Turner Agrees to One Year Extension

Shortly after the Cowboys announced Wade Phillips as the new head coach. The 49ers and Norv Turner agreed to a pay raise and a one year extension. Norv was originally signed to a 3-yr contract so with the extra year Norv is locked up through the 2009 season. Plenty of time for him to continue to develop Smith, Gore, and Davis and then win number six.

Source: [Matt Maiocco]


~ by 49ersNews on February 8, 2007.

15 Responses to “Turner Agrees to One Year Extension”

  1. thank you norv,, im now a lot more excited for the 07-08 season

  2. Thx Norw, you gave some hard moments, but we forgive you.

  3. I’ve been saying this would happen all along, you can read the posts. Try not to freak out next time, girls.

  4. Norv…… Im sorry, OK. Its just that I didnt want you to go so bad, I made my self believe you actually were no good for us. I feel like we have a new lease on life! You would have never been even close to as appreciated in Dallas then you will be in SF. Honestly, I never knew how much you ment to this team till you were on the verge of leaving. You are the differance maker in this offense and we will only get better with you here…. Now lets fuck some shit up!!!!

  5. Outstanding!!!

  6. i read on the 49ers zone that frank gore is happy that turner is staying.we signed turner,now lets get Frank Gore signed.

  7. Can’t Norv still leave for another head coaching position next year? Having him signed for another year doesn’t really mean anything if he’s always allowed to interview for promotions. Am I missing something?

  8. JG..that is true, but it was said that Turner will only leave for the right head coaching job and Dallas was one of the few places Norv would go and that they would want him. Dallas was most likely his last shot at a HC gig.

  9. excellent. cant wait for the next season

  10. Who was the douchebag that said his sister went to Norv’s “going away” cocktail party? Some people in here are completely full of shit.

  11. I AGREE……

  12. In other news, the San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that Norv Turner WILL NOT get a pay raise. (Just kidding, but Kevin Lynch did screw up the number of years on Turner’s deal.)

  13. kevin lynch is a dipshit

  14. It’s great Norv’s staying, now what’s the deal on all that cash the Niner’s have to spend? I keep hearing about CB’s LB’s which I can see we really need, but what about the pass rush? We need a balls to the wall rusher!Any big names anyone can come up with fellas?where we lookin?

  15. dwight freeny or jared allen,or possibly amobie akoye?

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