MMP: Raiders Love Former 49ers

mmp.pngAnother Monday, another Monday Morning Punter. This time around seems that the Raiders still love picking up former 49ers and the wrong Harris hurts himself.

– Tom Rathman, former Niner great is back with the team he finished his career with. Sadly, the Raiders.

– Jeremy Newberry, who the 49ers said they will not bring back, is eyeing the Raiders. With the condition of Newberry’s knees, it’s not a surprise because that is about as far as they can take him.

– Sadly, for the 49ers and their fans, Kwame Harris isn’t following in Rathman’s and Newberry’s footsteps. Come on Al, we’ll give you a draft pick to take him.

– Walt ‘Anti-Kwame’ Harris suffered a hand injury during the Pro Bowl. Reports are it is likely a broken left hand and sadly, the other Harris stays injury free.

– Ed Thompson of feels the 49ers should take a look at FA LB Wali Rainer.

– Larry Allen won the NFL strongest man competition again.

– Gotta love some of that .com crowd. Seems someone is dumb enough to actually think the 49ers are going to make a run at Michael Vick.


~ by 49ersNews on February 12, 2007.

21 Responses to “MMP: Raiders Love Former 49ers”

  1. who’s this rainer guy?

  2. Lileo…here is Rainer NFL page

  3. that’s kind’ve a random person to write an article about that we would go after, even though i wouldn’t doubt we try to sign him.

  4. It’s Marcus Vick, not Michael Vick. I doubt he fits the character mold that Nolan deems necessary.

  5. Sux to hear about Walt.

  6. Well as a kid who used to root for Rathman, i say good move! Yeah its sad he is going to the Raiders, but they could use some help in RB area and as they will more then likely use two WR the start of next season they will need to use the TE and RB more in the air game. As for the Niner with Gore we have a solid ground game with him, but we should start using him a lot more in pass routes, open up the game in areas when teams try stacking 8 guys in the box.

  7. rainer sucks he is like derick smith he has a lot of tackles and doesnt make that many plays on the ball because he is too slow.

  8. and we use frank gore too much in the passing game already if we dont run it.its usualy a screen pass to gore or hicks.

  9. ugh, stay away from both vicks, i dont care who it is. marcus is a crack head and michael is just an oddity not a qb. hes got a cannon but he doesnt know where the ball is gonna end up. he doesnt seem that smart with decisions either. people that have given up on smith already are very sad people. he has done very well with the limited talent and protection around him, also consider that he has to learn a new offense every year. year 2 under turner will be very exciting. i say alex breaks out this year with VD.

  10. Yeah, stay away from a Vick…period. They scream “classless cancer”. I would rather be a horrible team with class than have a vick.

  11. Mock got us taken Anthony Spencer DE/LB from Purde n da 2nd round … not mad at dat

  12. Come on man, you cats would be mad if some how we landed a Vick? We have the great and powerful Turner, he can develop anyone right? Besides, A.Smith needs some competition. Competition makes you better.If nothing else it would light a fire under that ass.

  13. What do you expect from the bitch ass garbage losers from the Black Pit! They will always be second class to the Niners in the Bay Area, and will ALWAYS eat out of our garbage can!! Wait a year or two, they will have Derek Smith, Kwame Harris, Taylor Jacobs, Sammy Davis, Anthony AND Mike Adams, Jeff Ulbrich, Maurice Hicks, and anyone else we freakin dump!





  17. NO!!!! I am sorry, Corey. No disrespect intended, but if we were to let a Vick into the niners organization it would be the same as accepting TO back. These two brother have NO CLASS and show that they care nothing for the team or sportsmanship for that matter. They flip off kids, test positive for pot about every other month combined, are in constant trouble with the law, give no effort to make the TEAM better, and…oh yeah, they stomp on people with cleats when the players are down. They are the low of the low. The sad part is that kids look up to Michael and he still acts like a moron.

  18. It really does’nt matter Ryan, it will never happen. When did Vick stomp on some onw with his cleats though?

  19. I love how you rip on Kwame Harris all the time. Its so funny

  20. Kwame sucks big time.
    No love for this dude
    Even my mom would be a better T

  21. yeah micheal vick will never make it to the superbowl,and marcus is just a no class asshole.last year he got kicked off the team,he was doing crack,he stomped on a guys leg,who was on the ground,and he flipped of the crowd just like his brother did a while vicks at all,vick should just retire.

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