Diego.

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~ by 49ersNews on February 1, 2007.

19 Responses to “Manusky Named DC”

  1. go niners! good to know we have D on point.

  2. this guy knows the 3-4 well bu has no play calling experence and might be week witht he x & o of the gma planning . but team him up with nolan and plus learning from phillips this guy could be special… Norv turner will be with the 49ers next year dont sweat it……if the cowgirls wanted turner they would not have signed garret and they would have hired turner on the spot…. jones screws up again.

  3. i like it…. i like it a lot

  4. well good new for this guy is the defense cant get any worse than worst in the league, so i like his chances

  5. One down…..

  6. Its a good hire, but I wonder what this means for Singletary? He only has a couple more years experience than Mike and no previous DC experience. Why not just give the job to Mike. Unless Nolan is pretty much resigned himself to the fact that Mike will get a HC job sooner rather than later and doesn’t want to have to replace another coordinator.

    I kinda have to agree with Tony. I think Turner is coming back. I think Rivera is really the guy that Jones wants and when he realized that he would only need to wait 3 or 4 more days to talk to him he decided to put Turner on hold. If I were Norv I would push the issue. He has already said he won’t be disappointed to return to the Niners. Just cut it off Norv and come back to the team that you know is headed in the right direction.

  7. I agree that, while this seems to be a good hire, I say, why not just go in-house with Singletary? Sure, Manusky seems to be a good choice, but I don’t think they would have done any worse with Singletary. I kind of feel like they snubbed him on this one. As if we can afford to give him a reason to want out of SF…

  8. Unless Nolan is pretty much resigned himself to the fact that Mike will get a HC job sooner rather than later and doesn’t want to have to replace another coordinator.


  9. I think the ‘Boys will hire Singletary as a DC and Rivera as the HC.

  10. I like the Manusky hire. The guy is coming from a strong D tradition. He’ll have the 3-4 expereince and the high standards that this team needs to take them to another level.

  11. Now if he can only bring Shawn Merriman in also!!!


  13. finally some good news. godd job erickson

  14. so do u guys think Norv will be leaving or will he stay man i cant sleep at night thinking about this shit!!!!! i think that Norv will either lose the job to Rivera or Garrett hopefully!!!!!

  15. Alright! Something tells me good things will come along with this, such as Donnie Edwards and/or Shaun Philips. Both are scheduled to be available this offseason. Philips is really young and played remarkabely and Edwards still has a lot of juice in him and no matter what his age is, he is still an upgrade over D. Smith and Ulbrich. I can almost count on one coming over, either one is fine though. Can’t wait!

  16. i just hope he isnt another billy davis.coming from a wade phillip system and another linebacker coach(WE ALREADY FAILED WITH DAVIS) .inexperience will haunt this defense again unless mike nolan starts calling the plays again.

  17. I have a feeling that norv is coming back,I think that if turner was really the head canidate he would have the job right now,I think rivera will take the job,him or mike singletary.I’d rather have singletary leave than turner,since we hired mansky and all.

  18. come on guys he can’t be that bad, he’s from san diego,(the greatest city in the world,descovered by the germans in 1904,they named it san diego,which of coarse in german means “a whale’s vagina”.you stay classy niner fans

  19. For those of you who want Singletary as the DC…..well my question for you is…Why not have both, Singletary and Manusky.

    Listen singletary is gone in the next couple of years…why tkae him for a year…when you can have Manusky for 5?

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