Hoener the Next OC?

Matt Maiocco is reporting that the next OC to replace what’s his name could be current tight ends coach Pete Hoener. Hoener has been with the 49ers for the past two seasons, prior to joining the 49ers Hoener was the offensive lines coach for the Chicago Bears (2004.)

Prior to his stint with Chicago, Hoener spent three seasons with the Arizona Cardinals as both the offensive line coach (2003) and tight ends coach (2001-02). Hoener broke into the NFL coaching ranks with the St. Louis Cardinals (1985-86), tutoring the tight ends while working alongside Jim Hanifan.

In addition to his eight years of NFL experience, Hoener chalks up over 25 years of college coaching knowledge, including 15 as an offensive coordinator. His coaching stops include Texas A&M (2000), Iowa State (1998-99), Texas Christian (1991-97), Purdue (1989-91), Illinois (1986-88), Indiana State (1978-84), Illinois State (1977) and Missouri (1975-76). – Source: 49ers.com


~ by 49ersNews on February 22, 2007.

21 Responses to “Hoener the Next OC?”

  1. If he is SERIOUSLY the better cadidate then do it. Otherwise, Sullivan is our guy.

  2. From what I’ve heard is that Nolan is hesitant to put Sully in the OC position because he really likes him as the WR’s coach. Sully is a better WR coach (perhaps the best in the league) than OC.

  3. THat is exactly the vibe I was getting out of this situation…so we hand it over to the tight ends coach or we look outside the organization (which is going to be hard to find someone GOOD).

  4. Well if nolan is hesitant then he needs to stay as WR’s coach.

  5. I was likin Hoener before I read this article, simply because I feel a TE coach naturally has more of a responsibility to both the run and the pass in an offense. I didn’t know he had so much experience as an OC, or that he was an o-line coach, which are plusses. Also, according to Maiocco’s article, Hoener was seen going to Turner’s office quite often and exchanging ideas. I’d be pretty satisfied with this hire.

  6. Where is Sexy Rexy?

  7. That guy looks like a crankster. That wierd, twitchy smile has windowless primer colored van and a bag of tootsie rolls written all over it.

  8. Was he in Deliverance?

  9. It sounds to me like Maiocco thinks Hoener is going to get the job but he doesn’t want to just come out and report it.

  10. I like this guy. A lot of experience which is good for a young team. Plus look what hes done as the tight ends coach. He made Eric Johnson a beast, and he sure as hell made VD look good in his rookie season

  11. I take back the second part of my statement. He wasn’t around when EJ had his break out season.

  12. wwwwwwoooooooowwwwww!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Nice credentials, Nolan just might pull this off. =)

  14. give it to singletary,so when he gets hired as a head coach next year, he has some offensive exsperiance

  15. i just hope that hoener can help this offense and the key to this offense is alex smiths development and frank gores health.

  16. if gore dont score nobody scores! joe nedney for mvp next year.

  17. sounds good.do we really have any other options?

  18. At this point it really does not matter…. I dont know if you guys read this article a couple of days… It bassically said what if we let Alex call plays in the huddle… Every where I hear said how smart he is… Let give that I shot…. I just hope if he does that he will not turn like peyton…. its kind of anoying whaching him play making all kinds of calls and jiberrisshhh…. It Haysworth worth look at? I think tennesse wants to release I think we should go after him if that does happen

  19. What I’m curious to know is that when we ask permission to speak to the Bengals about Zampese, they deny us, saying it is too close to combines, the draft, etc. Why couldn’t our brass deny the Chargers the right to talk to Turner for the same reasons? Isn’t the OC position extremely important in a team’s success? Were we just not that crafty enough to come up ability to just say no?

  20. st24…Cant stop a OC,DC,ect… 2 jump up 2 a head coaching spot…NFL rule

  21. Thanks for the clearing that one up West. My OC choice is Jeff Tedford of Cal. What will it take to pry him away. He has great success with QB’s, and that is what we need. To further the development of Alex Smith.

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