Adalius Thomas Will Not Be Tagged

a-thomas2.pngAccording to the Baltimore Sun Ravens Pro-Bowl linebacker will not be tagged. Which means he is set to become a free agent when March 2nd rolls around. The Ravens will still try and work a long-term deal with Thomas, but with little cap room Thomas returning to the Ravens is very unlikely.

The front-runners to land Thomas’ services are the 49ers and the Jets, with the Patriots, Browns, and Packers showing interest as well.

Hopefully new defensive coordinator Greg Manusky’s first gift of the season comes in a week.

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~ by 49ersNews on February 22, 2007.

54 Responses to “Adalius Thomas Will Not Be Tagged”

  1. wwwwooooowwww,thats surprising.

  2. so far, so good…

  3. hopefully we can sign this big fucking brut to a huge deal and start to tear shit up on defense lets go niners!!!!!!! were only a few defensive players away from the superbowl boys!!!

  4. nice. high ranked defense here we come!

  5. there is only 1 hour and 53 mins left before that guy is a niner hopefully we will spend the money its until one then he is a FA

  6. What????

  7. this would be a great pick-up! my only concern is over paying for a guy like this who has had a great team around him his whole career. hopefully, if we do get him, he can produce like he did in baltimore.

  8. maybe the ravens are waiting the last day to sign him to a deal.

  9. nate clements might go to the saints.

  10. the red skins just released troy vincent he is a canidate for the niners he is over35 and under 60.

  11. he IS A DINOSAUR!!!! NO WAY we sign that has been!! That would be a step back!!! I realize that walt harris produced, but we don’t need guys who are 35.

  12. thats funny that every one thought it would be great to sign him last year in a desprate he is a free agent now he is tooo,hahahahaha…

  13. If we are all getting happy about rebuilding, we really need to keep our focus on the O-line because its larry allens last year, Jennings is injured every other game and harris is a joke. I say the 9ers sign stienbach too!! Lets start the chant boys??? Anyone??

  14. Vincent would b a good pick up 4 us… He can play an teach our young D.. … sub him n at FS with Landry… not mad…

  15. Well boys I hope we can land Thomas…This guy is a 6th round pick in 2000 and his first Pro Bowl he went to was as the special teams player!! This guy wants it and will do whatever it takes to WIN!! not only that but alot of people are saying that his stats are good only because of Ray Lewis, well if those people actually looked at the games ray was out with injury, Thomas’ stats improved….Lets land this Bitch!! Im not saying that we should give this guy the house, but if we have to overpay a little to land him in SF then lets do it…….out

  16. lets focus on offense,indy proved you only need a mediocre defense with a good offense move vernon davis to wide receiver and focus on the offensive line.get defense threw free agents like .a.thomas,nate clements then go after offense threw the draft.

  17. I think we need to get defense through the draft and FA…..I think if we go out and trade one of our 3rd round picks to the Raiders for Porter that would be huge, then get Thomas and 1 other defensive player through FA……the rest in the draft…

  18. I’d have to agree with “Scott,” the game os won and lost on the line! That’s Offense, and Defense. Also i think A.Thomas would be good for our team. The guy is the real deal at Linebacker.

  19. we need defense!!! then we need to get an O-lineman,and a D-lineman.the mock draft has us picking adam carriker from Nebraska.says he can play 3-4 or 4-3.then in the second round they have us picking a cb from arkansas.

  20. ha ha jets just cut kevan that guy sucks.we don’t need him.

  21. I would rather see us pick up Clements, good CB’s are hard to find.

  22. Hopefully Adalius Thomas will be in the bag for us. We should either get Alan Branch or Amobi Okoye 1st round. DLine is key to our success.

  23. Adalius is in the bag. Lets not forget that he said “he likes to be warm” on cold pizza. I say if we got enough cap room we bring in clements too. We deffinately have to bring in Adalius and a good cornerback though

  24. i just heard on ESPN that pac-man jones might be done for the titans!!! Maybe we can trade for him cuz hes pretty damn good

  25. another raven that might be avalable is tony pashos anything is better than the princess we have in kwame harris.and why not release packman jones now before any antonio bryant…

  26. 49ers for life ,if we end up with, pack my ass in prison jones.he will end up suspended for the year.and any way nolan wants good charictor guys on the team.

  27. and how many picks do we have in the 3rd and 4th rounds?

  28. 2 3’s(maybe) and 4 4’s. Reg pick, B-lloyd deal, Trade for Barlow and 1 more for A. Carter.

  29. Has anyone realized that Eric Steinbach is a FA. This guy is an awsome player and yet no one talks about him. I heard his name tossed around with the 49ers earlier but in these last few weeks i havent heard much. I say we make a serious run at signing this guy. This guy is a guard but we might just be able to move him to tackle if we need to.

  30. everyone waiting till after the combine to make your new mock drafts.

  31. we are not going to get all the top guys but i hope we get a few decent players.yes i realize that eric steinbach O.G. from the bengals. we talked about this at the end of this past season.

  32. Steinbach would be a great pick up because we DO have a line that is going to look very different after next season. I don’t know if we should adress these issues now or later, but I know I would rather we signed Steinbach then Leonard Davis who isn’t going to be worth the price he is asking. We need to draft smart. Unless both Branch and Okoye are gone then and only then will be HONESTLY draft Landry. I’m not trying to piss anyone off, but Nolan was extremely impressed with Okoye in the draft and Carriker was impressing him as well. Not to mention that even if we do get Adalius we still have to fill one more linebacker position because it sounds like Haralson isn’t starting material just yet. Landry does fill a need so I would still walk with a smile if we drafted him.

  33. i’m excited about adalius to, but hes gonna be 30 next year, i’m not happy about that, steinbach can really help the team, so can Clements

    i would be very happy if we picked up troy vincent, he would be our best safety immediately

    alan branch…perfect 3-4 nose guard we need him,

  34. If we can get vincent for dirt cheap then….yeah, sign him, but we shouldn’t be making any long term plans involving this guy. Also, if you are a true niner fan then you don’t Pacman “I’m a moron and care nothing for the team” Jones…this guy is a complete idiot. In fact I can’t remember a cornerback who is soooo stupid and cause so many headaches for a coach while being a cancer in the lockeroom. NOPE, nevermind….I know Nolan will never bring such a disease to his team. I would take Roman over Vincent right now any day of the week…..Roman isn’t a HAS BEEN. Roman isn’t a star, but he hits hard, plays hard, is aggressive, and gives you NO FREE RIDES!!! Vincent is at a point in his career where he is thinking, “Payday, one last payday before I retire”

  35. Unless Branch shows up to the combine and impresses people then expect him to slide to our range in the first round. I know Okoye is going and so is Carriker (Both are going to impress at the combine I promise you). Not only that, but many of the first round draft choices are going this weekend…even Ginn Jr. is going so he can run his mouth since he can’t run.

  36. Ok so I just read the story about Pacman “MORON BOY” Jones. Jones has already been arrested a couple of times for incidents involving clubs, but apparently the LIE he told the judge last time (This is the last time I will ever be in a courtroom) didn’t wake him up. We went to a club with six other guys…probably paid gangter body guards. Surveillance shows that he entered the club and left with the gunman who shot up the place (shot a woman, shot one guy and paralyzed him, and it is pacman’s fault) Further more he sat next to the gunman all night. So the club owner had to make him leave with some security guy because he was throwing a bunch of $1 bills around on the strippers platform and the strippers were coming to him (dancing), but he didn’t give them permission…so what does he do….swears at them….grabs them by the hair and slams them into the floor. This guy screams DIRTBAG!!! I swear if he comes to the niners I won’t watch a single game next year.

  37. i would be happy to get troy vincent.but we got too many safteies right now. we have to cut some in the future because we have too many- mark roman,mike adams,chad williams,keith lewis and the other ones drafted last year,mark hudson and vickiel vaughn shit we got more safties than corners.usualy teams only keep 2 free safties and 2 strong safties.we are over

  38. Chad Williams and Keith Lewis aren’t going to be back (just my opinion) Mike Adams, Chad Williams, and Mark Hudson we should give until the end of the year to show promise. Vaughn got sent to NFL Europe.

  39. keith lewis just signed a 3 year deal like weeks ago.and chad williams is a buddy of mike nolans raven team.

  40. but nolan started mark hudson once at i dont know if he is a corner/saftey or just a special teams player.but in 3 draft books i have he is listed as a saftey.

  41. in 3 draft books he is listed as playing saftey…i ment

  42. Give Thomas what ever he wants….. He would INSTANTLY become our best linebacker hands down…

  43. plus he could help manny lawson get better quicker.

  44. wow sry for posting on Pac-man Jones. I just read he’s been arressted 8 times already!!! I didn’t realize it was that many times. He’s a cancer forget about him. Troy Vincent isn’t the answer. This guy is very old, and in the last three seasons he has missed quite a few games. Free agency is going to be very tricky this year. We HAVE to sign Adalius. However, everyone wants Clements, Hood, Stallworth, and a bunch of other guys as well. CHances are that we won’t have enough cap to sign them all. I say we draft a DT like Alan Branch, or Okoye. At the same time we have to pick up another WR for Alex. Theres no way in hell Nolan will draft a reciver early unless he really feels that he has filled all the defensive needs for this team. Any thoughts on who we have to sign??? I say its got to be Adalius, Hood (good and won’t ask for too much), Steinbach (very good might cost some money but worth it), and Stallowrth.

  45. […] read more | digg story […]

  46. okoye doesn’t fit the scheme to play nose guard, he would have to move outside to play defensive end in the 3-4

    and i would like troy vincent because our pass defense was atrocious last year, bottom line mike adams, keith lewis, mark roman, chad williams are all high effort players, but they were picked on alot last year, and the same thing will happen next year

    troy vincent would be a stopgap solution and immediate upgrade especially against the pass

    were thinking playoffs next year, troy vincent would help alot

  47. alan branch alan branch alan branch

  48. unless we move up in the draft, Branch wont be there

  49. Bill (PDX): Any word on where some of the Free Agents may end up – say Deilman, Steinbach, Clements for example?

    Jeremy Green: These are my best predictions on my top 4 available. Dielman – San Diego. Steinbach – Cleveland. A. Thomas – San Francisco. Clements – San Francisco.

  50. James (Torrance, CA): Hey Jeremy… who do you see the 9ers taking in the first round?

    Jeremy Green: Right now I would say Dwayne Jarrett because I think they address more D needs in free agency. Jarrett needs to run a good 40-time though. Not blazing, but something in the low 4.5 range.

  51. For what there worth…

  52. Norman (NY): Fill in the blank. Nate clements will sign with…..

    Jeremy Green: San Francisco.

  53. nate clements will sign with the eagles and thomas will sign with the pats jeremy green.niners will suffer once again.hhhhhhhheheheh.

  54. pats signed thomas. Ha Ha.

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