Crap, Not Again

Update: 1:57pm – Matt Maiocco is reporting the Chargers requested permission Tuesday to interview both offensive coordinator Norv Turner and assistant head coach/defense Mike Singletary for their vacant head-coaching position.
frustration.pngThe San Diego Chargers have fired head coach Marty Schottenheimer and with that the speculation on which, if not all of the 49ers top coaches will interview for the Chargers vacancy, has begun. John Clayton has already mentioned that Turner may be a candidate (Turner was in San Diego for a year and he and A.J. Smith are apparently really close) and we can’t forget Mike Singletary and even Greg Manusky whose names will most likely get thrown around. The Chargers, however, will most likely go for a veteran coach coming off a 14-2 season. So now we just sit and wait to see which coach they come calling for.

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~ by 49ersNews on February 13, 2007.

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  1. Geez…It almost sucks to have Turner as OC cuz every time there’s a head caoach opening SOMEWHERE, his name will always float up to the top of the list. If Turner sticks around this year he will definitely get offers again next year.

  2. Turner did not get the Dallas job because he wanted the type of control that Jerry Jones was not willing to relenquish. A.J. Smith in San Diego is the same type of personality. There is no way in hell that Turner would work under those conditions. Norv has a great thing going in SF and he knows it. The same media that was so wrong in saying that Norv was the front-runner in Dallas is also saying that he is interested in the San Diego job. Dont believe the hype!

  3. i heard this shit last night.i wish we could fast forward to the beginning of this coming up season just to see who the hell we would have coaching.but to me this stuff is starting to get old.why they wait so long anyway.just fire turner and singletary and hire to low life coaches and get it over with already.

  4. Relax everyone, Pete Carroll from USC is all but signing the papers as we speak. However, don’t be surprised if A.J. Smith is also fired by the Team President. Who stepped in and fired Marty on Monday. Carroll wants total control and Smith won’t work well with him.

    After losing most of their cordinators to other teams, it just seems like it’s time to start fresh in San Diego. Besides, Carrolls a former NFL coach and he’s currently on the West Coast. No way Turner goes to San Diego after signing the extension.

  5. Both Norv and Singletary should thank there lucky stars that they are where they are. Norv had his chance several times to be a head coach, and Singletary shouldn’t even be a canidate due to the defensive outout or lack there of last season. The facts of the matter is that some people are really good at certain things. Norv is very good at being a coordinator. Take me for example I’m good at playing Madden but I know that I’m not good at playing NBA LIVE so I don’t play. Norv needs to really have a come to Jesus meeting with him self and be happy with where he is. He is one of the top coordinators and needs to realize it.

  6. We have a game Sunday? Fuck, I didn’t even know. They don’t tell me when the games are played. I just run out onto the field and start aiming lasers for fucking Saturn, you know what I mean? If there’s a defense there, whatever. Sexy Rexy is more than happy to spray hot passes all over the defense’s chest. Who are we playing? The Lions? Pfft. Those guys aren’t sexy. You telling me Jon Kitna is sexy? I’ve seen white supremacists in prison who are sexier than that do-gooder. No wonder he’s a devout Christian. What kind of pussy would he pull on the open market? Dumpster pussy, that’s what.

    What’s that color the Lions wear? Honolulu Blue? Yeah, well I nailed six Hawaiian Tropic girls last week. So while those assholes are busy wearing Honolulu, I’m busy fucking it. Wore my mesh practice top the whole time, too. And in front of a mirror. Ever stick your finger up your own ass? God, it just felt so right.

    Jesus, now that you told me I’m playing Detroit, I’m all fucking hot. God dammit. I gotta go throw something. Now. I just… I just can’t take the anticipation. It’s driving me buc wild. Such a depleted secondary. So many long, long throws. You know I accidentally fucked Olin Kreuntz once? True story.

    So, you play fantasy football? That’s funny. Because I am fantasy football. Girls watch me throw and they ovulate. It’s just the way I move. So poised. So strong. So fluid. They know I’m undressing the defense with my arm. Oh, Daddy says that Rex Grossman is up to no good. And you know what, honey? Your daddy is right. I am thinking nasty, nasty thoughts when I’m out there. I throw that ball sixty yards, and I just wanna ram a stick of butter up some girl’s ass. I can’t help it. Football and sex just go together for me. It’s a natural fit, just like any girl is a natural fit on me.

    Hope you win, kid. Either way, Rex is fucking that night.

  7. Ain’t happening.
    We should worry more about Sexy Rexy banging our girlfriends than Norv leaving.

  8. Post some other news soon…. Dont wanna see another group of so called 9er fanz, jumpin off the boat…” If Norv leavez we finna suck” kill all dat talk, Norv aint goin NO where…. Da want Pete Carroll… or look 4 Mike Martz, Ron Rivera, Mora proble not, but maybe Mooch or Green…. main point, dont start trippin an giving up on da session b4 it startz… ya’ll{sum of u} was killin me last tyme… never seen so many fanz give up

  9. Saw the report that Schott and the owner hadn’t spoken in One Year???!!! wow….. but c’mon….he went 14-2. And gets fired cuz he can’t win the big one???
    Norv, you want any part of that? Forget it…stay here.
    Not going to stress again…whatever happens, happens….

  10. wtf, this is just great.

  11. Stop freaking out girls! It’ll be ok.

  12. west is only on this site to make fun of people. he is probley a real chargers fan .shit he cant even spell right. he spells like he is in second grade.

  13. To me… I have no idea how someone could overlook at Ron Rivera. If it was my choice, I wouldn´t even interview the guy. He´s the next in line. Just like Nolan was a few years back or even Pete Carroll (Which I doubt). Honestly I think Turner was a front runner at the Dallas job due to his past relations with them. Don´t think he is a front runner in San Diego. The good part is this shouldn´t take more than a week. The combine is justa few days way. An then the magic season all niner fans are waiting for. FREE AGENCY BEGINS!!!! Chargers better hurry and hire someone quick. I can bet you Rivera would kill for a shot like this.

  14. steve marriucci will be the coach of the chargers…
    dont sweat it

  15. I love it Rex!!!! Hilarious.

  16. It’s funny that the 49ers gets no respect but yet there’s teams out there that wants the coaches on the staff but in the end I think turner will stay right where he is and I don’t think a coach wants to go somewhere and turn around and get fired not too long after.

  17. Check this out. reports the Chargers have gained permission to interview Saints and Ravens defensive coordinators Gary Gibbs and Rex Ryan, respectively, regarding their vacant head-coaching job.

    They’ll meet with Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera within the next 48 hours. USC’s Pete Carroll remains a “hot” name but there have been no indications yet that he’s being pursued. FOXSports’ Jay Glazer calls Seattle DBs coach Jim Mora someone who could be considered. Feb. 13 – 2:50 pm et

  18. seems like every body is picking on the west coast coaches this going to try to ignore this and wait till free agentcy.

  19. well it seems the chargers asked to interview was on nfl live.

  20. I’m not worried. Norv will stay.

  21. west is only on this site to make fun of people. he is probley a real chargers fan .shit he cant even spell right. he spells like he is in second grade.

    A TRUE NINERS FAN said this on February 13th, 2007 at 10:54 am

    True Niner Fan, Im not taking sides but you should read what West was saying. Also keep in mind when you make comments on peoples spelling, make sure you spell correctly yourself, like the word probley, correct spelling would be PROBABLY. Also I think you wanted to say that he spells like he is in THE second grade, not he spells like he is in second grade.

  22. ok whoever thinks norv turner is a good canidate is a total moron,ignorant,stupid,idiot,dumbass.norv is an offensive coordinator,nothing more.the chargers want somebody who will win,the team is picked to win the superbowl.last time I checked turner was a sucky ass head coach,they are not going to get a coach who is going to make a 14-2 team into a 2-14 team.if schottenheimer couldn’t do it,there is no way turner is going to take this team to the superbowl.I was outraged to hear turners name being called as a canidate.people,he is an offensive coordinator not a head coach!!nolan hould have told them to make a deal,we will give you norv for ladainian tomlinson and shawne merriman.

  23. I will be rally suprised to see norv turner go,I mean all the signs point to him not going:
    norv was leading canidate for the dallas job and lost
    norv sucks at being a head coach
    the team is picked to win the superbowl,they wan’t a winning coach
    norv didn’t get the job because he wanted the team his way
    the same thing schottenheimer got fired for
    norv had alot of fun last year and lives in SF
    his son goes to school in the bay area
    all the forty niners want him here

  24. don’t worry turner aint goin nowhere,if he does he is an idiot,and the chargers organization is ran by a bunch of retards.


  26. permission DENIED we got Norv for 3 more years on a contract extension….tuff titties for the Chargers

  27. it doesnt matter about an extension, they can interview him if they want

  28. Somewhere, Wade Phillips is thinking…WTF! Talk about zero communication in a Professional enviornment. I mean if Wade Phillips can’t hear the rumors and talk in the hallways that Marty is going to fired, God help the next SOB that takes the JOB. I just saw A.J. Smith on NFL Network and he looks like a grumpy dude.

  29. the san diego chargers are way better than the forty niners the chargers will beat the crap out of the 49ers like did this past year with out a coaching staff or head coach.all you got to do is stop frank gore and thats it alex smith passes like a little girl on crack and there offensive line crumbles against a reel team like the chargers .we(the chargers) dont need norv turner becauce he is so predictable run run run screen….run run run pass to tight end ooops he droped it turn overs on down.what an idiot he is(norv turner)………p.s.thanks for taking sammy davis he is your best player.unless there over 32 years old.send san fran your old left over players. they love em old.

  30. How many rings do the Chargers have? What was the score in the last SuperBowl we played together? We also have a very young team. You are a deusche bag Reshaun. You also need to get hooked on phonics.

  31. idoubt the niners will even grant permission to interview being so close to free agency and the draft. they need to make personel moves and they want their coaching staff to be intact when they make them. i say they dont give permission. besides, they just gave him an extension and he would be a two faced bastard if he leaves. “my heart is in san francisco”. norv isnt going anywhere. period

  32. Spoken like a team that went 14-2 and still can’t make it pass the FIRST round in the playoffs. I remember a certain Niner team beating the CRAP outta those Chargers. At 14-2 and there’s no place to go but down!!!

  33. whens the last time you have been to the play offs.whens the last time you have won a game that actually ment something and fuck my spelling im a football player i get by on my body not my brains just like the 49ers whole team that worries about a stadium and not the team it self .dont forget the diapers or the tampoons for you guys stay in the gutter where you belong.

  34. you guys cant even beat arizona when we loss ,we loss to good teams like the pats and guys barely beat the raiders. i bet you the chargers make the superbowl before you niners even change alex smiths diaper.hes 22 and cant find an open drunk antonio bryant with his pants down.

  35. I love how people post as Chargers fans when in fact they are actually 49ers fans…as per the ninerfanz in their email addy.

  36. Hey Reshaun, sounds like you’re having a conversation with yourself. Go find a San Diego forum to mouth-off on or better yet go find a head coach!!!

    The Charges, always a brides maid and never a bride…sniff, sniff!

  37. well shit you got bears fans on here i figure i poss as a chager fan maybe tomarrow as a dallas fan then the next as a raider.

  38. every comment i have made. was made on this sight by other people with in the last three months.about norv turner,bryant and alex smith.i figure i use fake names like the rex grossman did and the baaqi and sammy davis ten above this one and other people do.all people do is bash each other on this sight. so i figure i try!!!!

  39. This is a dangerous situation because Norv is all buddy buddy with AJ Smith. He could go if Smith gives him some guaranteed power. I don’t like this situation…I hate being the nay sayer, but he really is a top candidate yet again. Realize that even if he does stay that he will continue to be a top coaching candidate for every position that comes up in the future (except the Raiders and the Skin). So…the NFL opens up about four to five coacing jobs a year (so ridiculous) so get used to this happening and eventually he is going to get another job as head coach. I just wish he could at least stay for one more year so Alex Smith could develop a little better.

  40. there looking for a defensive coach.i think singletary or rex ryan would be a better canidate.but there is a good chance turner could leave.

  41. “Bissel Is In Charge”….. I would run you in Madden. But I liked your analogy though…

  42. who is that in the picture

  43. A.J Smith is good friends With Norv Turner but they are looking for a young defensive coach maybe like Tom Reveria from the Bears and Plus Norv juss signed a extenstion to his contract the other day so if he does deside to go he will have to pay the niners the money so probbly unlikely he will go.. Mike Singletary on the other hand MIGHT get the job

  44. JP, I sincerely hope that you are right, but this situation gives me a bad feeling…we got lucky with the whole Dallas thing turning in favor, but this one just isn’t tasting right to me.

  45. I couldn’t help but notice the fake Rashaun Woods dude mentioning fake names like Rex Grossman. I thoroughly enjoyed the Rex Grossman comment, frankly it made my day.

    “I just run out onto the field and start aiming lasers for fucking Saturn, you know what I mean? If there’s a defense there, whatever. Sexy Rexy is more than happy to spray hot passes all over the defense’s chest.”

    How is that NOT funny? Haha!

    Oh yeah, Norv probably isn’t going anywhere. Those poor bastards (Chargers) will probably go after a defensive mind like Gibbs and more than likely Rivera. It’ll be alright.


  47. so if singletary goes to the chargers who would we make our assistant/linebacker coach next year greg loyd.

  48. Singletary will not leave for the DC position. Permission can be denied for that. Singletary only leaves for HC.

    If Singletary is to leave as HC anytime. I want Ken Norton replacing him.


  50. i thought about that too.but ken norton when he played.he only played in a 4-3 dont know if he ever had any 3-4 experiance or not and usc runs a 4-3 dont they.only watch a little college so realy dont know.

  51. Lions give Dre Bly permission to seek trade. With a cap total of 4.2 mil. for 07. Is a good man to man cover corner. But now does not fit the Tampa 2 scheme

  52. Greg…Manusky was a LB coach and he got promoted to a DC. Permission is very seldom denied to a coach with an opportunity to make a step up.

  53. You’d think that Norv would want to stick around because in the next few years this team could be Superbowl bound and prehaps become the FIRST team to win six titles. That’s gotta be worth something? Beside, Norv has to have some creditability and some sense of values to just say “NO” and stick to a team that really wants you!! My two cents

  54. Well, if I was Norv, I’d go to San Diego. They’re not gonna offer him the job though.

  55. I have never been interviewed for a head coaching position, but at some point why doesn’t Norv just say NO THANKS? It is a politeness and respect thing? Does he actually want to leave? I think my comments are along the lines of Ninerfan81. But, imagine if you kept interviewing for other jobs and your boss and co-workers knew. At some I am guessing your boss would send you right out the front door. Must be “nice” to be in the NFL.

  56. well both jobs that he’s interviewed for have been for teams loaded with talent on both sides of the ball. I can’t say I blame the guy. Anyone who loves to coach aspires to be successful at the highest level, which would be the head coach of a SuperBowl team. The Dallas job intrigued him because of his ties to the franchise. Now he interviews for a chance to run an offense with LaDainian Tomlinson, Antonio Gates, Phillip Rivers, Vincent Jackson, a solid o-line, and Lorenzo Neal. And on defense you have guys like Merriman, Phillips, Williams, Olshansky, and Castillo. Can you seriously blame Turner or Singletary?

  57. To me this has Ron Rivera written all over it. He has Super Bowl experience, runs the best defense in the league (which is what lost the Chargers the Indy game). Either that or the DC at Baltimore. Honestly, any coach could run this offense, but you need the right guy to give the finishing touches to the defense. Honestly, I don´t know how Dallas missed out on Rivera.

  58. Check this out. I think this has been a done deal from the start. Noboday fires a headcoach this late after the season is over without having a backup plan.

    There is reportedly “increasing talk in league circles” that the Chargers have a secret deal with USC’s Pete Carroll to be their next head coach. suggests that Ron Rivera and Mike Singletary’s interviews are simply to satisfy the Rooney Rule before Carroll is named. Carroll wouldn’t comment about the job through a spokesman Tuesday.

  59. Bly from the lions is gonna get traded. Go to, to bad he is 5 9″ because with the cards WRs 5 9″ isnt going to be a good match up.

  60. ERICKSON????? I’m at work and bored…. we’ve had almost 60 reply’s…I want another info article please…

  61. Dre Bly has been told he can seek a trade…. nice fit

  62. Jimmy Johnson also wanted by S.D



  65. man this shit again what do u guys think is norv gone or staying shit man shit!!!!

  66. Charles Rogers got cut, worked out for the Dolphins, but they didn’t sign him. I don’t know if he’s gonna try to make another team, but he wasn’t exactly a work-a-holic. Same deal with Mike Williams. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lions release or trade him, with having Roy Williams, Mike Furrey, and probably going after Kevin Curtis in free agency. Williams is a guy I’d like to see the Niners take a shot at. He might thrive in the environment of our team. With Jerry Sullivan’s coaching, and Johnny Parker’s conditioning, he could be a star in SF. Just a dream right now though.

  67. Big M…what do you think the chances are that Norv is leaving??

  68. who the hell is reshaun woods?,everyone’s always looking at me the kitnanator.yeah,lazer rocket arm,you the niners suck,smith should be more like me,a badass gunslinger.Im old but I still kick ass.yeah we beat dallas.I did mostly with my lazer rocket arm,there’s no way they’re going to pick brady quinn when they got me!don’t be suprised if we go 16-0 next year.well gotta go,me and re are going to a stripp club.peace.

  69. ha the 49ers are a joke,im glad I didn’t get drafted by you guys,cause Im in greenbay right now with you know who yep brett glad he is coming back next and him have so much fun,sometimes he let’s me come over and we play catch,but then he gets to excited and I have to change his diaper.but it’s all good.brett is way better than joe montana,or steve young ever thaught about many suprbowls did they win?yeah brett won a couple or two.he’s my hero and alex smith sucks.if any of you disagree with me please feel free to contact my website

  70. any new news Erickson. seems we got the packers the lions the bears and the chargers on this site.the only team we are missing from the nfc north is the vikings.

  71. Congratulations on the title! To answer your question, the best keeper has to be Gore, who has a slight edge over Westbrook at the running back position. Gore led the NFC with 1,695 rushing yards, caught 61 passes for 485 yards and found the end zone nine times. While reports indicate that offensive coordinator Norv Turner could now be in line to replace Marty Schottenheimer as the head coach in San Diego, Niners head coach Mike Nolan told me in a recent interview that the offense will remain the same with or without Turner on the staff. As a result, Gore should continue to be the team’s offensive centerpiece and wouldn’t lose value if Turner did in fact leave to become the Chargers’ head coach.

  72. it seems like we got a tough season next year we got to play the AFC north teams like pitsburg,baltimore bengal and browns all that are commited to stoping the run. then we got teams like the panthers, falcons,saints and bucks.i dont see frank gore surviving twenty two hundred we be hard just to get threw the season injury free.hope trent dilfer is ready to play a little next year if smith gets hurt.

  73. that was from we shouldn’t worry about frank gore, we should worry about alex smith if turner leaves.

  74. Okay so here’s the update and it’s starting to come together the way we (Niner Fans) are hoping. See my earlier post under (Newbie) regarding “A.J. Smith being fired”

    Now comes this report from Adam Schefter of the NFL Network:

    The NFL Network reports the Chargers may part ways with general manager A.J. Smith after April’s draft.

    Of course they’d keep Smith around for his specialty: picking talent. has speculated the same, giving credence to its prediction that USC’s Pete Carroll will become San Diego’s next coach, and bring Pat Kirwan, who currently works for the NFL, along with him.

    The reason for the firing is simple, Pete Carroll wants total control and to bring in his own personnel. Carroll is dealing with the Team President and NOT A.J. Smith. Carroll wants out of USC because of the investigatin regarding questionable conduct to recruit talent to USC. Including last year’s Heismen winner, Reggie Bush.

    Don’t worry…Novr’s not going anywhere!

  75. if gore gets hurt we are screwed.we dont have a good back up we got mike robinson who is still learning the position and a speed back in hicks. we need a runingback in the draft or a free agent this season.and a back up quarterback under 29.

  76. Sorry, 2005 Eeismen Trophy winner, Reggie Bush

  77. if we should go with a running back,adrian peterson.we should draft jordan palmer(carsons lil bro)from UTEP,I believe nolan worked with him in the senior bowl.we should draft a quarterback anyways because dilfer is old,and he is really there to teach alex we should draft jordan palmer in the third round.

  78. im not even sweating it, I know norv is not leaving.he shouldn’t.let’s just all hope nobody else fires their head coach,so we have to hear turners name.

  79. i think we should get a power back to back up gore.i was watching on espn sports center on the fullback/runingback from ruckers or someone we should draft someone in the third round like moss from miami.but they might get someone in free agentcy.and i like quarterback john beck out of byu in the mid rounds.and a couple mock drafts have us selecting alan branch or patrick willis in the first round of the draft

  80. i ignored all the talk about the chargers today.sick of all the B.S. lol….

  81. i didnt think norv stood a chance, but then i heard him named by one source (either nfl live or nfl network- i cant remember) as the front runner. however, i heard another report saying they want a defensive guy, and that they want a young first time guy. theres also the reports of the pete carrol thing. i think the best choice right now would be rex ryan out of the named candidates. look at what he did in baltimore with their linebacking corps. he could do something special in san diego. we’ll see though.

  82. trade kwame harris to the redskins for a third round pick.lmao

  83. terdell sands just signed a new deal with the raider.we another canidate for our wish list now!!

  84. some one mentioned charles rogers he doesnt have the desire or will to get charictor isues.

  85. we need another canidate for our wish list i ment…..

  86. dam i wish i was mike singletary he has been on a world tour the last couple of years.baltimore atlanta,texas and califonia 2xs.maybe next year washington, new york giants,tennesse titans and maybe cleveland or back to baltimore if bill billick screws up.

  87. its 2am in jersey and just seen vernon davis on nfl network and he said to the fans to watch out for next year cause were gonna be back and nfl network said that 49ers can be one of the teams who could end up being next years saints along with tennessee and arizona and buffalo.

  88. Im gettin tired of Norv Turner either he wants to stay with us or not stop playing games. I know the chargers job is great but maybe he should finish what he started here. He keeps saying he wants to stay with us but when ever someone fires there coach what name do you here Norv Turner. Why cant he tell the chargers no im staying with the niners. Whats next the arena team in San Jose will need a coach and of course they will want Norv Turner. NORV PLEASE MAKEUP UR MIND ALREADY STOP DICKING AROUND WITH THE 49ERS ARE U NICK SABEAN #2

  89. If anyone watched nfl network last night they were saying norv is a great fit for the san diego job.but,they did also say that the 49ers might be the new orleans saints of last year,they also picked arizona,but I don’t see tht happening.they mentioned the “triplets” thing with smith,vernon,and frank.last time we saw a triple threat like this it was oh yeah troy aikman,micheal irvin,and that other guy emmit smith.and guess who their offensive coordinator was….I’ll give you a hint it wasn’t rex ryan,wade phillips,gary gibbs,or mike we got some good news and bad,oh yeah vernon was on there and he said watch out for next year.

  90. if the giants need a new manager they will probably contact norv turner.

  91. they also said that the niners are on their way and that we shouldn’t worry about defense because mike singletary and mike nolan will work it out.he also said Rollin wit noaln.


  92. RON, i just mentioned all of what you said all ready,look above a E.T.D. NAME.

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