Audio: Matt Maiocco Talks Turner

Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat talks with Murph and Mac on KNBR. He talks Turner and other options for the OC position.


~ by 49ersNews on February 21, 2007.

21 Responses to “Audio: Matt Maiocco Talks Turner”

  1. We can all hate on Turner as much as we want. To be honest I would take a 14-2 team, and make more money too. Why would’nt Turner leave?

  2. i dont see how jerry sullivan or any other house can help alex smith get better.looks like alex smith is going to try to do it on his own.

  3. this doesnt look good

  4. chill guys… if we can get him more weapons, he’ll be alright. i really don’t see him getting any worse. he still has his qb coach who was in his ear before, and he’ll still be there this year.

  5. what ever happens,dont bring in a former head coach because you dont know if he will be back next bring in jim fassel and he does good. next year he will be the top head coaching dennis green and no mooch.who is the usc offensive cord?

  6. it seems the lions might put the fran.tag on corey redding.there were rumars that nolan would be interested if he became a free agent.

  7. forget turner. 2007 – let’s him make cry. i got my money we’ll be fine.

  8. we cant forget turner… we run the (turner run offense).not the west coast offense anymore.and if we seen alex smiths best this past year,then we are going to need a new quarterback.who cares if we got money it will be spent in the draft and a little on free agents.we build threw the draft.another year of living on the waver wire and hopes.maybe our staff should take the all wonderlic test like they take in the draft combine.

  9. and is it me or did they say that the 40 really doesnt mean anything because there not in pads.ddddaaaa it doesnt take a genius to figure this out .why dont you make them run in the 40 in pads and helmet?

  10. NO way in hell do we need to start thinking about a quarterback change. I guarantee you that Alex Smith WILL get pro bowl consideration this year…pure and simple. I am not guarateeing that he goes, but he will be on the short list of consideration. Also, did you all see that Porter isn’t going anywhere according to I know that NOT ALL of you wanted him, but some of you did and it sounds like if the Raiders are getting rid of anyone it is Randy Moss to the Packers. So our list of options is running thin REALLY fast and we still have a week before we can do anything about it. And another thing, quit saying that Norv is the end of the niners. That is crap. Yes, we might lose a step on offense, but maybe we won’t if we get a decent Right tackle and an actual #1 wide receiver. Not a first round bust receiver, which I am convinced that Jarrett, Rice, Ginn (except special teams) will be. I am also not convinced that this Leonard Davis is the answer to Kwame…in fact most of the Cardinal fans I know say that he is pretty close in ability.

  11. i seen that about jerry porter too on sports center.porter had his number changed.

  12. and i also think if wragge was a little faster he would play better at tackle than kwame harris would.

  13. Today, Clayton at ESPN wrote that Okoye was a “once-in-a-lifetime player.” Alot of ‘mock drafts’ have him going to the niners! I hope!! I can’t wait for the day when our Defense crushes the bargers offense. I hope pit-face is still there to watch it happen!

  14. i say go lets go back to our roots and run the real west coast offense and fuck turners offense there is only one team that ever made it to the superbowl with norv turners offense and that was the cowboys and that was 13-14 years ago.just remember the real west coast offense is quarterback friendly too.

  15. i say lets go back to our roots….i mean

  16. if we draft amobi okaye we have no worries of any night club arests or any thing like that for the year because he is only 19 or 20.

  17. I say we just relax and stop acting like it is the end of the world that Turner left. I still think we should keep his system because that is the system that Sullivan is used to and has been given feedback on how to run it. YES, the fact that Turner left hurt the organization, but if we get aggressive in free agency then we could pick up some talent to compensate and overcome.

  18. By the way….Barlow just got released from the Jets.

  19. barlow sucks but he will probley end up with steelers .thats where he is from.

  20. a couple of free agents i like are rien long from tennesse.he plays tackle but i think he could play defensive end and randy starks keith traylor is a free agent this year.

  21. I say let Nolan interview both of them on game situations and pick the better one. Let’s get someone from within an keep it the same let’s just add Ginn Jr on the end arounds. (wow) A fake to him and Pound it up the middle with Gore. With Ginn Jr and V Davis streching the field, Gore will have alot more room. There going to have to respect Ginn just like the respect R. Bush.

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