Audio: McCloughan Talks Draft

Scot McCloughan was on KNBR talking about the 49ers and the 8 picks in the first four rounds of the draft and also free agency.


~ by 49ersNews on February 15, 2007.

48 Responses to “Audio: McCloughan Talks Draft”

  1. 38 mill and 8 picks in the first four rounds,with a young developing offense.what can’t this team do next season?,49ers are gonna be the real deal.niners 4 life.

  2. i’m listening to this right now, but i just saw ESPN’s analysts all predicted the Niners as 9-7 or 10-6 and in the playoffs.

  3. It sounds like we’re not getting Ginn.

    Thank God.

    As much as I like LaRon Landry, something tells me we’ll be getting Pat Willis. That’s cool though.

  4. What I mean, is that he pretty much stated he wasn’t going to just draft guys that look good and are flashy. He wants leadership and passion, even if they might not be the ‘sexy’ picks.

  5. He really didn’t give a lot of hints other than what we already know. He does think that this year’s free agent and draft classes are loaded at defense, so he’s real happy about that.

    As I’m typing, I’m watching Donte Stallworth on NFL Total Access saying that he wants to go to SF IF Norv Turner stays, but he wants to come to Cali cuz he’s from here. pretty much same as we know, but they only mentioned SF as a possibility and none of the other teams besides returning to Philly.

  6. no a.thomas,no stallworth only mediocre talent with good attitudes and good backgrounds.we will win two more games so realisticly i feel we will be 8-8 or 9-7 at best.thats how i feel.i dont know how much aninio bryant not being in the first two games and how fast we start the season and how much the refs like us. i noticed if you hand a ref the ball in his hand and not throw the ball.the refs like you my opinion it depends on the draft and not as much in free agentcy.

  7. I really like what Scott had to say. This guys knows his shit! The Niners are going to be looking really good with Scott and Mike in our corner. Can’t wait to say I told you so, to all them Niner haters.

    Niners 07/08

  8. i also like on sportscenter on espn they were talking about the michigan defensive tackle not going lower than the seventh pick in the draft but right under that it said in mel kipers mock draft we will get branch at number eleven.

  9. Well I just listen to the interview and if what he’s saying about giving big bucks to a FA player 30+ then A.Thomas doesn’t look like a good fit for us. Scott said it himself, we’re going to build this team through the draft. So far, Smith, Gore and Davis…(Lawson) they’ve done that.

    Besides, it’s my opinion that guys like Thomas are easier to find then a shut down corner. Samuel will get the Franchise tag in New England and Nate Clements (who we almost had last year) seems to be the logical choice.

    He’s 27 and without a doubt, clearly one of the best CB in the game! More LBs in the NFL to choose from but only a hand full of shut down corners. So Scott and Mike, sign him up and lock him up for the next 5 years, because let’s face it, Walt’s only got 2 more years max left in the tank.

    Get your LBs and DE in the draft. My personal choice is Adam Carriker!!

  10. i have been saying adam carriker for the last two months in the first round if not him then middlelinebacker pat willis i just hope willis can add another five to ten pounds to play middle line backer in a 3-4.he is only two hundred and thirty pounds.shawn springs might be avalable if the redskins get clements.

  11. the best first round picks i like are #1 adam carriker#2 alan branch#3 patrick top three….

  12. he also said that free agency is a supplement, meaning, we need some guys that can fill holes and come in and play until we can acquire younger guys that we can develop and eventually replace them with. i think everyone knows the niners are going to be a big player for thomas, but he is gonna have to realize he is gonna be 30 this season and he is coming to here to help us win a title in the next few years and then we’re gonna replace him.

  13. Redskins don’t have the cap room to sign Nate Clements and I think they’re several years away from doing anything. The owner only wants to BUY a championship team, not build one!

  14. youre right probley end up going to arizona or bad we cant get sheldon brown and move him to saftey you see some off the hits brown gives. look at the hit reggie bush took in the playoff game.

  15. Sheldon Brown is pretty good. He doesn’t get too many picks so people don’t really give him much credit. He is a safe and consistant player that plays to win and not for a highlight reel. Love to have him, but I’m quite certain Andy Reid highly praises him for his dedication and work ethic. Shawn Springs will solve nothing in my opinion. He’s getting old and beat down. I wish I could supply a link, but it has been sometime since I read this…I heard Panthers are in for some harsh cuts to get below cap, mainly those on defense. One that springs to mind most (in terms of us needing him) is Ken Lucas. There is a guy I would LOVE to have. He played through injuries last year, but I know he is highly capable of performing at a high level again and for years to come. Even more realistically, there is Dre Bly that is on the trade block. People have been complaining and I don’t know why. He is a great player and is tough. He played with a cast on is wrist for crying out loud! I’m crossing my fingers for him, rather than the billion dollar man Clements, that in my opinion is not even AS good as Bly.

  16. they probley complain about dr dre bly because he is to short at 5-9 to play against arizona receivers and taller receivers we got to play this coming up year.but we could use all the help we can in the secondary this year.i dont care if they get corners and safties in the draft or free agents.maybe we should be like basketball and baseball orgs and go to china to find some

  17. He has a loser mentality…courtesy of the Lions. If Turner returns then I say make the move for Stallworth and put some injury clauses in that contract. Adalius is a must. But, if Turner doesn’t return then we should go after more defensive players. I hope no one has lost sight of the fact that Gore STILL needs an extension and we aren’t going to be doing anything productive without a run game. Rosenhouse has a way of complicating things if you make his clients wait. TO BIG M and ERICKSON….who do you see us getting in the first round (your predictions) I say it will be Landry or Okeye. My friend also told me that ESPN did a special on the niners cap situation…does anyone have anything on that?

  18. Also, realize that Thomas is going to want a four or five year deal when we should go for 3 to 4 years. He is performing right now, but he IS about the be 30 and that has been weighing on my mind where Clements is 27. What do you guys think????

  19. who’s this Derrick Landry kid that they were talking about towards the end… the one they say got hurt in the sugar bowl and m,ay go undrafted…what position does he play

  20. they said on espn about the dolphins might release keith traylor.i say we should go after him for a one year deal.i would like us to draft adam carriker in the first and on espn they said that sidney rice will probley drop to the second round becauce is too rawl. so if he does drop to the second round i hope we pick him or a corner.what ever happend to that corner out of arizona,antoine cason is he coming out or did he stay in school for his senior year. i havent heard anything on him this year.and scott mcCloughaN WE GOT 39 MILLION IN CAP SPACE RYAN but that is before we resign frank gore. and i hope we can pick up a right offensive tackle to replace the princes kwame harris.he worries more about his hair more than pertecting alex smith.

  21. samra derick landry is a defensive tackle/end coming out of nortre dame this year. he plays defensive tackle in college but is only 6-3 270 pounds.

  22. 30 really isnt that old for his position….a four year deal is what i am hoping for but also wouldnt be mad at all if it was a five year deal..we will gain much more if we spend money on one of the best pass rushers in the league rather than a corner…need pressure on the qb it does not matter how good your corners are if the qb has a month to throw the ball db’s lose everytime…draft a db( landry, nelson, a. ross, merriweather, DAVID IRONS senior bowl) I’d love anyone of them

  23. Princess Kwame…I love it!!

  24. well how about this..if for some weird reason we dont get A.Thomas.we trade our first for more picks and get the defensive end/O.L.B Anthony Spencer from purdue.maybe we can get lucky and trade with new england they have two first round picks.and on my last statement i ment to say,sidney rice might fall to the second round becauce he is too raw.

  25. That would be AMAZING to get the two first rounders from New England, but I doubt it, simply because New England has a reputation for building through the draft and not being complete dumbasses like Washington. There is no one at 11 that is better than the combination of two slightly farther down.

  26. i just saw on espn that justin smith got the fran. tag. the only one not behind bars this year.

  27. Dre Bly… not mad at dat… perfect fit… saves money 2 address other needs and we get a lock down corner, wit heart…. an his height ” not an issue” da way he playz

  28. guys… adalius thomas is the big piece to the puzzleon defense.

    the draft: as far as first round… it’s hard to say, but if we stay at 11, then alan branch, dwayne jarrett, reggie nelson, laron landry, or ted ginn look like possibilities, depending on who falls to us, but i wouldn’t be surprised if we traded down to get spencer from purdue and then willis from ole miss. guys it’s really early though. the combine has even happened yet, and we are far from seeing the personal workouts. we need to be patient and trust nolan and mcloughan.

  29. Yea 49ers basically have 9 positions which I don’t think it’d be too hard to improve on, 3 of them extremely high priority ( right tackle, nose tackle, outside linebacker ), 4 pretty high priority ( one DE, both safeties, and a corner ), and 2 which would help alot ( the other DE, and WR ).

    If they can address 6 of these in free agency with one big splash in Adalias, and a few good pickups, would be ideal to go into the first day of the draft with 4 picks and 3 spots to hit. Obviously this is ideal, less than ideal could still be pretty damn good improvements.

    Adalias is huge because if they get injuries or are, for other reasons, forced to do this 3-4/4-3 thing, he can go up and just play end. If they can not get him, I still think they have the money for one big splash, so Clements would be the guy or Samuel if he doesn’t get tagged.

    I trust the 9ers will get it done this off-season.

    Who else is really excited for March-1 through May 1 =o)

  30. Now…my question to you all is….What is your take on what we should do in the second round??? Names….positions???

  31. first round defensive lineman,DE/DT,LB.second round MLB/WR/CB.third round(2pics)saftey,DT, OLB,MLB.forth round,(3pics)WR,OT,OG,CB,SAFTEY.but it all depends on who we get in free agentcy too.

  32. we should get a.thomas.he did have a 60+ yard fumble recovery for a TD in the probowl.I do agree with those guys who say we need a pass rusher,because without a pass rusher,a red shirt freshman could pick your defense apart.the only time you don’t have to rush a passer is when your playing the bears.rex grossman just throws it up there,it’s like he’s playing catch with god.

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  35. Isn’t great to have 37 million, and all of these draft choices too?!?! Hope we get A.Okye. He’s the next B.Y., and he’s only 19 right now! I like Meecham from Tenn. he’s going to be a monster w.r. How about a back-up for Gore??

  36. Thanks Jerry

  37. There’s a report from NFL Network that New England will look strongly at playing “TAG” with A. Samuel. The Club has until Thursday’s deadline to do so or risk losing him to another club. Keep in mind, that “TAG” will cost New England 7.79 million this season. Look for TE Daniel Graham to become a FA.

    Also, Lance Briggs is now off the market, since Da Bears slapped him with the FT today, signing him to one year worth 7.2 million. Teams can still persue Briggs, but it would cost 2 first round picks…ouch!!!

    And finally Leonard Davis, OT with Arizona, will not be tagged and will become a FA. The Niners are mentioned as interested in the big fella at 6`7, 360 lbs!

  38. Ninerfan81….Samuel has been tagged.

  39. The Patriots designated CB Asante Samuel as their franchise player Friday, guaranteeing him $7.79 million for 2007.

    Samuel is still free to sign an offer sheet with another team, but New England can match the offer or decide to take two first-round picks in return for letting him go. The Patriots apparently felt it was more important to keep Samuel than TE Daniel Graham, who they may lose to free agency. Feb. 16 – 8:15 pm et

  40. So with all of this happening the niners need to something early and aggressive before EVERYONE is tagged!!

  41. Yes and no, the teams have the option to tag before the deadline on Thursday. FA bidding starts March 2…I think.

  42. doesn’t work that way friend….

  43. Actually…no offense intended…as of March 2nd…it does work that way.

  44. they talk about adalius thomas being old but look at guys like ray lewis, bryant young, bret favre, larry allen, donnie edwards, zach thomas and our very own walt harris. these guys still go game and theyre old. a 34 year old adalius would still probably be very effective. b.y. is still one of the top d linemen in this league, ray lewis is still the scariest s.o.b. in football. this guy being 34 when his contract expires (if we get him for 4 years) will still be a productive player, he’s in great shape. get him niners

  45. Gore was the best pick for RB inthe Pro Bowl, should be even better next year.

    By the way, I was wondering if you would like to exchange links? Let me know. Thanks.

  46. okay

  47. Guys yet again I can’t say this enough we need a pass rusher

  48. The Niners need time to build up. The parity nonesense makes weak teams look better than they are. S.F. doesn’t need parity, they need to play in an NFL that lets’ all team compete to be dominant. As for the draft, S.F. should look at de Charles Johnson. then take a receiver like Tennessee’s Robert Meechem in the 2nd round.

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