Niners on the Prowl

john-clayton.pngAccording to John Clayton the team to watch in free agency is the 49ers. They currently have roughly $37 million in cap space and are expected to sign two top defensive players in free agency. Of course the names that are still popping up are Adalius Thomas and Nate Clements.

Speaking of Thomas according to Jeremy Green from ESPN’s SportsNation he mentioned that Thomas and his agents were informed by the Ravens that he would not get franchised. The Ravens have until February 22nd to place the franchise tag if they decide to do so.

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~ by 49ersNews on February 16, 2007.

75 Responses to “Niners on the Prowl”

  1. dont get too excited we will be lucky to sign one big free agent if they all dont get tagged first.its all threw the draft again this year.

  2. who said I was getting excited. Just reporting what Clayton said. I’m not even getting my hopes up for Thomas.

  3. I think picking up 1 big free agent would be the best move. No need to blow all the cap space on free agents this year. We still have at least a year of building before we can make any real serious push at the title.

  4. It only took Lovie and the Bears three years to get to the Super Bowl. How long do you want to wait?…. Seems like it’s been a long time since Steve Young and Co. beat San Diego. “Building?” Sounds like ‘potential.”

  5. bull S*** another rebilding year shows what kind of faith you have ….we beat the team that won the divison twice this year that title is ours for the takin next year!

  6. the bears sucked but their defence was pretty much in place. a few plugs. we need some work but i think it can be fixed this year. lots of defensive talent coming out this year. the niners win the division next year. screw the seacocks, the lambchops and the arizona who gives a fucks. niners will ride next year gentlemen. hey nfl, we’re BAAAAaack

  7. it took the saints one year to rebuild their team an make it to the nfc championship game.I don’t think they could have done it without drew brees,so a big free agent would help out this team alot,not to mention we have a pro-bowl running back we need to sign.

  8. we desperately need a pass rusher.that’s what we are lacking,we have decent LB’s,and a pro bowl corner,and a hard hitting safety.I love bryant young but he is an inconsistent lineman,and he is getting old,and only has a couple more years with us.we need to find a replacement via draft,and a big name free agent corner.

  9. soloman wilcotts on nfl network keeps sayin norv turner is the best fit for San Diego.he said that you don’t have to do a lot of changing when your team is 14-2.I don’t think norv think’s reportd tha after norv didn’t get the dallas job he is still interested in other places as long as he can make some changes.I don’t think norv will be getting the job.

  10. if we grab two in fa, at least one will need to be a bargain. spend the money on thomas, then try and get bly. cato june could also be a option. on the offensive, i think a possesion rec would help, maybe curtis from the rams, or a deepthreat like stallworth. if we can nab 2 or 3 , this team will have some attitude.

  11. THANK GOD!!!! I can’t begin to tell you how worried I was with all the tags going around.

  12. Erickson, please give Adalius Thomas and Nate Clements labels after their names. Not everyone here knows what positions positions they play.

  13. Thomas and Clements isn’t a likely situation to happen…would I like it to happen…yes. However, it is more likely that we will get Thomas and Stallworth…then MAYBE Leonard Davis. I don’t see us making more of a splash than that. The thing with Clements is that he would make such a difference on our team. THink if he was our answer to everyone’s number one target and then Harris and Spencer got to cover the other two.

  14. News out of Buffalo is Bills might part ways with Spikes. Being from Western NY this guy is awesome! After a subpar season because of an injury the Niners may be able to get him for a bargain. He would be a definate upgrade over Smith.

  15. What position does he play (forgive my ingorance). Also, the word from Eagle land is that they are really unlikely to resign him because if they do then they are going to have to give up their third round draft pick instead of their fourth. Apparently the front office REALLY doesn’t want to do that.

  16. I was speaking about Stallworth.

  17. It amazes me that people don’t know what position these guys play. Do you even watch football? Come out of your caves.

  18. ” It amazes me that people don’t know what position these guys play. Do you even watch football? Come out of your caves. ”

    Are you fully unaware of what sarcasm is?

  19. I’m still around just checking out the new article that get posted to see what’s new I just don’t have much to say anymore it was like everything I said was wrong and people was playing with my name and this is by my fellow niners fans after a while I felt like I was on a raiders bolg or some other blog or something so these days I just don’t have anything to say!

  20. One more thing I can’t get out my head that a raiders fan got on here and trashed our team and said how they was going to kick our ass and he got more respect as a raiders fan on here than I did a long time 49ers fan.

  21. anyone else think john clayton looks like a fetus???

  22. he looks like he belongs in the benchwarmers movie or clay ackans brother.

  23. hey baaqi we still love u brother, but post when ur informed or u will get trashed anywhere, no matter what team.

    and the dude that was being sarcastic: u cant be sarcastic over the internet bro! people cant tell.

    anyways, this is good news in a slow week of news for us… im dreading the time when it gets reeeealllly slow. i need to get a job during that time or pikc up a new skill or something. shit.

  24. If you were being sarcastic I remove the statement, but I think I was looking at another topic where someone asked the same thing. I assumed it was the same person. You know what they say about what happens when you ass…u…me.

    Agreed about john clayton

  25. great news the cardinals are letting O-Linemen Leonard Davis go.
    can you say good by Kwame Harris!

  26. That’s what’s up, Big M it’s good to here that because when I first started coming on here I felt right at home being as though it was hard to get some good and accurate niners news and I was on here with all niners fans made me feel right at home but when I post I’ll just post to get some information ETC. but it’s good to see you post that up dog I appreciate that.

    Well as we all know ashante samuels got the franchise tag so who will it be at corner with walt harris if it won’t be clements?

  27. i can say hello leonard leonard in miami. john clayton just reported that leonard davis just flew over to miami to talk about a contract slow and never lived up to my potintal.please sign me to a 50 million 10 year deal.

  28. Maybe Leonard Davis will be a good fit that sounds pretty good I wonder how nolan feels about him.


  30. heres another report the 49ers just put the tag on norv

  31. if only we could

  32. So much would fall into line if he and Singletary would return. This is SUCH A CRUCIAL year for this franchise. With all of these moves being made I wonder when the niners will make one because if Leonard Davis is making trips to Miami then it’s not just for the beach (although I am sure that helps). Who are the niners flying in to see them?

  33. Granted….most of the players they are seeking are still under contract until March 2nd. Does that apply to Clements as well?? Does anyone know??

  34. i think that post about leonard davis going to miami is fake.i didnt read or see anything on that he is going to miami.i see that miami is interrested but NOBODY (except arizona) can sign him till march 2nd. and that aplies to nate clements too.does any one know if the saints put the tag on charles grant . i was hoping that justin smith or terdell sands would have come here but smith was tagged and sands got signed.and i knew the whole time that the pats where going to put the tag on samuals.i wont be surprized if the rams make a strong run at clements too.

  35. What up jerry, it’s good to be back, I can’t remember but does anyone know if nolan was part of that coaching staff when the ravens won the superbowl?

  36. john clayton has to be one of the funniest looking people on the planet.not to be mean or anything but,.he looks like a light bulb,if you put a picture of mr.mackey off south park next to john clayton’s picture they’re identical.


  38. Ryan you picked the perfect word for our situation with our coaches CRUCIAL I can’t relax first it was the dallas thing know it’s the chargers, why don’t they just leave our coaches alone and let us rip through this coming season.

  39. Lenard Davis is soft… an can he play RT… i wouldnt want him @ LT wit Jonas an Larry working so good 2gether.. y brake it… As 4 Thomas I feel we will get him an hope 4 Dre Bly… @ WR would wait 4 Porter, he help out da team more, short yard catchs, deep an he can BLOCK… learned from 2 of da best…RICE an BROWN…. Stallwoth might play 8 games b4 he gets hurt

  40. I really got that on my mind, I’m thinking that he was but I can’t put my finger on it, As far as John Clayton is concerned yall got me laughing, yall some crazy dudes but him and saun salisbery clashes about football knowledge and when he gets mad he looks like he’s about to turn into something, like some kind of creature or some shit.

  41. looks like if we get two defensive studs its going to be clements (even though most of us dont want him) because Asante got tagged, and Adalius. If we get them i would be pretty happy. Then we’d have to sign Stallworth and draft Allen Branch. According to Mel Kiper, Branch is going to fall to 11 and we’re going to take him. keep the faith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -49er for life

  42. alan branch=perfect fit for our defense

  43. mike nolan wasn’t in baltimore for the superbowl season. he was the defensive coordinator for the new york jets for the 2000-2001 season, when the ravens when the superbowl. he went to baltimore the next year as receivers coach, then as defensive coordinator the year after.

  44. who the heck does alan branch play for?

  45. He plays for Michigan

  46. …ted….he’s from michigan…i think okoye is going to be better. he’s already very good. this comming season he will turn 20! he could play for many years to come. maybe be the next b.y. …he can play nt,dt, and de!

  47. he cant play nt

  48. there is a pretty good story on youtube about vernon davis growing up.go to youtube and type vernon davis story.

  49. just hope ew keep Norv Turner, he is so important to Smiths developement. I dont want to blow all our money this year on a so-so free-agent market.. Thomas would be a great pick up but I dont want o over spend for him. I think we should try to make a trade for Porter then maybe Thomas or Clement! then go after either a LB or DT with our first pick….

  50. everybody mentions how good branch is.. i’ve never seen him play. is there any highlight film on him?

  51. no footage on alan branch on youtube.

  52. I’m not sold n Branch at all. If he was HUGE, then yes. But he’s not. Everyone thinks he’s gonna solve our NT position and he won’t. Even still, I strongly believe there is MUCH better and MUCH safer picks than him. LaRon Landry (I don’t care who we resigned), Pat Willis (Yeah…Derek Smith? Pfft.), and even one of the many DE’s available could work out better. Branch will probably be our DE if we get him, due to size. BUT, guess what? We’ll have a really slow DE. No thanks. I know defense NO MATTER WHAT, when it comes to 1st round. But Alan Branch? I’ll pass. He’s fit for a 4-3, not a 3-4.

  53. 3-4 ends are not speed guys, but ur right he’s not a true NT. He’s 325 or so but he’s also 6’6 or something like that.

    on another note, Erickson, you should post up that Vernon Davis Story from YouTube. every niner fan needs to see that. i’m more proud to be a niners fan after seeing that. our triplets are just awesome guys man. Alex, Frank, and Vernon are 3 amazing people, even more so than the original Dallas triplets, cuz we all know what kind’ve guy Irvin is.

  54. …. How is 6’6″ 330 Lbs too small for a NT?

  55. he’s taller, so he’s not as stout. he weighs more because of his height. would Shaq be a good NT? get what i’m sayin?

  56. not saying branch couldnt get the job done, but at this point he doesn’t have the build. if u see him, he’s not like a ted washington or vince wilfork body type. i saw him on espn the other day showing his workouts and stuff.

  57. heres my mock draft…..if the raiers trade,randy moss or jerry porter#1 RAIDERS select the best player in the draft CALVIN JOHNSON,#2 the lions sucked big time when there running back went down so i can see them taking at #2 adrian peterson#3 the browns need a good quarterback and i think jamarcus russell falls to the browns.#4 john grudden needs a defensive tackle this year,and with working with him in the seniorbowl i can see the bucks selecting adam carriker,remember gruden tried him at tackle in practices.#5,arizona needs line help and gets joe thomas,#6redskins need defensive line help and they select the# 1 defensive end,gaines adams.#7,the vikings need a defensive end too and since in the draft the wide receivers class is deep this year i see them selecting D.E.jamaal anderson.#8 texans need a runingback bad and i see them selecting R.B.marshal lynch.#9 dolphins are talking about releasing dt keith tralor they will get the best dt in the draft in alan branch.#10 the falcons are desprate for a saftey so they will get laron landry.#11 the 49ers need a saftey that can tackle and catch the ball and the 49ers select…….reggie nelson.thats the way i feel about the way the draft might go.i also think brady quinn falls like Aaron Rogers did when we selected alex smith.

  58. I don’t see why this is even in discussion as Branch is considered a top 5 pick but, him being 6’6″ and 330 Lbs is not that big of deal. Vince Wilfork is 6’2″ 325. If you take into consideration the height and weight difference between them, it’s not as big of deal as some are making it out to be as they would almost the same. Also, Branch being 6’6″ means he has a lot more room to bulk up.

  59. The 49ers will have Thomas…mmmkay?

  60. if shaq played bigM he would be the bigest tight end ever and if he played defensine tackle. all he would have to do is stand up and knock the ball down as tall as he i our fresno state defensive tackle Louis Leonard 6-4 330 pounds is selected to go in the third or forth round or the draft this year.

  61. then we should take him

  62. …’m’…Okoye played d.t., d.e., and NT at the Senior Bowl. All the writers and the niners head coach, a guy named Nolan, said he did a heck of a job at all three. Nolan also added that of the d-line players that day, Okoye was the most impressive of ALL of them.

  63. I’m a HUGE Michigan fan and the knock on Branch is sometimes he doesn’t play low enough. Which is in consideration of his height, but he is definately more effective as an end.

  64. Davis isnt that huge an upgrade over Harris and would be wasted money. Plan= Sign R.Hood (CB), A.Thomas (LB) K.Jenkins (NT) from Carolina when’s released. Trade 1 of our 3rd for Porter with the Raiders. Sign Willis(LB) in the 1st and Meweather(FS) in the 2nd. Re-sign Gore and we’re set for a run at the playoffs.

  65. jumpin jimmy… he might’ve played at nose for the senior bowl but he isn’t an nfl 3-4 nosetackle. his attributes are as a penetrator. the 3 down-linemen in the 3-4 are big cloggers who hold the point of attack, not penetrating guys, which is why anthony adams will be let go.

  66. with only 15 tacklesand 2 sacks all season i would release anthony adams too.

  67. …M…Okoye is a lot larger than A.A. Right now he’s 19 and he hasn’t stopped growing yet! A.A. is a good athelete. I hope they find another job for him, like m.l.b or fb. Also I would like to add again that it’s exciting that we have soooo many draft picks, and so much money! This draft is deep with defensive palyers, and that’s what we need alot of. I think Okoye is a rare talent. I hope we get him. No big deal M, most of all I’m still a ‘Niner fan!!!

  68. how can anyone say that Alan Branch is small? There is NO WAY that Okoye is better than Branch. We run the 3-4 and that is what branch would be perfect for. When you’re 6’6″ and 330 pounds, you aren’t small. He will eat up space and offensive linemen. I doubt we will get him, but anyone that says they would take Okoye over Branch isn’t paying attention. By the way…I was wondering…do any of you think we could do a sign and trade with the Raiders (Eric Johson for Porter). Do you think that would be wise?

  69. johnson is a UFA, we cant trade him.

  70. ohhhhhhhh…thank you. I am sad to say that Norv Turner is looking more and more like he might be leaving. This is NOT good. Clayton thinks that the chargers will announce who their head coach will be on tuesday or wed.

  71. just like to argue…branch is injury prone, slow, had problems keeping his weight in-check, and will be a has-been before his time.

  72. Agreed. Tank Tyler would probably be just as good and we could possibly still have a chance to snag him in the second round. It also helps that he played beside Lawson in NC State.

  73. I don’t like to argue, but people are entitled to their opinion. I don’t believe that there has been any argument. All I am hoping is that we fill a hole on defense which could be d-line or free safety. If we draft Landry, I will take that with a smile, but my personal opinion (feeble as it may be) is that we need d line to get some players that can put pressure on the quarterback….right now, we don’t have that at all. However, Laron Landry is great for me also because he is a ball hawk and lays the lumber on people he hits. This is something that we haven’t had for quite some time….either way the niners win. All I want is for February to go away and the niners to start making moves. I do agree with Brandon that Tank Tyler would be a GREAT pick up for us and it is likely that we will get our chance in the third round. Please don’t take anything personal because I don’t intend it to be.

  74. john has an oldly shaped head

  75. Ryan…ok…nice to know that. Thanks! Here’s to you too Bandon.

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