MMP: Norv the Favorite in SD?

mmp.pngAnother week, another Monday Morning Punter.

– Fox Sports thinks Norv is the leading candidate in Chargers land.

– Manny Lawson is lonely.

– The Gold Rush (cheerleaders) are holding auditions. Hopefully Kwame Harris tryouts.

– The Ravens have only four days left to tag Adalius Thomas.

– The NFL Scouting Combine is set to begin this week.

– Looks as if there will be no Adams and Adams clubhouse report this season.


~ by 49ersNews on February 19, 2007.

6 Responses to “MMP: Norv the Favorite in SD?”

  1. SD needs defense. Give this job to the DC from the Ravens…

  2. on Norv…it isn’t being reported anywhere else.

  3. He’s gone. It’s just a matter of announcing it. Time to start looking for a new OC.

  4. breaking news on espnews: Norv Turner to be named Chargers head coach.

  5. Yeah, so now we have to deal with Jerry Sullivan…who (as far as I’m concerned) we might as well hire Icky Woods to be our offensive coordinator now.

  6. #1 manny lawson needs to hang out with alex smith and find him self a fuzzy hand puppet.#2 norv turner needs to be but ass naked and run backwards in sex hungered prison.#3 just sign a.thomas#4 get the best looking cheerleaders to perform uncontrolable sex acts with animals on the side lines willingly.#5 hurry your asses up and find us an offensive here is some solutions for this months problems………theeee end….

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