Dickerson Likes Gore’s Chances

frank-gore-2.pngWe know that shortly after the 2006 season, Gore said his next goal was 2,200 yards. Which would break the record for most yards rushing in a season held by Hall of Fame running-back Eric Dickerson. With the media all down in Miami getting ready for the Super Bowl, the Mercury News tracked down Dickerson, who first heard Gore’s comments on Thursday, and asked what he thought about Gore’s comments on breaking his rushing record.

“I like it,” Dickerson said. “I like a guy who feels like that, that he has a chance to break that record. I think Frank is that kind of back.”

In fact, Dickerson said the same thing to O.J. Simpson during a recruiting trip to USC, before a Trojans practice.


~ by 49ersNews on February 2, 2007.

13 Responses to “Dickerson Likes Gore’s Chances”

  1. That makes me smile.

  2. Frank is a great back… he’ll be right up there with LT pretty soon

  3. Frank has every tool a back could ask for. Complete the offensive line like Dickerson had with the Rams, pray that Frank stays healthy, and we’re set at this position!
    Luckily his role model is LT. Just run and score. Do your job. No showboating. Leave that for your offensive line. God I love having someone like him on our team!

  4. i dont think he will last the whole season.but if he can rush for 180 yards a game in 12 games then it is a done deal.he has put a big X on his chest.he just is asking for an injury.

  5. i love frank ima bake him some cookies

  6. MAN LAW ,no baking cookies or cakes durring a game…..

  7. I don’t really care about the record. Just stop putting the damn ball on the turf! That killed us this season.

  8. How about this! If we can only get some durable guys on the line, man he would have a chance to get somewhere near 1,900 yards easy. The other thing that killed us this year was some bad officiating on game changing plays.

  9. Yeah I agree with you on the bad officiating. The Refs make up calls to hold us down all the time. If it’s not hard enough to win games as it is.

  10. “I don’t really care about the record. Just stop putting the damn ball on the turf! That killed us this season.”

    How many lost fumbles did he have after the fifth game of the season?

  11. “How many lost fumbles did he have after the fifth game of the season?”



  12. I just fuckin cried after readin this. Out of fuckin joy though. I get butterboners in my stomach everytime I think about what Gore is gonna do next season. I think if he breaks the record he should get a slobby blow job from the whole cheerleading squad. Who agrees?(side note: I just got myself hard after I thought about a sloppy b.j from the cheerleaders!!!!!)

  13. hahaha, salami slammer is crazy.

    but honestly, i dont care too much about the record. If he can get it then it would be great, but I’d rather see a solid pssing game that could compliment the things that Frank Gore could do. Getting 2200 yards means more carries for Frank and more carries translate into a higher risk for an injury. Keep Gore’s Legs fresh and lets make a run for the playoffs. Balance is key . 49er fauthfuls baby

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