Newberry Set Free

j-new.pngMatt Maiocco is reporting that the 49ers are not going to try and bring back veteran center Jeremy Newberry who is set to become a free agent on March 2nd. The 49ers have informed Newberry that the club will not offer him a contract for next season. Those close to Newberry have mentioned that he has a desire to play again, unfortunately if he does it will not be with the 49ers. Newberry is expendable not only because of health concerns, but because his replacement Eric Heitmann played very well in his absence.

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~ by 49ersNews on February 5, 2007.

27 Responses to “Newberry Set Free”


  2. Cowboys.
    He’s probably going there.
    Just like every other individual from our organization these days.
    I’m surprised Jerry Jones hasn’t just bought out entire franchise yet.

  3. jerry jones is going to interview him.

  4. reports that jerry jones just said that we’ll have to wait till after the world series to find out who’s head coach.

  5. now it is reporting that jerry jones said that we’ll have to wait till jesus comes back to find out who is head coach.jerry is expected to interview him.

  6. now it reports that jerry jones is interviewing himself for the head coaching job.

  7. now its reports will ferrell is going to be interviewed for the dallas job.

  8. chuck norris,oprah winfrey,what is this TURD FERGUON?

  9. yes it’s true, jerry just called my house and is trying to interview me.

  10. i;m looking foward to Nolan having a great draft again and upgrade that defence….as far as Newberry he has not played a full season in awhile i;m hoping for the best in Free Agency

  11. i would resign newberry to a 1 yr 752,000 with incentives and give him a shot even for depth purposes.

  12. Well I guess I could have told you that. The guy should just retire. He was a good player when healthy. Just not the same anymore. Don’t need to spend the $$$$ when we have Eric, and David Baas.
    Just got my authentic Gore Jersey in the mail yesterday. I cant wait for next season. I may wear it watching the pro bowl this weekend.

    Go Niners in 07-08

  13. well since we already have Eric Heitmann and Tony Wragge i think we will be ok for now.on the 49ers website they have Dave Baas listed as a i dont know if they will use him as a center or not.i just hope Eric Heitmann can stay healthy too.

  14. I think we should keep him and put him at T or G…

  15. He was given a 1.5 million dollar gift last year. Not happening again. YOUTH

  16. who cares let him go, Im so sick of all his injuries all the time he never ever plays its about time the niners said enough is enough and sent him packin

  17. Isn’t that pee-wee herman interviewing Jerry Jones from under the table?

  18. do not want to see any more players go to the Dallas hillbiliies. Michael Irvin and Jones are personal scouts for the team. They will probably try to get gore from the Pro bowl and convince him to come down to Hee Haw land with Mr. turner. they went out and took parrish, T.O. and Kosier all Ex- 49ers. We will get the last laugh.

  19. man you guys suck, I give you funny you guys don’t even have the time a day to laugh…well thanks.TURD FERGUSON

  20. There is a god!

  21. yes there is,and he loves the 49ers.that’s why it is our time to shine and dallas’ time to whine.

  22. lets hope jones hires a defensive cord as head coach.

  23. jerry jones is interviewing his wife for the headcoaching job cuz he should have decided by now. insult to injury, we have to wait on dallas before we can move forward./ stupid old prick needs to disapear


  25. Now he can dedicate all his time to starting fights at Peewee Muldoons!

  26. mario what the hell are you talking about?jerry jones has a husband not a wife and that is T.O. AND TONY HOMO IN A THREE WAY MARRAGE.

  27. my bad your right texas. he’s probably getting bent right now cuz t.o. always has it his way

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