We Forgive You Norv

Norv, I’m sorry that Jerry Jones chose Wade Phillips over you for the Cowboys head coaching job. Okay, I’m lying, I’m not sorry. In fact I’m as happy as a Catholic priest at an altar boy convention. Not sure you can get any happier than that.

Anyway, we’ve all danced with the Devil once or twice and we understood why you were interested in the Dallas job, but it was fate that Jones went with Phillips. It is your destiny to be an offensive coordinator for the 49ers and to be part of the team that will win number six.

It’s good to have you back Norv.


~ by 49ersNews on February 8, 2007.

20 Responses to “We Forgive You Norv”

  1. wohoooo

  2. as weird as this cowboys deal has been until Jerry Jones makes an official announcement, I’m not getting to excited

  3. the best thing about all of this is that Jones screwed himself by dragging this out. Waiting as long as he did he lost out on Manusky as DC for the Cowboys. It has been reported that Manusky would have become DC if Phillips got the HC job. Not only did Jones screw himself, but he also screwed the Chargers…..

  4. I am very Excited. This is the best news I’ve heard since I found out Brandon Lloyd was traded. Welcome back Norv.

  5. once again, things work out in our favor… i made a post a while ago about how lucky we’ve been. The fact that we had to endure the turner to cowboys scenario for a couple weeks was worth it considering we got a d-coordinator who otherwise wouldn’t have been available. Now, we’ve got a complete staff, a very good one at that, and tons of potential heading into free agency and the draft. This is finally the year I’ve been looking forward to since Mooch left.

  6. couldnt be any happier. watch out nfc, the niners are going to the playoffs!

  7. Here is a pretty cool article written by Adam Schefter titled Gold Rush.


  8. Yeah, NFL.com is talking pretty assuredly that Phillips is the new head coach in Dallas, so I believe it. Good. Turner would be putting himself through some horrible seasons with the Cowboys before finally getting fired if he went that route. Here, he can help finish what he started with our offense and help us to get to the playoffs, and maybe – dare I say it – the Superbowl. I don’t think Norv made himself too many friends in this process, though. He had his head so far up Jerry Jones’ butt trying to get that job, he definitely showed that he isn’t dedicated to the Niners. Oh, well. I guess that’s the NFL these days, huh? Hey, if he helps our offense become a force, I’ll forgive him. Now, let’s trade up in the draft to get Calvin Johnson and finally bring back the dominating Niners offense of old!

    Now Erickson…pass this on unless Norv is watching. Norv? Can we sometimes spread the offense at the goal line to give the run a better chance at times? (I do remember 6 consecutive carries inside the 5, all from tight formation)
    And please use Johnson like Brent Jones. Down the center of the field. Ummmm Norv?…he doesn’t have the moves in the flat to fake defensive backs out. Use the new speed burner for that!
    Other than that…. Nolan with the Niners is becoming “magical”
    (or damn lucky, lol)

  10. Thisis perfect. Norv won’t be going anywhere now for a while since he made it clear that Dallas was the place. It is unlikley someone will chase him next year, and if he does Alex (and Sullivan) have one more year to learn the system. Case closed on that issue.

    In the meantime, we get Manusky, there is reasonable transition on D. What I like about Manusky is he seems very much of the mold of Singletary. I have to think that Nolan picked him in part because Singletary will likely leave in the next year or so, to be a DC or HC. Manusky gives us some fall back on who the next LB coach.

    Now, we just need to sign some talented free agents and keep drafting the right guys.

  11. Phillips is the better choice you know? If they say Jason Garrett is a great offensive mind, why shell out the cash for Norv Turner. Wade Phillips will help Dallas I think. And we keep Norv. Woohoo!

  12. Lowrance…I totally agree. The one thing that bugged me about Turner was the redzone offense. Seemed the offense was clicking on all cylinders than once they got past the 20 it wasn’t the same.

  13. yeeeeee

  14. Oh my god. Us niner fans almost took one up the backside with Norv’s status unsetteled. That jackass Jerry Jones just wanted to have everyone talking about the Cowgirls during Superbowl week. I think he took great pride showing the Niners that he could have our goods if he wants. Fuck you Jerry, Fuck you!!! Having said that:I feel extreamly lucky today, all us real Niner fans should go out and buy a lottery ticket. We dodged the bullet today- Kick Ass!

  15. why are so many people thinking that we will draft a WR first round? this year’s draft is WR heavy. it just seems a waste picking a WR first.
    and one more thing, our offense probably wont be like the offense of “old” b/c we are built on the run.

  16. As far as red zone offense, I just don’t think we had the red zone weapons in our receiving corps, and the game is much faster in the red zone, so maybe Norv wasn’t ready to let Alex throw it in those situations just yet. Vernon was our main red zone guy and when he got healthy we did use him. Nolan is big on big players, so I trust that we’ll draft a tall receiver, dare I say Dwayne Jarrett? If we don’t then we’ll get some other great player, but we’ll acquire some big receivers because that’s what Nolan wants, and we should be healthy in the red zone department pretty soon.

  17. Who was the douchebag that said his sister went to Norv’s “going away” cocktail party? Some people in here are completely full of shit.

  18. ok ok ok some good news so norv can help smith gore davis mold em like what he had in dallas years ago aikman smith an ervin it takes three an we got em now wait for the draft then next year nfl watch out the 49ers are 4 real this year 49ers4life

  19. Dallas made the right decision and we benefitted from it…pure and simple. Norv isn’t HEAD COACH material, but he is an offensive genious. He is going to get paid better now so he will feel wanted and TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THIS…”Norv…TO would have made you regret taking that job by week three”

  20. Can we please stop with the I’m as happy as a Catholic priest jokes

    other then that fuck yeah norv is staying

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