Lal s.o.l?

This according to

The addition of Lal Heneghan to the San Francisco front office has not been regarded as, as we hear it, a successful move.

The opinion held by some is that Heneghan, a former employee of the NFL league office, brings too much of a league-office mentality to the operation (whatever that means), and that he is not a classic “football guy.”

Heneghan’s primary expertise is the salary cap, not the identification and/or evaluation of football talent.

He previously was the cap guy with the Browns, but was abruptly fired by former coach Butch Davis in 2004. Heneghan was hired by the 49ers in April 2006.


~ by 49ersNews on February 17, 2007.

26 Responses to “Lal s.o.l?”

  1. who cares? all i know is right now we have never been in such a great situation. team is on the rise, and we have so much cap room.
    unless there is something about him i dont know.

  2. man just fire his ass lolz

  3. And this mean exactly what for the 9ers? Alot of people smell like shit untill you get them out of the pasture =-P

  4. his job isnt to evaluate talent.

  5. he just handles cap matters and signing players and such. hes not a GM or scout or anything. pro football talk is just throwin shit out there. they arent a real credible source. i still read their site everyday, but they just throw a lot of shit out ther for people to read and so they seem like they got the scoop on everything.

  6. As the year goes on I’m sure we’ll get so bored as to have stories about the players pets and where they like to go on vacation….
    All I can see is York’s not about to get in the same boat as Carmen Policy left us in…
    Like M said…has nothing to do with the talent Nolan is about to bring it to help us make us a better team….

  7. …nice grammar….I really should proof more….

  8. if we dont draft landry or nelson. here is some info on the strong safteys this yearof course the #1 srtong saftey is reggie nelson.#2 Aaron Rouse out of viginia tech.on,the NFLEXPERTS.COM that he is listed at 6-3 215 pounds and runs in the 40, 434 and is procted to go in the 2nd or 3rd round. the next strong saftey from wyoming,john wendling was a stand out and he is listed at 6ft even 222 pounds and runs a438 in the 40 and is listed to go in the third round. just some info on stong safties.

  9. We aren’t seeking a strong safety. We are seeking a free safety. That is why we signed Roman. By the way…John Clayton is reporting that the leading cadidates for San Diego are Turner and Rex Ryan. Here we go again…by the way is there anyone that is just CRAZY like me and think we should draft a defensive lineman with our first pick and get a free safety with our second? Maybe I don’t know what I am talking about, but it just seems like the wise thing to do.

  10. BEST

    It will probably be LaRon Landry.
    If so…awesome.


  12. 5 more days before they cant put the fran tag on adalius thomas.

  13. Jesus…a coach leaving can’t just TAKE someone with him.

  14. thats a lie

  15. i would love to get laron landry but every mock draft i see have the falcons taken him at number ten.and everyone on this sight have us taken a defensive linemen carriker,branch and that young guy at 19 years of age.i say wait till after the combine and free agentcy.before i say anything about the draft.

  16. lets say the chargers take rex ryan.can the ravens get permision to interview mike singletary as defensive cordinator.

  17. If we allow it. Which would be foolish, but it happens all of the time.

  18. Its over you guys…Foxsports is reporting that Norv Turner is extremely likely to get the job and they have began planning who they are going to bring in as defensive coordinator. I hope this is wrong, but check it out at in the NFL section.

  19. relax, they also say that the chargers are talking to rex ryan.

  20. I hope you’re right Big M because we are in SERIOUS trouble without Turner…there are no GOOD or even DECENT options right now to replace Turner if he leaves. Singletary is one thing….I like him, but we could replace him. Turner, however is of special significance because HE IS our play caller…Nolan isn’t an offensive guy. I love Nolan….and I wouldn’t really want any other coach than him because he is stand up guy that knows the game, but he isn’t’ known for the offensive side of the ball. Plus, I am NOT sold on Jerry Sullivan (Turner’s likely replacement should he leave).

  21. im not being sarcastic but if he leaves good tired of hearing the bull shit all month between dallas and the chargers anyway.

  22. just remember they said that about dallas too.

  23. The NFL should re-think the rule that requires a team to allow a coordinator to leave for a coaching position. I understand the concept, but having it allowed in mid-February is awful. Most teams are now set, which means the niners will have no chance at anybody other than an in-house person for the coordinator job.

  24. yeah there should be a timetable or something… but hey if we lose turner, the show must go on. sure, he’s calling the plays and helping alex out, but you can’t overlook the fact that we have talent and a good core of players with a lot of character. it would be a big setback, but i still see a big improvement next year regardless of turner being here or not. let’s just keep our fingers crossed though because if norv does come back, we have the potential to go to the NFC title game.

  25. heres a few names dennis green or steve mariucci or jim caldwell.but if they hire jerry sullivan,then we are going to need a wide receivers coach and i dont know if jerry rice would be welcomed after his book.

  26. …DAMN!!!…If we lose Norv, who’s going to replace him???!! We can draft, and pay for all the free agents in the world, but who’s going to COACH them?!?! Who’s going plan the attack on offense?? Not Nolan.

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