49ers Salary Cap Status

At this time the 49ers are now about $37.6 million under the league’s $109 million salary cap for next season. This is the figure after the signings of Mark Roman and Keith Lewis.

Free agency is set to begin in a little under a month and it’s been speculated that the 49ers covet two players. Adalius Thomas of the Baltimore Ravens and Nate Clements of the Buffalo Bills.

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~ by 49ersNews on February 7, 2007.

25 Responses to “49ers Salary Cap Status”

  1. nice get those two guys a wr in free agency draft a couple d linemen and a safety in the draft and sign a pass rusher and superbowl here we come

  2. C’mon Nolan….. keep making us believe!

  3. 37.6 million – money talks, let’s see the money’s worth eh?

  4. On a different note, last night ESPN reported that it is speculated that Dallas looks to hire either Turner or Rivera as Head Coach. One scenario had Turner as the HC, Rivera as DC, and of course Garrett as OC. For some reason, they feel strongly that Jones wants to develop Garrett into a HC.

    There is still hope that we will be able to retain Turner as OC. I personally thinks he performs better as an OC. Both Clements and Thomas would be outstanding FA acquisitions. I am confident we will have another solid Draft to fill in the gaps.

  5. Nate Clements and Walt Harris as our corners can solve a lot of problems.. plus with hard hitting keith lewis and maybe evn draft Landry if he slides down to us in the draft… tht would be bomb

  6. if we can get Clements that would be a great help and then we can go other directions in the draft im really hoping we spend the money we got if not i;m done if not that will show us what the front office is all about

  7. I think every year the 49ers need to bring in a O-lineman too. Draft or free agencey. The ones from the draft need a year or two before they become studs and then O-linemen always get injured so you need depth. I know Nolan and Scot are going to get the D set i just hope we wake up one morning with a nice little surprise saying the 49ers signed that linemen from the bengles (has started every at LT, LG, and C and is a pro bowl alternet) I think his name is steinbach???

  8. Clements? Why Clements when we just poured all that money into Spencer last season? I’m not saying Clements isn’t the better player, but what are we doing investing in Spencer if we are going to be shopping for someone to replace him?

  9. Nate…well for one thing. The 49ers have Spencer/Harris and umm…yeah. The team needs more depth. They had to start Sammy Davis last year. That is how bad it is. If they sign Clements, all 3 (Clements, Harris, Spencer) will compete for the 2 spots and the third will be the nickel back.

  10. nate, we just signed spencer long term, for pretty little money. that is a great extension singing.

  11. Plus, Walt is getting old and will probably only be able to produce for 2-3 more seasons. However, I’m not taking away from his amazing year this year. He definitely deserves going to the Pro Bowl

  12. man we need a solid nickel and just like tim said spencers contract extension didnt hurt us at all

  13. Is that $37.6 million before or after we let go of Newberry? I also hear Anthony Adams is going, going… Kwame makes a lot of money as well. So is this a current number including 2006 salaries for players not signed for 2007, or is it a projected number with no one getting resigned?

  14. move spencer to free saftey,he can tackle and has the speed for good range in the passing game. until a starting corner gets hurt.

  15. I am excited.

  16. Man O Man our secondary was ok this year. Hell we have a corner in the pro Bowl, and a safety that everone is talking about. We definitly need a pass rusher or a outside linebacker like Thomas. Don’t forget everyone that if Indy does sign or franchise Freeney that means Bob Sanders might be available. Think about it Bob Sanders and Kieth Lewis back there. Shoot that would be ok as long as we can get a pass rusher like Thomas, or Gaines Adams.

  17. Sanders wont be coming 2 da 9ers, ,,,Freeney will b released 1st,,,,

  18. yeah…that news almost make sme forget about turner leaving.

  19. were not gonna get freeney…nolan already hinted he didn’t want him, indy wont let bob sanders go

    if we get adalius thomas that would be a terrific addition opopsite manny

    at corner, spencer will start for a long time, and if we sign clements i wouldn’t be surprised to see harris go to nickle
    …i kno he had a great year, but before this year he was very average his entire career, and hes also a couple years past 30 which is when corners start slowing down. he had a great year but last year tory james for the bengals had a great year, and the next year he came back and was terrible, harris would be a great nickle back

    if we drafted alan branch…got clements and thomas, our defense looks good, and hopefully we keep turner

    still no help at wide out tho

  20. whats up with all these cover2 players out of indy?the only player who might be avalable and could fit in a 3-4 is rob morris.at least he would be an upgrade over derick smith and younger too.

  21. i personally want two major lb’s because our lb’s are weak. lawson and moore are the only keepers, the others are reserves. maybe get adalus and another lb like briggs or cato june. we need a receiver too. i dont know why people think our secondary is the main priority, it could be improved but it is by far not our most glaring need. we need lb’s and d line rushers, wr(s), then secondary and a good backup for gore

  22. Clements is good but aging, they should try to sign Asante Samuel. He will be a constant pro bowler for years to come. Other moves should include A. Thomas which would be great because of his versatility. Maybe Jared Allen who is a beast off the edge and plays great against the run. If they want to save a few dollars they might go after Justim Smith of the Bengals. If they don’t draft Branch they’re gonna need a solid guy in the middle to make the 3-4 work. Wideout is still a concern, maybe Donte Stallworth and possibly give Drew Bennett a look.

  23. I would give Haralson a chance before I called him a reserve. We haven’t seen much of him yet.

  24. 37.6 mllion this is the year that the front office has to prove they aren’t a joke. Return to the glory of the DeBartolo regime. Clements , Thomas, and Stallworth should and will be the major pick ups in free agency for us. Use the money for once. Pick up Branch, Okoye, or Adams if he falls to us in the draft. The lb’s are capable add Thomas to it and it becomes sick. Pick up a punisher rb in the mid rounds of the draft. There isn’t any reason this team can’t compete for the Superbowl next year.

    We need to hold on to Norv Turner his development of Alex Smith is going nicely but it isn’t over yet. Also remember we let go our D coordinator Billy Davis. Replacing both top coordinators in one offseason isn’t something easliy done. Watch what happens to San Diego I think they will struggle somewhat.

    Spend the money improve this team now with great players. Strengthen the D and give Smith a go to guy at receiver and this team is set and ready to go.

  25. need a WR that could bond with Smith…signing these defensive guys could win us the West…

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