Arrington Will Not be a 49er

As you may have heard, the Giants released Lavar Arrington. I figured I’d save everyone time out there that thinks the 49ers may show interest in Arrington or that Arrington would be a good fit. It will never happen and the reason is because Nolan views Arrington as overrated.

“I think perception and reality are a little askew on that one,” Nolan said of Arrington being a great player.

“He’s OK,” Nolan said. “I think they have some other guys playing pretty good in front of him, so they made a change.”

Arrington is on the same boat as Jamie Winborn was on, he free lances and we all know how Nolan feels about free-lancing.

So there, that puts the end to that discussion.


~ by 49ersNews on February 12, 2007.

21 Responses to “Arrington Will Not be a 49er”

  1. i dont like that idiot anyway. never lived up to the hype he WAS supost to be and in that regard j.peterson won that battle of better linebacker coming out of the draft that year.

  2. they said that we could end up getting moore a 6-4 275 pound defensive end/outside linebacker from nebraska who had three sacks in the seniorbowl in the third or forth round.the niner nation web sight.

  3. well i would wrather hit up thomas from baltimore or briggs from chicago but he i a good player who needs motivation i think nolans comments should be enough to motivate him an prooev everyone wrong but if not then what ever id still hit up thomas first i cant wait till the draft an next year wooohoooo 49ers4life

  4. We gots us some good spellers and grammarians on this here websight.

  5. Good call Nolan.

  6. This guy is not part of the plan…but my question to everyone is….if we sign both clements and adalius then what will that do to our cap space? Does anyone have an idea because I am still eyeing the new contract for Gore that I haven’t seen yet. I would like both of these players to become niners, but DO WE REALLY have the money for both?

  7. marty shottenheimer just got fired.its on the nfl network14-2 thats messed up.

  8. another singletary canidate…

  9. Yeah, this is bad because I don’t see who else is going be considered a better candidate at this point in the game. That really isn’t good because he would have helped our defense out soooo much this year.

  10. Greg Manusky can now be going back to the chargers you guys. We cant stop him from interviewing so the 9ers might be on the look out for another 3-4 master mind, hidden in the rough some place.

  11. And one of the three players the gaints released is a T, wonder if he is a RT???? He has started 106 of 113 games. Thats good considering the gaints havent been a horrible team for the past couple of years. Niners should at least look at him for depth.

  12. WE should sign the T that the Giants released since WE can move Adam Snyder to RT and then this guy(Luke Petitegout) can back up Jonas Jennings leaving us to trade Kwame

  13. he is injury prone

  14. I seriously doubt Manusky is a candidate as a HC at this time.

    Ryan I don’t see the 49ers signing both Thomas and Clements/Samuel.

  15. Erickson, I appreciate the honesty. I really was already under the impression that this was the case, but I HAD to know. I guess technically we COULD sign them, but then we would have very little room to work with to sign other players that will be UFA. The thing is that I am kind of getting riled up to see if we indeed will make the type of splash in free agent market like we SHOULD DO. Does anyone disagree with me that the niners SHOULD be a name that we should see as a major name making major moves this offseason? There isn’t any excuses anymore…the time is now and I am hoping we aren’t going to return to our gun shy past.

  16. I truly beleive that we SHOULD sign Arrington, however we should make him battle for playing time with a rookie such as Lamaar Woodley, who we can draft in the second round. If Arrington were to freelance we would simply lower him on the depth chart and make him earn any more playing time. He will not be expensive at all and he would be lucky to earn half a million this year due to his past and his ijury problems.

  17. someone will pay for him, but not us

  18. We have bigger concerns….like how in God’s name are we going to dodge the charger bullet that it pointed right at Norv Turner. I don’t know if we will be able to dodge this one.

  19. I don’t think the chargers will go after turner. Much more likely they’ll go after Rivera or Caldwell. AJ Smith will go after someone who is younger and more willing to obey his orders.

    I actually think Singletary has a better shot at this one than Turner. Though I wouldn’t be entirely shocked if they pulled a college coach up like Sarkisan.

  20. i have one thing to say about arrignton….. STAY AWAY FROM 4949 centenial blvd WE DONT WANT U…. GO TO THE REDSKINS WHO WILL PAY U 200 MILLION FOR 5 YEARS

  21. lavar is sick,, i think he would be a great addition to this team. with derek smith and lawson we would have one of if not the bets lienbacker coar in the league…DO IT

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