Clements Pricing Himself to High?

Free agency is set to begin in 20 days, and one name that continually pops up on the 49ers radar is Bills corner Nate Clements. Clements is ready to test the free agent market and this time without getting the franchise tag slapped on him, he’ll be able to do just that. We all know the 49ers are interested because they almost traded for him last season.

In an article on, Clements talks how he wants to be paid the highest at his position. Champ Bailey currently holds that slot when he received a seven year $63 million contract with an $18 million signing bonus back in 2004. So the question is this. Do the 49ers break the bank and make Clements one of the highest DB in the league or do they turn their attention to other free agent corners, such as Asante Samuel and Nick Harper. If I were in the front office, I wouldn’t give Clements a sniff and I’d turn my attention to improving the front seven and establishing a nice pass rush, then sign a second tier corner to help Spencer and Harris.

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~ by 49ersNews on February 9, 2007.

34 Responses to “Clements Pricing Himself to High?”

  1. Yea, I’ve absolutely thought that both clements and thomas will be overpriced this offseason, thus making it impossible to get both. Seeing as Thomas is more important and Nolan knows him, I feel he would be the one he’s most willing to overspend for.

    Though I will add this, the 49ers have an inordinant amount of cap space, so much to the point that if they paid clements 12 million a year, they’d still have more cap space than most of the teams in the NFL to go after Thomas, resign people, sign their picks, and still not go over the cap.

    We’re entering a 4-5 year period where the cap probably won’t mean as much and teams that have more to gross capital will be able to take advantage. Chances are the 49ers will have double digit cap space over the next few years unless they take a few overspending gambles.

    Of course, I say this with absolutely no foresight as to who is going to be a free-agent next year and whether it might be better to save 20 million in cap space for better free agents next year after people have overspent on lackluster free agents this year.

  2. No way in the whole, hot dominion of HELL will Clements get that much gwap. Maybe he would if he actually was better than Champ.

    FA is all about overpaying for players of course, but for the most part teams dictate the market. Quick example of how this thing works:

    He says he wants 64+mil…realistically he’ll get offers in the low 30’s-mid 40’s range. He waits for a little while, sees that few other teams are willing to pay that much. Someone swoops in at the last min, and offers around 45 mil. And bam, they land him.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about getting this guy at the right price. But for “more than Champ” money he can forget it.

    If not him, then we should make a strong run at Samuel.

    I still think that Adalius Thomas will be who we go for the hardest.

  3. I would go for Asante Samuel

  4. totally agree. clements is a greedy douche. let some other team open their bank, and ruin their total payroll.

  5. Asante > Nate

  6. No way Nolan breaks the bank on Clements or Samuel. I would much rather see them spend the $ on Thomas (assuming he doesn’t get tagged) and then sign Nick Harper. Thomas gives them the compliment to Lawson, with Moore and Smith in the middle. Harper is a good CB, not great, but I don’t think a team needs a “shut down” corner. I’d be comfortable with Harris, Spencer, Harper and Hudson (who showed real upside for late round rookie). If they can get Clements or Samuel for the right price, I won’t complain, but no need to break the bank.

  7. our front seven should be more of a priority than the corners. it doesnt matter if we have shut down corners if we cant put any pressure on the qb. i dont care if you are the best CB ever, if you give any QB time to throw, he’ll pick you appart. excellent corners compliment the front seven putting pressure on the offense.
    and just like what everyone is saying, its not worth it to overpay for clements or samuel even if we have a huge cap room.

  8. This guy is not worth it… I don’t know if you guys saw an article that came during the season on ESPN. The article was about overrated CB’s and underrated CB’s duos… And Clements was teh overrated CB of the bills corners. I rather go after Samuel or Harper at the right price and pick it up the best defense available player in our spot Hopefully is Branch or Landry. Pick up Bennet or spend a 2nd round pick in the best available player in the positon of WR or CB. I really hope we can get Thomas but we’ll probably over spend for him…a lot of people want him… What do you guys think of going after that RB of the Titans I can’t think of his name but he as starter experience and since he did not a good sesason with the titans… Since he was angry with the team for not letting him play… he migth go under the radar and I think he is could be a great spell RB for Gore

  9. clements and samuals both said they want to be the highest paid corners in the league samuals has the tatoo to prove it and clements already said he wants to be the highest paid player in the league so they will be battling each other to see who will be the highest paid player.go after terdel sands as nose tackle get thomas as our outside linebacker and draft adam carriker as defensive end to rotate with bryant young ans m.doughlas,until young retires.

  10. and m.douglas,until b.young retires i ment

  11. robert the runningback your thinking of is chris brown.

  12. I think if you are going to deal with Clements or Samuel. Put your top number out there and give them a time table to respond then go in a different direction. That way they are the ones making the gamble of whether they can get more $$.

  13. Chris Brown is a good back when healthy. When healthy is the key words because he seems to be injury prone.

  14. i would try to sign him, or asante samuel, to a contract that averages about $7.5 mil/year. I think that is a bargain. Bad corners that leave gapping holes in a defense can command $5 mil or more…

    and the right strategy is to bid on a couple of guys at once and see who you can agree to first. if you give one guy a set amount of time, your #2 and #3 guys might be signed before you are able to court them.

  15. I am no football guru, but I love Gore/Robinson/Hicks. If we get RB depth do it late round draft.

    I think the past two years have proven character and chemistry can win out over raw talent. I am glad we have the freedom to spend more than past years, but there is no need to overspend. Extend homegrown and bring in some good character guys. I like the how the A’s and the Patriots do biz. I never want to go back to paying for Garcia, Owens, and Dieon when their not even on the roster.

  16. Guys don’t forget that are corners are pretty good as is. Hell we have one in the pro bowl. I garantee that we sign Thomas before we sign a 50+ million dollar corner back.

  17. well, our corners are not good, don’t dilute yourself into using the pass rush was the reason we had bad corners. I am first and foremost to say that a good pass rush will make an ok corner great, but we only have one member of the secondary who is ok. Even on the downs where there was quick pressure, if the qb has a quick presence, the secondary was helpless.

    Also, samuel will be back with the pats, the pats are known for handling the cap, well now they have plenty of space to sign him, and anyone else they may want. Beside that fact, no matter how overrated clements is, he is far better than samuel, and any other free agent corner out there.

    I agree that if they can find ways to spend the money on other players that are good, then yes do it, I don’t want to see the 49ers with 15 million in cap room going into the season the next couple of years.

    Regardless of who is brought in, they WILL be “overpayed”. The cap has increased, every team has to deal with it.

  18. I agree with all the comments… honestly I´d go for Adalius (very cool first name, Thomas doesn´t sound that intimidating), then try to get Briggs from the Bears. We could get Landy in the draft and maybe a CB in the 3rd round. Using our 2nd Round pick (plus someothers) as a trade to try to get a late 1st rounder and draft a WR.

  19. I agree with pretty much everyone here. This guy is terribly overrated for his position. His stats the last couple of years are nothing special. I say we spend the money on Adalius becuase for the last few years his stats support the fact that he is worth the money. I say for cornerback we go for Samuel, he is very physical and not afriad to go for the ball. In terms of Harper, he isnt worth the money either considering he’s always hurt (lets not forget last years playoff game between colts and steelers. He almost didnt play because his wife stabbed him in the leg). Keep the faith

    -49er for life

  20. when it all comes down to which team will offer more money!we should spend it wisley on rock me amra… adalius thomas.draft a inside linebacker in the second round like h.b. blades or anthony waters and who ever the fuck they want in the first round like adam carriker or laundry or patrick willis and the saftey from floridia….exc,exc,exc,…..bla,bla,bla….cant wait till the first for free agentcy.

  21. don’t break the bank, go with samual,and make room for thomas.that would be the right move,plus we could always pick up a corner in the raft too.

  22. I’m not sold on this guy…he is going to want to get paid more than Champ Baily, but the reality is that he isn’t as good as him. We don’t need a corner THAT bad. We have Walt Harris and Shantae Spencer…sure we

  23. yeah we do have walt harris, but how long is harris going to be with us hes like 30 sumthin isn’t he?but he is in good shape for right now adding samual would be a good move but most important is a pass rusher,if we had a decent pass rusher we have enough talent right now to make we need a pass rusher,a good hole plugging LB like briggs or thomas,and a shut down corner.I pretty much just stated the oobvious,but t makes me feel better.

  24. We need depth at corner…that is just plain truth, but not at the cost that Clements is asking. Briggs is going no where…the bears already said that they will tag him if necessary. Adalius is exactly what we need. Since we aren’t going to trade up for Branch we need to draft landry and then spend our second and third rounders on dline where there is a lot of depth in this draft.

  25. Foxsports has us getting Revis from Pitt…I don’t know why we would draft him with our first pick.

  26. We should use our money wisely and sign Asante Samuel…just because we have a lot of money doesn’t mean we should spend like a drunken sailor for Clements.

  27. I just want to reiterate the fact that Clements it the only one that is guaranteed to be on the market. Thomas is likely not to get tagged because the Ravens don’t have a lot of space, I would be shocked if Samuel hit the market.

    You guys have to remember that even if Clements gets paid as much as Bailey is getting paid, it’s not that he’s being overpaid, it’s that the cap has increased so much that there has been player inflation. The fact is that Bailey will be underpaid after the off season.

    Yes spend the money wisely, but keep in mind that there are only so many quality free agents and a couple of overpaid ones are better than being 20 million dollars under the cap the next 2 years with a few scrubs where good players could be or scrub backups where good backups could be.

    If you somehow think that the asking price of good players is going to go down over the next couple of years you need to wake up and smell the coffee, most teams have 20 million in cap space this year and will have another 8 next year.

  28. I’m not saying to not spend. Don’t get me wrong, but there are so many other free agents out there besides Clements and CORNERBACK isn’t a HIGH priority. Adalius is a must…we need a defensive leader…not SHOW ME THE MONEY and then I will disappear until my contract year. Clements is a top ten corner, but he isn’t the best. I think it is time the league stop letting the players have 100% of the power. Without the franchises they are NOTHING!!! We need team guys on our defense…not a person who will throw his team under the bus and say, “PAY ME!”. Whistling moutain, this isn’t inteded as a shot at you, but we need to realize what he is going to want and it will be probably be a really obscene amount. We could adress the Kwame issue with that money, get Adalius, maybe go after Donte Stallworth (or some other decent receiver because we aren’t going to go for a receiver with our first pick), maybe help the d line situation. These are all priorities. Cornerback is something that really could wait until next years draft is it HAD to. We need a free safety since we are obviously putting Lewis in special teams and giving him limited time at safety next year.

  29. well if someone goes down next season(cornerbacks ) you would be saying why didnt we go after a good cornerback when we had the chance. i know i would.we cant wait till next year.go after some one in the top ten while you have a chance. it doesnt happen very often you get a chance like this.this is the reason why we struggle and are only mediocre.i will not be surprized to see one of our corners go down this year.fuck next it now why we have the opertunity.its always next year with this team.we will be real lucky to have walt harris play at this level next year.

  30. I’m not against us signing him, but don’t give him the moon, the sky, and the stars either. Yes, Walt is getting old and it is probably likely that Shantae will get injured (he always does), but we need to approach this guy with some brains. Don’t get me wrong…Clements would be a huge pick up, but realize that we need to be cautious what we offer him. Sometimes guys like Clements can be asking for outageous amounts of money and we don’t need to be stupid about it.

  31. its just like selling a horse who will take the highest bid.i think it will be the redskins.

  32. The redskins don’t have even near the cap room we do. I doubt he goes to the ‘skins.

  33. If Clements wants more than 5-6 mill(and thats generous) fack him. He ain’t even close to being compared with Champ Bailey. I would rather pay Champ Bailey 12 mill. than Clements 8. Just for him thinkin he deserves that much money, what a jackass.

  34. Yes On Clements, no on the high payscale. We just need another cb in a few years and maybe draft a good cb in this year’s draft. The secondary is fine especially with hard hitting Keith Lewis around. Adalius Thomas would be a great pickup.

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