Turner Never Offered More Money

 Earlier in the week it was reported that the 49ers offered Norv Turner more money to stay in San Francisco and not interview with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Contrary to those reports Mike Nolan stated that the 49ers did not offer more money to Turner. 

“We are not going to compete with Dallas from a monetary standpoint.”

Source: [San Francisco Chronicle]


~ by 49ersNews on February 3, 2007.

17 Responses to “Turner Never Offered More Money”

  1. why not you want a good team its gona cost you deal with it turner is worth it damn u guys are dumb

  2. The Eagles did that when SF was looking for a coach. But Childress ultimately left for Minn. just a few years later.

  3. because if they offer him money, they offered him more MONEY lol If they niners did, now Norv knows they feel hes worth more. He can then be a prick and want more.. as will the rest of the staff.

  4. Hes not leaving for the money…. Give me a break. Do you honestly believe he would stay for more money. This is the job hes dreamed about. Get realistic. Move past it people, NORV TURNER IS HISTORY….. Time to move on, basically Parcells fucked all this up by quitting, now Turner gets his dresm job, even if for 1-2 years. Lets start looking towards the replacement already!!!!! I want DENNIS GREEN!!!!!!

  5. It would be nice to have a quarterback guru, but we need to keep the same system.

  6. I was just watching the Pro Football Hall of Fame show on the NFL Network. Norv Turner was with Jerry Jones in the green room when Michael Irvin was selected. Might want to add that as an update Erickson. It’s all but over now….


  8. that would be pretty funny, but unlikely.but never say never…

  9. make them receivers run the hill.then write a book about it.

  10. Chris, I saw that too. I can’t believe it but its a done deal, Norvs gone!! WHAT A TRAITOR!!! How could you leave a young team like this after one year. He might have just ruined the offensive structure of our team. We’re prob. gunna take a serious setback from this. Screw him tho!! We’ll be laughin in a year when we’re in the playoffs, and those dirty cowgirls are sittin at home cryin, and Norv gets fired…….again!!!


    – 49er for life

  11. I understand why a coach want to be a head coach. Especially after the offense he ran ok this year. But we were still middle of the pack offensivly. Trust me anyone can hop in there as long as Nolan keeps the same system and be as good if not better. However we need Norv there for at least 2 more years I think to help with the Alex Smith proccess. Of course Dilfer helps with that a lot too though.

  12. Norv is a traitor, Michael Irvin and troyAikman are scouts for the hillbillies. I think Jerry jones hates our organization so much he wants to destroy everything we’ve built, and still our ideas for the future. But We will have the last laugh. what comes around goes around!

  13. the 49ers are the NFLS Americas Team and we as fans need to bring back the standards that are team once had. Whem Debartolo was here people wanted to come to play here much like Jerry ” Cowboy Jones”. We need to bring in a high profile coach to replace Norv Turner, so we can slap the cowboys back in the face. But please do not hire any more cowgirl Ex coaches. We need real coaches, We should of hired Mora Back. We need to bring in people close and loyal to our organization, because we saw were tuner loyalties lied. We need to bring back the Dynasty!

  14. Mike nolan is the best coach I’ve seen since “Much” hill commitment to excellence and he is returning the standards that our team lost when we had erickson. He “Expects to win and any season short of a superbowl is not good enough!

    Look out CowGirls!

    Lone Texas 49er Fan

  15. hey guys don’t worry im goin to texas this summer and if I see norv there I will make sure to bitch slap him a couple times and tell him to “kiss the rings bitch!”

  16. yeah im pretty sure norv is gonna leave when I saw him jump for joy when irvin was inducted.him and jerry jones were actually holding hands!so norv is gone except the fact,but don’t give up hope guys because norv is gonna take the boys to 4-12 and nolans gonna morph our defense to be at least in the top 10,so no worries.KEEP THE FAITH.49ERS4LIFEWITHYOURWIFE.

  17. Mr Irvin and Mr. Jones need to stop trying to recruit our players and coaches. I think jones and Irvin sold their souls to the Devil to win and what comes around goes around. We will have the last laugh at the Superbowl! when the cowboys fans are hanging out at Walmart after they been Cowtipping.

    Go 49ers!
    Lone Texas 49er Fan

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