Turner Bolts to the Bolts

norv-turner.pngJay Glazer of Fox Sports is reporting that the Chargers have hired Norv Turner to be their next head coach. No word on the details of the contract.

The 49ers now must look for a new offensive coordinator. With the timing of this whole situation and the combine on the horizon look for Nolan to promote wide receivers coach Jerry Sullivan as the next OC. Other candidate names that may arise are Ken Zampese (QB Coach Bengals), Jim Fassel (doing nothing right now) and maybe some other current 49ers coaches in Warhop and Hoerner.

By the way I blame the Tuna for all of this.

Now let’s take a moment to laugh at the Chargers. They go from Schottenheimer/Phillips to Turner/Cottrell…

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~ by 49ersNews on February 19, 2007.

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  1. CRAP

  2. Yeah, I was watching this post on Foxsports.com late last night and it did NOT make me happy.

  3. Fuck you Norv leave already you never wanted to be a niner. Fuck You.

  4. Now, who the hell is going to be our offensive coordinator…because Sullivan isn’t going to cut it. He hasn’t done ANYTHING in the league and has never been more than a receivers coach.

  5. Did not see that one coming… Lucky Norv, gets to go to the most talented team in the NFL. The offense will take a step back, hopefully the D will take a step forward.

  6. To hell with them…what about the niners….we are not looking good on offense now. This is leaving a BIG HOLE in their staff.

  7. man norv you suck as a head coach you do better as an offensive cordinator come on man you know that were gona suck now smith is gona suck again gore isnt gona be that good again man i was all happy an couldnt wait now im pissed FUCK, norv u lil ahhhhhhhhh the niners faithful are pissed FUCK FUCK FUCK o well what a great start to my day wooohooooo omg omg omg !!!!!!

  8. Ryan…Sully was the Cards OC one year. They didn’t rank high, but he had Blake and aging Emmitt, but he did turn Boldin into ROY.

  9. OK, I was wrong. However, he still IS GOING TO BE OUR OC…there just isn’t anyone else that Nolan is going to REALLY look at. I would be extremely surprised if this isn’t announced by the end of the week. We will see what he is made of and that scares me.

  10. Ryan…I agree. I’d rather someone else. Someone like Zampese, but knowing that he’d turn around and become a HC in 2008. Then Smith would have 4 OC’s in 4 years…

  11. Fuck you, Norv!!! He’s a giant slimy asshole.

    Today he signs an extension, tomorrow he’s gone – that may not be illegal but it’s just not okay.

    I wonder why assistant coaches even sign their contracts – just let the team sign and that will do. The signature of an assistant coach is absolutely worthless and nothing more than a waste of ink as we can once again see.

    It won’t help us anymore but the NFL should consider a rule change. No coach should be allowed to leave his team without the team’s permission until one year after signing a contract or an extension.

    That would be fair and square for both sides, I think.

    I do understand that the league wants to give a coach good opportunities to get promoted but the league should observe the interests of their franchises as well.

  12. stop whining… we’ll be alright. we still have the players on the field to get it done. as long as you can run the ball and play defense, you always have a chance. we should be able to do that this year, so relax.

  13. I just want the drama over one way and another. If he’s going, go. As much as Norv did a lot of good work in the year he was here, he’s not carrying the ball or throwing it. Smith’s better numbers had a lot to do with the improved O line and running game. The Niners need someone to come in and keep the basic program but improve the parts. Make Lawson a full-fledged part of the offense. Get another wide receiver to stretch the field. Give a reason for the other team’s linebackers to be dropping back instead of crowding the box.

    The world will not end without Norv. It’s hard to knock someone who’s being offered a 14-2 team with Merriman and Tomlinson for taking it. Let him go, and let’s get back to work on making the Niners better in 2007. The draft is coming soon.

  14. Sorry to see Norv go. But he put his mark on this team, and now we know what this team is capable of. This team will still be balaced, as long as Nolan is around. That why I never stop rollin with…….well you know the deal.

    Can’t Stop Gore!!

  15. At first I was VERY pissed off with the news that Norv is leaving but, know I feel sorry for him. Hey Norv, we all know your record as a HC sucks, and do you think you’re better then Marty? NOT! What does 14-2 get you in San Deigo…FIRED!

    A.J. Smith and the team owner will NEVER give you the total control you need to succeed. That’s why Marty’s gone. Smith said it himself, it’s not what you do in the regular season that counts, it’s all about winning in the Playoffs. Nice pressure-cooker you dropped yourself into Norv….good luck because you’ll need it.

  16. We are giving Norm way too much credit for our improvements last year. We will be fine. It’s not like we have to start over. Just find someone to follow the same type of system and build off of it. Relax…

  17. I just got the bad news so where do we go from here, It’s funny how they pick the niners to not be that good of a team yet everybody where after our coaches when there was a opening.

    I guess you cant pass up that chargers job but more so norv turner just agreed to a contract extension with the niners then turn around and take the chargers job is kind of messed up, I think rex ryan should have the job because of his defensive scheme so they say anyway.

    Well the article says jim fassel sitting at home so what do yall think about fassel do yall think he’ll fit the bill? either way we have to move on!

  18. I just went to the espn.com site and it’s taking a pole asking is norv turner the best coach for the chargers job and most of the voters voted no including myself so there it is!

  19. We have the offensive scheme in place. Nolan wants to keep it similar to the way Norv was operating it. Nolan will see to it, that the replacement thinks along those same lines.
    We have most of the offensive line, and the runner. Add one more tackle, one very good receiver. (Lets not forget Battle, Johnson, and Davis)
    Build up the defense as much as possible. Then by midseason we’ll be saying…..Norv who?

  20. Hey 49er faithful, we will make it through this b/c I believe Nolan has a plan. Even if we promote Sullivan, which I don’t think is the worst idea, I think we are in good hands. Remember Alex is going in to his third year and unlike last year he’s coming into the season having experienced some success playing QB and leading the 49ers. If one thing Alex has shown is his ability to keep working and fighting. Regardless, we have to be thankful that this offseason is more focused on the D, because our O department will take some time to come up to speed. Nolan already knows how he wants to upgrade his D, and the O personnel have already spent a season together. They’ll take this adversity and grow with it. I mean Norv was good with Alex and playcalling, but when it comes down to it it’s the players who make it happen. So, I say if we don’t move Sullivan to OC then we should go after Ken Zampeses. I for one am not pissed at Norv. He’s simply trying to win as a HC. This is truly his last hurrah. If he can’t win with this team then he has no more excuses. So I am not mad at him, as I am more focused on the quit-when-it-gets-tough-douchebag Tuna for this whole mess. Also, if I hear another reporter mention how tough and disciplined Parcell’s is I’m going to kick them in the sack. The moment his team wasn’t playing exactly like he wanted he grab his ball and ran home. What a loser.

  21. Lawrance….Johson is as gone as it gets. He doesn’t want to be a back up and we aren’t going to pay him starting money as long as we have Vernon Davis. Let’s just move Sullivan up and move forward. THe niners better be making some REAL decisions about Gore and get that contract extension out there for him. Sullivan isn’t going to be horrible, but I would want to see what he can do for us before I say that I am sold on him. Let’s just avoid any more jackels looking for our coaching staff. We got screwed in this deal. At least we keep Singletary. That will be good since we are going to be making MAJOR moves on defense this offseason. I am just worried about Alex Smith now.

  22. By the way…this totally SCREWS UP our chances of landing Stallworth.

  23. at least we don’t have to worry about him leaving any longer..I hope he somehow turns the chargers into the raiders


  25. promote sullivan and hire jerry rice to coach the receivers!

  26. o well shit happens ….turner was born.thats in the past now lets concentrate on the future. any offensive cordinator we get just make sure he has no head coaching experiance and sign him to a one year deal.i just hope that turner dont fuck up our draft sitsuation since he probley who we like from the combine.

  27. since he probley knows who we like from the seniorbowl.

  28. It’s unfortunate, but not really that surprising. Good for Norm. I’m sure he got a sweetheart deal on a team that can and will contend NOW for the Superbowl. Can you blame him?
    Let’s get on with the next hire and start concentrating on the draft. And hopefully the rest of you degenerates can get over your “Norm Envy” and come in off the ledge.

  29. ye at least we dont have to go threw this stuff next year with turner.it will be mike singletary next year.lol

  30. if we are going to run the same kind of offense just get a running back coach to be our offensive cordinater because all we do is run it and throw to the tight end and throw screen passes to the runningback and ooo ye a reverse once a game.

  31. Norv is gone, then he is gone. How bad is this really going to set A.Smith back? Three play books in three years has got to suck for the poor guy. If he makes it through this then Smith will truly be what we all expect. No excuses, we go to the playoffs next year gentlemen!

  32. i think we’ll be ok, but i’m going to miss those screens, reverses, and misdirections that norv would run. most of you didn’t notice what kind of things norv would do as far as trickery, but he did some amazing things when it came to pulling linemen and such. he’s gone though, and we shouldn’t need those trick plays as much as our young offensive playmakers develop and we add some more talent on that side of the ball.

  33. Has there been an official announcement by niners or diego? Can anyone point me to the actual place?….If fucking so – who’s the next o.c.??

  34. I hope this isn’t so…Has there been an official announcement by niners or diego? Can anyone point me to the actual place?….If fucking so – who’s the next o.c.??

  35. sorry—had computer ‘glitch’..Don’t shoot me…i’m not trying to double post………BTW, how about Steve Young for O.C.? Somebody – please use your imagination…

  36. Hire Steve Young for QB coach! We need someone to guide Alex Smith. I think you give Steve what he wants and Alex will be fine. That asshole Norv really fucked us.

  37. It official, the chargers will officially announce Turner as the next HC this afternoon.

    Fuck U Turner

  38. Big M,
    Several times the announcers did replays of Larry Allen creaming some guy downfield after he pulled around to the right. Was funny showing Allen effective just being in the way of these defensive backs and linebackers! Was even funnier when he pancaked them flat!!!
    The next OC can maybe run a more experienced team (3rd year)through the red zone and get more scores.
    It’s too bad if Johnson leaves. We’ve held on to him along time though injuries. Did he expect us to wait forever? He should reward the Niners patience with another year… If he breaks through with a superstar year, then his stock will rise with other teams.

  39. Well I hate to see Norv go, but now its time to move on…hopefully Smith can take what Norv taught him and keep applying it.. Kinda hop that they ask Fassel to come in.. He and Nolan worked together in Baltimore and hes a good QB coach…besides he has the experience, and he needs to re-establish himself if he wants to become a HC again…

    good thing we dont need that much on Offense…a WR and a Tackle and thats about it…..and as far as Stallworth goes, I didnt want him anyway. I would rather the niners give the Raiders a 3rd round pick for Porter…

  40. the 49ers basically have a QB coach in Dilfer anyway!!

  41. everybody knows that jerry sullivan is the leading canidate.so stop with the bull shit.

  42. fuck you norv! fuck you, you fuckin asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. fuck you norv you fuckin traitor!!! he’ll be fired next year anyway after the chargers go 4-12 because we all know how great a HC norval turner is. he screwed us right before the combine and free agency, what a prick. i beleive nolan and scottie knew this was comming when he almost got picked for the cowgirls job and he’s probably go all his cantidates lined up. nolan is smart, he has the plan. the niners will be fine

  44. we should hire Ken Zampezes, the bengals QB coach, who as his first year with the bengals was credited with Kitna’s turn around and development of Carson Palmer

  45. I can’t fucking wait til the niners crush the Chargers in the superbowl again. Now wouldn’t that be sweet…

  46. ye if the chargers make it that far. hahahahahaha

  47. chargers prob. wont even makei it that far.

  48. hey ron rivera just got released.we should sign him as the wide receivers coach after we hire sullivan as offensive cordinator and since nolan started as a wide receiver coach with the ravens before he became defensive cordinator witht them.

  49. Damn Norv I hope you don’t check these comments out on here, YOU FUCKED UP WITH US DOG, I GUESS THAT MAKES YOU THE ENEMY NOW!

    It’s like norv is kain from menace to seciety and the niner faithful is the cop that question kain about the murders of the chinese store owner, YOU KNOW YOU DEN FUCKED UP RIGHT!

  50. yeah it would be sweet if we could bring rivera in for something. thats pretty unlikely though since we have no position for him to coach and he’s worht a lot of money.

  51. man,it really sucks to see turner go.It’s not the end of the world,we got Nolan,frank gore,vernon davis,and Alex smith should be playing better by now without norv holding his hand.if alex can’t preform without norv we should be pissed more at smith for being a shitty quarterback,than norv for leaving.no woorys,did you guys worry when bill wash stepped down as head coach?were rolan with nolan,nolan will make a good decision on offensive coordinator,plus are defense is gonna be fuckin bangin this year,defense wins championships,unless your quarterback is rex grossman.LOL.like I said before,if smith cant be a good quarterback without turner he doesn’t need to be our QB.just keep your heads up,and act like norv turner doesn’t exsist,we’ll be thinking that anyway when were in the playoffs,and turner is at home packing his shit becasue he is getting fired for making the chargers go 4-12.man,just think chargers are gonna blow this year,bet chargers fans are pist about that.were back on our way fellas.oh yeah IN THE FAMOUS WORDS OF RON BURGUNDY:”GO FUCK YOURSELF SAN DIEGO!”

  52. what about schottenheimer as OC, or dennis Green.those are two good names.one worked under bill walsh.

  53. I really think we should get dennis green,he was some kind of coordinator with us back in our superbowl winning days.I apologize for my lack of knowledge,last time the niners were in the superbowl,I was 7 years old.

  54. We shouldn’t hire anyone as OC if they have a chance within two years of becoming a head coach again. That would include Dennis Green and Shottenheimer. It should basically be either Sullivan or the Bengals QB coach. We shouldn’t be looking anywhere else unless you want to watch them leave when another three or four teams fire their coaches at the end of the year (that seems to be the norm now).

  55. lets go with the bengals QB coach.im not so sue about jerry sullivan.

  56. A couple of players got tagged today…Freeney (who Nolan seemed to sum him up pretty well) and a defensive end for the Saints.

  57. man I really hope norv turner reads this,and he realizes how much of a dumbass backstabber he is.did you know that vernon davis wanted to go to the 49ers because he watched norv turner as a kid.and frank gore really likes him too?man I would feel like such an asshole if somebody who looked up to me as a kid and wanted to come play for me and did,and then I just left them out in the cold.norv you are truely heartless and I hope we play the chargers in the pre-season so the niners crowd can boo the shit out of you.

  58. I hope the charers loose every game this season,that would be awesome.then they could relise how dumb they werefor firing a coach who got them to the play-offs four years in a row and had a 14-2 seaso real fuckin smart san diego.

  59. you never know until you give(JERRY SULLIVAN) him a chance.do like the ravens did sign sullivan and the bring jim fassel as a consaltant.

  60. and hire riveara as a assistant linebacker coach just in case mike singletary leaves for a coaching job

  61. What a joke!!!! This guy is a such a traitor. But who cares we’ll be laughing in a year when we’re in the playoffs. All those little San Diegoins…San Diegites…..San Diegans(Another Anchorman reference) will be crying when Norv leads them to a 2-14 season. There are only two bad things about losing Turner. Number one is that we lose his awsome play calling. Number two is that are chances of landing Stallworth just dropped because he said that Norv Turner was very important to him. Our new OC has to be Zampese. Just look at what he has done in Cincinatti. He made John Kitna a starting QB, and he made Carson Palmer one of the best QB’s in the league. Zampese will really help Alex, especially in terms of Yards per Game and touchdowns. Alex won’t take that much of a set-back from this becuase Sullivan knows Norvs offensive system. The only other major problem that i see with Norv leaving is that we will have to bring in at least one big name reciever (Stallworth, Porter, Bennet, or even try to trade for Andre Johnson) because if Alex does take a set-back he will have a good reciever to fall back on.

  62. You know what, we faithful Niner fans have to keep our chin up and think about what an honour it is to have such a great franchise by the Bay! Remember when we won all of those Superbowls and how other teams grabbed all of our OC and DC? Look around the league, Holmgren, Shannahan and last year Mike McCarthey. Yes, the timing is shitty and Norv should’ve been previlaged to be with a great organization.

    But, when we lost all of those other OC and DC we bounced right back and most of it was because of the players and the HC. Bill Walsh and George Seifert knew what they were doing and so does Nolan. Go Niners Go!!!

  63. Oh and this just in…The Colts have placed the franchise tag on Dwight Freeney.

    The expected move should keep Freeney a Colt for at least one more season. Since the team is snug to the salary cap, they should aggresively try to sign Freeney long-term to help lower his 2007 cap number. Coming off a down year, Freeney may be easier to sign. If he signs the one-year tender, it will be for $8.644 million

  64. And one more thing, the person who runs this board should get another picture of Norv, he doesn’t deserve to stand in front of a great sports logo like ours!!

  65. i agree with that!!!

  66. All i have to say is posted in the ESPN Article. It might get f’ed up in the formating as i type it over so here is the link http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=2771126
    Norv Turner’s Coaching Record































  67. those are some damn good coaching records….no wonder he is taking over for marty schottenheimer…your gonna regret it norv.what goes around comes around.oh yeah,change that picture he doesn’t deserve to bee seen with that sweet ass logo.I hope frank gore backhands the shit out of him,and then vernon davis body slams him,and larry allen sits on him as a going away present.

  68. i think the niners are gonna be just fine without norv,it’s just that if we had one more year with him he could develop the triplets.you know (Davis,smith,and Gore)just like he did back in the day(irving,aikman,E.smith)even though I hate the cowboys.remember were picked to be a playoff team next year,with or without norv turner.

  69. Norv is an asshole…when the Raider Fired him we took him in when nobody else would an when the cowboys job opened up he tryed to leave an then we offerend a raise an he stayed after the cowboys turned him down an now the charger job opens up an he bolts…talk about no respect or loyalty to a team that gave him opprutunity….he has no class

  70. I think we should get mooch as OC, him,rich,and deion,so they can do nfl gameday/49ers offensive coordinator.no but seriously,steve meriouchi as OC.I don’t think anyone will call for him after he sucked up the detroit job.

  71. hey I got an idea,me for your offensive coordinator,naaa just kidding…im going to NBC because im a huge katie kourick fan.p.s. were ahs rex grossman been?

  72. #1 norv turner needs to moonwalk all the way threw a sex starved prison backwards… while wearing pink lipstick with a smile.#2 we will probley play SAN DIEGO in preseason and manny lawson needs a girl friend.so manny lawson tackle turner as hard as you can on the sideline (by mistake ha,ha,ha,ha)and make turner your bitch .then stick the chagers lightning bolt shreight up his ass then complement him on his new position with a smile.

  73. O snap

  74. Erickson- Is Ken Zampese Ernie’s son? Didn’t Ernie Zampese run a similar offense to Norv?

  75. i heard that too.

  76. can the eagles put the tag on stallworth.

  77. dammm the saints just put the tag on charels grant.

  78. they can but they would have to pay him the average of the top 3 at his position, dont think they’ll do that. as far as charles grant, we wouldnt have gonne after him anyways. or dwight freeney. they dont fit the system.

  79. so ron rivera will be the linebackers coach for the san diego chargers this next season…. so if manusky ends up sucking, we can hire rivera to run our 3-4, which by that time he’ll hve extensive knowledge of.

  80. The guy who wants mooch as OC is an idiont. Mooch sucks ass. Run, Run, Pass. Run, Run, Pass. That ain’t offense.

  81. buy hooked on phonix and spell right….o.c.is an idiont?…idiot……

  82. Haha fucking Niner Whiners! We stole the brains behind your whole offense, now you guys will suck more than ever!

  83. Hey ‘barger for life’… what happened to your basketball team, punk? How many football championships do the bargers have? We have five, including the the one when we whipped your ass – punk. dego’s haven’t won anyhting important. Nothing. What happend against New England? You guys blew the game because you were busy takin-it up the ass,

  84. one name for u to remember you san diego peice of shit. STEVE YOUNG!!! he fuckin raped your fuckin sparks in the big dance. set a superbowl record for touchdowns cheif, we own you. the chargers have not been in a significant game since 95, the year steve got all up in that. keep norv, watch when you go 2-14

  85. It’s not your time anymore, it’s ours. If you guys somehow even make it to the playoffs, let alone the Superbowl against us, we’ll show you guys how much times have changed. Norv knew how much you guys will keep on playing like shit on both sides of the ball, which is why he went to us. Keep on crying whining ass Niners, your reign is over and you will never see the top again, ever.


  87. Wow, I got corrected for a typo… Pretty gay.

  88. Oh wasn’t that Steve Young guy sprawled out at the desert, his career ended by that hit by the one and only Aeneus Williams? Yeah I remember him, ahaha!

  89. Stop freaking out we’ll find somebody and we’ll still make the playoffs this year

  90. […] 49ers News. The 49ers now must look for a new offensive coordinator. With the timing of this whole situation and the combine on the horizon look for Nolan to promote […]

  91. come on erickson we need some new news.we have 90 commcents allready.91 now.

  92. First a raiders fan, now a chargers fan I can’t believe this how the hell do they find this site let alone got the fucking balls to get on here and talk shit you know the plaque I got on my wall is the one where we whipped the chargers asses to win one of those five superbowls.

    It’s not our time, well if thats the case it’s still not your time norv turner is not a better upgrade than marty and the chargers still have to deal with teams like the colts and the patriots in the playoffs so how will norv deal with that(Charger4Life) please what a fucking joke!

  93. take your chargers lightning bolt and stick it up chargers ass and feel the 49ers wrath.the bad part is he is probley a niners fan pissed at turner

  94. Charger4Life, it’s great that you were able to find a 49er site to pump up your chest and talk trash over the internet. The only problem with you prediction is that you fail to realize that next year is a “new” year, which negates last year as a pile of memories better suited for a Memorex moment then a future game day reality. You have so diluted yourself with expectations that you fail to register that your entire “winning” coaching staff has evaporated and has been hastily replaced. You’re offseason could be considered one of the worst in recent or in the entire NFL history. You lost two fantastic coordinators who were replaced with guys who didn’t have a job. And you replace the winningest head coach in the last decade with a guy that has never been a good HC. You don’t want to admit that your team is on a precipice. Leading not to winning as your enthusiasm would suggest but into a darker place called mediocrity. Remember you’re only one offseason away from the #1 pick. So you should feel comfort as you have a lot more experience in this position. Leave the winning to the 49ers as we’ve been there before and know how to act. I hope my advice helps you with your recent loss.

  95. and at least when we go to a superbowl we know how to win it and not cry like natron means did on the sidelines and martin dropped the ball like 5 times in the superbowl.

  96. and i hope the niners take a look at jim caldwell the quarter back and assistant head coach of indy.i think he could help a. smith develope.

  97. Yeah Jim Caldwell might be a good fit jerry oh and buy the way charger4life jerry rice said norv turner was a very good offensive coordinator but when he was head coach he could’nt motivate the players so you take that and think about that and not only we kicked yall ass in the superbowl but we have four others to go with that one and we’re the first to win five superbowls so with that and all my other niner bothers comments should shut you right the fuck up,STAY OFF OF HERE!

  98. i just seen that on 1rst and 10 on espn about jerry rice.and skip said that TURNER isnt an outspoken person(kiss ass) and he will get along well with the chargers G.M. A.J.SMITH.whats up….the real baaqi?

  99. first of all this chargers fag is just pissed cuz we raoped them in 95 and they’re just recovering right now. atleast our team can win when we get in the playoffs. when a team goes 14-2 they better go farther than you gay ass chargers went. we’ll see how much you love turner when the season is over. with all that talent and no ring? if marty couldnt do it, who by the way is a hell of a lot better as a head coach than turner, theres no chance in hell turner gets them there. fuck the chargers, fuck norv turner and fuck you asshole. low life son of a bitch, why do u even bother going to a 49ERS website? 6 TD’S v.s. your precious chargers, that STEVE YOUNG, BITCH !!!

  100. Chargers4Life all I have to say is thank god we don’t have a RB that goes *WAAAHHHH* You did the lights out dance on our field *WAAAAHHHH*

    You do realize the 49ers lost a great coordinator while the Chargers got a shitty head coach. You thought Schotty was bad….

  101. chrgers4life fucks his mom to get off u faggots will never see the superbowl again ur cheap ass franchise couldnt even get passed the 1st round of the playoffs with the best player in the league ouch fuckinouch fuk the chargers and that fucker that looks like the actor that played in Stand and Deliver hahaha fuck the chargers ull never do shit again especially with that piece of shit coach!!

  102. I’m glad that we took your only chance to improve away, because it’s nice to see you whiners at the bottom, where you guys will always be here on out. The Chargers are young and ALREADY dominant, just imagine until we get more experience. With Norv, we will go straight to the top, and more than likely surpass all Superbowl records. Oh, and Erikson, LT >> FG, fact. Philip Rivers >> Mr. Interception, fact. Antonio Gates >> Overnonrated rookie. And the list of facts goes on. Don’t even compare our team to yours, because you will just get embarrased, ahahahahha! Just wait and see. Chargers will start the new dynasty next year.


  104. I didn’t realize overnonrated was a word.

  105. the only thing chargers are gonna do is all start crying cuz they didnt get passed the first round again u just watch and see!!!! haHAHAHAHA CHEAP ASS FRANCHISE CANT EVEN WIN A SUPERBOWL!!

  106. guys give charger fan a break,his asshole still hurts from when steve young and jerry rice did a number on it.until you guys win the superbowl,which will never happen with norv as your HC,you should just know your roll and shut your mouth.by the way…in 94 not only did we stomp the shit out of your beloved chargers we beat america’s team twice.

  107. TRUE DAT!

  108. Hahahaha…you guys are just as pathetic as your team, still WHINING about us chargers. I’ll be posting on this very same thread later this season to remind you of how much we’ve gained and how much you stil suck, when you guys have another losing season, and we’re in the superbowl with Norv. Face the facts you whining ass haters: the chargers are going to be on top for a loooooooong time. Rivers + LT + Merriman + Gates + Norv = DYNASTY. And I’m not talking crazy like many of you Whiners do. Norv never had this type of firepower before, hence his record as head coach. I almost feel sorry for the defenses that we’ll be facing this season. I wish you whiners would somehow crawl your way into the Superbowl, because we’ll be there to kick Whiner ass. Stop hatin’

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