Turner Not Wanting to Be Pinocchio?

norv-turner.pngI know. I know. Will this Norv Turner – Dallas crap ever end. Well, not yet. It seems that Wade Phillips has taken a slight lead in the Dallas Cowboys head coaching sweepstakes. ESPN is reporting that Norv doesn’t feel Jason Garrett is offensive coordinator material and that he prefers current offensive line coach Tony Sparano as the offensive coordinator, and that Garrett should be reassigned. This is great news for Niner fans, because everyone knows Jones has a hard on for Garrett and Jones sees him as the next great Cowboys coach. So, if Norv isn’t on board than there is a strong chance he is out of the running.

I’m guessing no one told Norv that he can’t place these types of demands on owner Jerry Jones and maybe now Turner is realizing he’s nothing more than a puppet in Satan’s Jerry Jones’ world.


~ by 49ersNews on February 7, 2007.

21 Responses to “Turner Not Wanting to Be Pinocchio?”

  1. finally, some good news.

  2. This is great news, now let’s just see if it’s true. We would all love to see Norv stay on. F-the Cowgirls!!! and the horse they road in on.

  3. I think Wade is an excellent choice…MUCH better than Turner…. you HEAR that Satan?????!!!!!!!!!!

  4. HELL YES!!! Finally we got some good news. Lets just hope Norv makes some more crazy demands that Jerry Jones wont accept this way he totally gets booted out of the running for the job. If he comes back, no joke i seriously think that we can get to 11-5 next season. The schedule isnt that hard. The only really hard games are Cincinatti, Baltimore, and New Orleans. The others we should be able to win. However theres always those games your expected to win but you dont (ex: Arizona this season). With Norvs play calling, and the development of Alex i see a really bright future. Oh and for all those people who think Gore will only last another 3 seasons at most, Ive been watching some of his highlight plays and he isnt as hard of a runner as everyone says he is. If he just learns to avoid a few more tackles he will last for a pretty long time. Keep the faith!!!!!

    -49er for life

  5. I don’t even think Turner is making crazy demands… they’re actually pretty logical… not wanting TO, not wanting Garrett as offensive coordinator… pretty logical to me.

    As far as our schedule next year, I think the 3 teams listed above should be fairly beatable if things turn out as good as the potential is for the offseason, but we shouldn’t expect to just run over our division which should be better come next season. Arizona shouldn’t be taken lightly. They swept us last year and now they have a damn good coaching staff.

  6. yeah that is true,were not just going to blow everyone out of the water.weve got cinci,arizona,st.louis,and carolina,pretty good reciever cores,hopefully we take a look at nate clements or asaunte samual to at least help us out,witch shouldn’t be a problem with walt harris and keith lewis,oh and hopefully landry in the secondary.

  7. are schedule isn’t that bad but hopefully we finally beat arizona at least once this year.don’t count on arizona being dynamite this year,no matter how talented that team is thy’ll never really be good.im mean everyone last year was like arizona’s gonna make playoffs but they didn’t.

  8. really with an upgraded defense which wasn’t reaally horrible last season,we should be able to make playoffs…I don’t have a doubt that our defense is gonna be more than average this year…im just worried about the whole turner thing…how good is our offense gonna be even with frank gore?but no worries FAITHFUL IS BELIEVING.

  9. cant wait for this dallas drama bull shit to be over with soon.we got to wait because jerry jones is getting all timers decease and cant remember who he interviewed.THE BEST RIVERY dallas and the 49ers bitch…………….

  10. rivelry i ment….sorry

  11. “…Jones has a hard on for Garrett…” hahah cowfags indeed

  12. so this is good news than it looks like norv might be staying after all i need some info guys help me out what is the 411!!!!

  13. Dont get get my hopes up…… For a let down…… PLEASE. Rumors fly when shit goes on this long, I fucking cant stand Jerry Jones….

  14. I would advise Jason Garrett not to try and get the OC job in Dallas over Tony Sparano. He may find himself swimming with the fishes.

  15. chris mortensen from espn reports that wade philips has the job in dallas.

    great job by nolan. got manusky (potential dc in san diego or dallas), keeps turner without paying more money. GREAT!

  16. I remember earlier this year norv was sayin he wasnt goin to leave for any HC jobs wothout fully developin A. Smith……. what happened buddy??????

  17. Chris Mortenson Reported that Wade Phillips is gonna be names head coach, so says ESPN News. just flipped it on.

  18. Yeah its at the bottom right as the main headline:

    Wade Phillips to be named Cowboys coach.

    Fellas, the 2007 49ers are ready to compete. Let the offseason begin.

  19. This is the best scenario for the 49ers. We got to keep all of our coaching staff at least for one more year, we got an up and coming D.C. (hopefully)… Now I think Norv will not be going any where I really don’t see any other team considering him as HC so we’ll have him for the rest of his contract, we might loose Singletary next year but at least he can help and shape our LBs. We got money, we got picks…(I’m still jumping for the Lloyd trade last year)… I just hope Nolan is aggresive in F.A. like he said he would be, I hope we get one of the follwing players, (FS Landry, DT Branch, WR Johnson the last two are worth trading up to get them)…let hope thing keep rolling our way…and hopefully by opening camp we can have a cover FS, a legit WR, a solid backup RB, a healthy OL, a poised QB, a reliable CB, and a destructibe front 7

  20. Dallas Cowhicks Hobbys Include: Cowtipping, Super-Walmart, Corndogeating, and Wrestling Matches. This is probably some of the drawbacks of that orginization. Who wants to go to Hee-Haw- Land. I been to Dallas and it’s Full of Egotiistical Metrosexuals and Hicks. I from Austin and it’s like being in Hell, because everyone and their uncle are Cowhick Fans. You have some rebels like me who have Taste in the “True America’s Team” The 49ers. I’ll I got tot say is we nned some more Fans down here in Hickville Texas. We need to bring back our team and spread the word that SAn Fran is Back!

    Were Back hillbillies!

  21. Who was the douchebag that said his sister went to Norv’s “going away” cocktail party? Some people in here are completely full of shit.

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