Gore, Allen, Harris Get Leid

A couple pics of Pro Bowlers, Frank “Cookies” Gore, Larry “The Buffet” Allen, and Walt “Anti-Kwame” Harris in Hawaii.

49ers Pro BowlersLarry Allen


~ by 49ersNews on February 9, 2007.

14 Responses to “Gore, Allen, Harris Get Leid”

  1. Look at Larry Allens finger! Man he could please a woman or two with that crooked thing! Man is lookin fit to!

  2. It looks like LA is about to charge the camera man in the first photo. LOL.
    P.S. Looking good girls, looking good 🙂

  3. wtf is Allen looking at in the first pic? lol

  4. OMG!! Look at Larry Allens arms, they’re enormous!!! No wonder he is one of the best linemen in football. His weightroom records are unbelievable. He did an assisted bench press of 700 pounds!!!!!!!!!! And he did a partial squat of 900 pounds!! This guy is a beast.

  5. LA looks f**** hilarious on the first pic
    what up? 😀

  6. larry allen looks like he going to fuck everyone else up at the probowl.lol!!!!

  7. i still say larry allen has a couple good years left in him..

  8. I could see Mike Nolan going into the locker room during minicamp prepared to tell him he may have to step down from his starting position, Larry giving him that look and Nolan walking away immediately mumbling “Okay…next year then…”

  9. i just heard a rumar that newberry would try to sign with the raiders.lol.

  10. Larry Allen looks like a Rhino

  11. larry alan is cool in my book.I thaught frank’s nick name was the inconvienent truth?

  12. frank gore for the MOP.he just scored a TD to tie it up at 14.not to mention 5 carries 22 yards and a TD.MOP.

  13. it will probley be payton manning just like the superbowl.over rated quarterback.

  14. Is it just me or is Gore not getting that many carries (granted that might be a good thing because we don’t want him to get injured) but I would like to see more of Gore and less of lambs’ back.

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