Highlights: Walt Harris 2006

Walt “Anti-Kwame” Harris Highlight Video of 2006. Oh and Torry your Harris’ bitch.


~ by 49ersNews on February 3, 2007.

25 Responses to “Highlights: Walt Harris 2006”

  1. im glad he is going to the pro bowl, he deserves it.

  2. was that the judgement night sound track?that just shows you who need to step it up in the arizona games.spencer…

  3. Wow, imagine if Spencer played at full health this season. Walt is amazing, who would have thought?!

    Haha, thought I’d add how pathetic Randy Moss was. He didn’t even really bother to tackle him. For those Niner fans that say they want Randy Moss…you are crazy.

  4. Walt is a savage he could had about 13 int he missed a couple

  5. Moss is probably going to be a Packer next season, lol.

  6. screw randy moss, he is a team cancer. Without Walt we wouldnt have been as nearly as good as we were. Imagine if we manage to grab A. Samuel in the offseason our secondary will be unstoppable!!! 11-5 next season!!!

    -49er for life!!

  7. true,we need to get samual.we should have an un stoppable defense next year,with samual,harris,and adalius thomas,and maybe laron landry and amobe akoye in the draft.SWEET.who needs turner we we have a bada$$ defense like this.(look at the bears)

  8. hopefully we do make some adjustments on defense,because if turner does leave(which it looks like he will)we won’t be screwed,because if we had a defense that would keep us in the game,(unlike last year)their won’t be so much pressure on alex smith to win games,oh yeah not to mention,WE HAVE FRANK GORE!!


    49ers defense had little talent last year except for harris,lewis,and brandon moore,with these additions from the free agency and the draft it should help out our defense alot and help them be a powerhouse just like the old days.
    do you guys like my list if you don’t put yours.

  10. free agency:asaunte samuel,adalius thomas,lance briggs,dwight freeny,jared allen

    draft:laron landry,amobe akoye,brandon meriweather,leon hall,dameon hughes,desmond bishop

  11. Both Akoye and Landry will be taken upper half of first round so doubt we will get both. BUT, I’d certainly be happy with either. Especially Roman. This might not be my dream cast, but it’s pretty realistic and satisfying:

    (If running a 4-3)
    Sopoaga/Fields (interchanging)
    Justin Smith (FA)
    Shaun Phillips (FA)
    Rod Hood (FA) (Nickelback)
    LaRon Landry (Draft)

    Our defense actually played pretty damn solid the second half of the season. We just succumbed to injuries and we had barely any depth. So, we take the cast up above with this depth below:

    M. Adams
    And whoever we draft.

    That’s a good defense to work with considering the amount of youth and if our new DC is all he is cracked up to be, we should run a ton of blitzes putting a lot of pressure on the QB forcing bad throws. Also, we can stuff the run alright, our biggest concern was pass defense, which like I memtioned before had a lot to do with a lack of blitzes, injuries and horrible depth (Sammy Davis was our nickel…sick). I think Spencer has what it takes, he just had an off season due to battling through injuries.

  12. Duh… Landry not Roman.

  13. You all must consider, a lot of the biggest names in FA might be signed by their own teams before they even get a chance. Also, there are 31 other teams out there dying for players. Samuel and Clements both want the biggest contract ever given to a CB…screw that mentality. Harris showed that given the right system and motivation anyone in the league, no matter what age can perform outstanding.

  14. i will wait to comment on this until we get the free agents and the draft is over.its stupid to do a wish list because all it is,is a wish .its not real….

  15. if you go look at the nfl mock draft they have the forty niners as picking ted ginn jr.are you kidding me?tedd ginn is a second round pick at the most,and first thing is first,we need defense.he is very fast but so is vernon davis,which really didn,t do a damn thing this year.so I think we should go after landry,and if we do go for a #1 reciever it should be dawayne bowe from LSU,perfect for west coast offense,he can block,perfect for frank gore.

  16. there are 31 other teams out there dying for players and the forty niners are one of them…not to mention we have 41 mill n cap space.that is pretty good.so don’t look at it as a dream,but as reality.

  17. Roderick Hood could be a F.A. as well, he would be a huge addition and cheaper than a Clements or Samuel.

  18. Haha, yeah, that is VERY true, but do you want guys with the character and mentality of Clements and Samuel where all they want is the most money EVER. Or would you have a younger Walt Harris-like guy that is just doing what he does under the radar?
    What I’m saying is I see it WAY too often where guys get big pay days and then, almost like the day after, play like shit. For instance, Ike Taylor (I’m a Pittsburgh area guy). He was playing elite football at the beginning of the season and the end of last. But once he got the new contract he wanted he SUCKED. Like horribly sucked. He barely even put in any effort and was even benched halfway through a few games and NO, he wasn’t battling injuries either. (Sad thing is that we tried to trade for him) That’s what money can do to some guys. And I think that’s why there are so many first round busts. Samuel IS amazing, absolutely ridiculous at what he does but I keep thinking of his lame tattoo that says “GET PAID”. It’s a risk and we’ve been through salary cap issues before. Just looking out for the team.

  19. samuals and clements are both going to get the franchise tag,might as well look else where.as long as we dont get an over pay a injury prone player like jennings.walt harris wasnt the bigest free agent out there and look what he did on our team.iwas surprized he stayed healthy most of the season.so it all comes down to who will fit the best in a 3-4 and who nolan feels is a team player and to me samuals is all about him self

  20. Do you got to be over thirty to be in the Superbowl half time show. Janet Jackson who has to be 35 or the Rolling stones who have to be over 50 and Prince or what ever he is called ,these days who has to be over 40?

  21. im guesting,it will take the niners or cowboys for the NFC to win the superbowl!!

  22. No, not the Cowfags. Only the 49ers can.

  23. ye youre right fuck toni homo and the cowfags

  24. Man, I know it’s only selected plays, but that boy can sure postition himself perfectly for making the great plays. Just smart moves…. Good defense is infectious. Give us more this year, please, Walt. And Holmgren? LOL, classic. TIVO’d that first Seattle game and watched the first half at least 10 times. Fumbles, interceptions, long Gore runs, what’s not to love????
    Let’s be patient, wait to see what Nolan does, and then reap the benefits of his knowledge.

  25. the forty niners should go after n clements or a samuel 1st and formost. obvisously lb is on our needs..but ever heard of the term coverage sack…..in the draft they should look for the next BY in his finaly year just signed today BY could leave behind a legacy with the tuttoring of a alan branch or aokye

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