Stallworth Lists 49ers as an Option

Donte Stallworth of the Eagles is set to become a free agent in 15 days. He says he’d like to return to Philly, but if Philly doesn’t want him back, (they barely have the cap room and the draft pick they dealt to New Orleans upgrades from a fourth to a third if he re-signs before March 2nd) he has other options.

Two teams Stallworth mentioned that he’d like to play for are the Patriots first and the 49ers second. Stallworth was born and raised in Sacramento, where he was a Niner fan and says he would love nothing more than to make it back to California.

Now the question is do the 49ers feel the same way?

Source: [Philadelphia Daily News]

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~ by 49ersNews on February 15, 2007.

39 Responses to “Stallworth Lists 49ers as an Option”

  1. i think if we signed stallworth that would be amazing. he finally showed what he can did this past year and would be greta to help develope alex smith. also him playin for his favoirte all time team i think is a plus too, i think hed show a lot more passion and what not

  2. Two words: deep threat.

  3. Bryant, Stallworth and Vernon.
    Let’s do it

  4. i’m down, that’s a lot of ego in the receiving corps, but i think it could get done.

  5. Is Bryant still on the team? Stallworth is the best FA WR out there. I can’t see us doing any better in the draft. In effect, it would solve a lot of problems.

  6. it would be a nice addition. rather have him over porter. then the draft, and fa could focus all on defense.

  7. Rob…yes Bryant is still on the team.

  8. how many games did he miss this year with bad hammy’s??

    bad hammys = no deep threat

  9. I was curious about the injury, also…

  10. That’s my concern is his hammy and the games he could miss.

  11. yes…..stallworth would be a great addition, but i wonder what the possible repercussions would be? team chemistry? competitional drama? i think bryant is a great receiver, and he’s got some sticky hands – just what the 49ers need. he just needs to tone down his attitude a gear down or two, because other players can read his head, especially when he’s frustrated. coach nolan and turner will need to balance plays, they can run the ball with gore as much as they want, but i would like to see the wide receivers be utilized more. battle can keep battling it out, but he really does need partners in crime.

  12. if we get stallworth, and draft paul williams, then we would instantly have a really solid receiving corps next season, with some competition for playing time.

  13. Quick note to Erickson. Be a little more informative with your report. What if the reader doesn’t know his position? Even if you’re citing another outlet try and round out the post.

  14. I would rather just take Dwayne Jarrett with the 11th pick. I know everyone is talking about using that pick on defense but e have almost 10 picks on the first day!! Why not upgrade the one position on offense that needs it then spend the rest of the draft upgrading our defense. Free agency will probably be used to upgrade the D anyway so why not use that pick on Jarrett

  15. Jarrett sucks big time

  16. IMHO if we can balance out the pass game a little more we will get more yards for Gore in the long run, they will not always be looking to stop the run. with the threat of Stallworth Bryan Battle and VD we will spread the field more and accomplish this. This will give wonderlick boy A Smith no excuses to improve.

    This pick up would be awesome. Save the #11 pick for a defensive stud, we definitly need it.

  17. i watched the nfl network lasted night.the said that they would take dwayne bowe over jarrett becauce he doesnt block well and isnt that pollished.that just said it there he doesnt block well so we wont draft him just on that.lets take sidney rice in the second round if we dont get stallworth remember he said new england first.

  18. “Quick note to Erickson. Be a little more informative with your report. What if the reader doesn’t know his position? Even if you’re citing another outlet try and round out the post.”

    If you don’t know who Donte Stallworth is, you should not be watching football.

  19. Where is Sexy Rex? He is about due for a post!

  20. Baltimore article about Thomas.,0,5202868.story?coll=bal-sports-headlines

  21. New England is historically cheap when it comes to free agents on the notion that you can play for a championship caliber team, but for less money. I do not see them going after Stallworth. They have receivers and the youngster Jackson. If anything, they will save their money for Adalius. Lets get him and focus on the D. Jarrett at 11 is a waste unless he shows some speed. We do not need possession receivers!

  22. Me!! Dammnit!
    shut the fuck up and do your own blog. We all read the other shit out there i heard this story yesterday, its just posted by erickson so we faithful can talk about. Ericksona your awesome!

  23. still would rather have Porter….Stallworth injuries plus Porter can block… another plus 4 Gore

  24. To Rachel Nichols:

    He got out the spiral notebook he carries around Halas Hall and started to make a list of instructions to himself. The most prominent? “Read and React. Just play.”

    You should see the other motivational slogans in my book:

    -No one fucks like the Rex.
    -I fucking mean it. Rex is the best.
    -Watching Rextasy sex a girl is like watching God create the Earth. Only hotter.

    He turned to Johnson, his road roommate, and compared his future to a craps game. “Well, my man, I got the chips stacked high,” he said. “I’m going to have to go out and have a good shoot.”

    On your face, if you’d like. Who’s the big winner when you roll the dice with the Sex Cannon? Your vagina, that’s who.

    He says everything he’s gone through has made him psychologically stronger for what lies ahead, even the seemingly tight margin for error he’ll face in the playoffs, where a slow start could lead to a quick hook in favor of backup Brian Griese.

    That’s where you underestimate me, sweetie. Sexy Rexy lives for tight margins. In fact, the tighter the margin, the more likely the Sex Cannon is to blast through it with a steaming load of freshly shot passes. I’ll leave that margin busted wide open so that no one wants to even touch it ever again. Nobody does it better.

    I know you want it, Sweetie. But fear not. Sexy Rexy won’t make you wait too long for some arm candy. Maybe a week or so. Really get you wild after you see me cocking my arm back all Sunday afternoon. Who can resist some Sexy Rexy armcocking? No one can. Then maybe, just maybe, I’ll give you a taste.

    Don’t play shy and curious with me, sweetie. If you want a piping hot Throwgasm, all you have to do is ask.

  25. go post on the fucking bears sight you idiot.

  26. Lighten up a little. It’s only some humor. News has been not only a little bit repetitive and slow, it’s also been really negative lately too. I like the Grossman posts and few others do too. It breaks up the monotony of repetition. It’s not like the posts have anything about 49ers sucking and if you notice they all pick on Grossman for being a cocky asshole that only throws deep. I don’t like the Bears…so it’s funny. The only persons that should be offended by those posts probably are Bears fans.

    Just lighten up a little. It’s just in fun.

  27. youre the one probley writing this shit on here anyway.

  28. ill switch to niners nation web were they only talk about the niners and not the bears.

  29. stop bitching

  30. now that would be a wise aquisition Ive like Stallworth since he was opposite Joe Horn an the Saints….quality reciever

  31. there is no way in hell we should pick dwayne jarret,he sucks.if we pass up laron landry for some toothpicked armed backstreet boy thug,were idiots.laron landry is a stud and can be the next top safety in the nfl.if we should go with a reciever we should go with dawayne bowe,he can block, and he is big and is said to be perfect for a west coast system,that is if calvin johnson is allready taken which he should be.

  32. rex must wearsex panther,it’s made out of real bits of panther,so you know its 60% of the time every time.

  33. Scott:
    congrats! you pass the douche test! we’ll have your official results in the mail in approx 5 business days.
    so scott wants this to be an exclusive ‘faithful’ blog. isn’t that wonderful. a simple ‘WR’ right before his name would allow people who aren’t beat fans to more easily read the article. again not a big deal. erickson does a fantastic job.

  34. scott, I had no idea you had sergury to get your balls removed.

  35. Come on now jarret does not suck. I can see people not wanting to take him because we got other needs, but the dude can play.

  36. Stallworth would be a great pick up but he sid on a radio show that he is going to try his hardest to say with the eagles..but it would be great grew up in Sacramento went to Grant high school nd was a Niner fan should be a great fit

  37. ” a simple ‘WR’ right before his name would allow people who aren’t beat fans to more easily read the article. again not a big deal. erickson does a fantastic job. ”

    Erickson doesn’t have to make blogs so retarded people can read them. If you honestly have no idea that Donte Stallworth is a WR, you should shoot yourself.

  38. Didnt nolan say he wanted to pick up a wr via draft?

  39. why are you on this website if you don’t know who good nfl players are. go to some other website if you need help figuring out what position Donte Stallworth plays.

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