NFL Network Combine Schedule

With the combine underway, here are the times that the NFL Network will air its coverage. Monday is the key day for 49ers fans as it focuses on linebackers and defensive lineman.

Friday, Feb. 23
2 p.m. ET: 2007 Scouting Combine Press Conferences (LIVE)
6:30 PM ET: Path to the Draft from the Scouting Combine
7 p.m. ET: NFL Total Access at the Scouting Combine (LIVE)

Saturday, Feb. 24
11 a.m. ET: Workouts: Tight Ends, Kickers and Offensive Linemen (LIVE) (repeats at 4 & 8 p.m.)
2 p.m. ET: 2007 Scouting Combine Press Conferences (LIVE)
7 p.m. ET/PT: NFL Total Access at the Scouting Combine (LIVE)

<>Sunday, Feb. 25
11 a.m. ET: Workouts: Quarterbacks, Running Backs and Wide Receivers (LIVE) (repeats at 4 & 8 p.m.)
2 p.m. ET: 2007 Scouting Combine Press Conferences (LIVE)
7 p.m. ET/PT: NFL Total Access at the Scouting Combine (LIVE)Monday, Feb. 26
11 a.m. ET: Workouts: Linebackers and Defensive Linemen (LIVE) (repeats at 4 & 8 p.m.)
7 p.m. ET/PT: NFL Total Access at the Scouting Combine (LIVE)

Tuesday, Feb. 27
11 a.m. ET: Workouts: Defensive Backs (LIVE) (repeats at 4 & 8 p.m.)

Wednesday, Feb. 28
8 p.m. ET/PT: 2007 NFL Scouting Combine Wrap-Up Show


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53 Responses to “NFL Network Combine Schedule”

  1. I hate nfl network man!

  2. I wish I had the network…here in Northern California only certain areas and servers provide it.

  3. first round we should draft branch if he falls to us and in the second round we should look into drafting D.E. jay moore from nebraska he is 6-4 280 pounds and had 3 sacks in the senior bowl.but if branch doesnt fall to us i hope we get adam carriker.and find a nose tackle in the third round.i just noticed there both from nebraska.i have the nfl network i like it because i got to see the seatle game on thursday and the playoff games not on regular tv anymore.

  4. Does anyone think we still could use a receiver? I know we need defense, and this will be our main focus, but what about a quality #1 wide out? Maybe Williams (3rd)pick last year will contribute.

  5. Corey…Nolan’s got dis… he address it…

  6. Some names to put out there…Bobby Wade, wr titans, Ken Hamlin fs seattle…. Jared Allen dt KC…..Edward Jasper.Philly…. or Kris Jenkins dt Panthers could b trade or let go….Dont think Porter going no where

  7. still want Dre Bly

  8. jared allen bad DE…

  9. pay attention to jamaal anderson nolan!!! that guy is 6-6 around 280 lbs i think. just like a younger adalius. i read yesterday on niners webzone that he played wide receiver in highschool and had 1600 yards and 12 td’s in one year!!! a dude that big who has that hight and speeed, shit if he doesnt work at DE send him out wide or in a two tight end set. but he had 13 sacks and 20 tackles for a loss last year so i know he’s good. him and adalius? how scared would wide receivers, qb’s, running backs and tight ends be? instant pass rush with speed for coverage. it would be a dream come true to get him, adalius, and maybe stalworth or bennet this offseason. DRAFT JAMAAL !!!

  10. Cory…don’t be surprised if Drew Bennett signs w/49ers. He’s a FA and he’s from Orinda. Grew up a Niners fan. Could happen and will not be fairly expensive. Bryant, Battle, Bennett…that would be nice.

  11. bennett and stallworth i like(as long as stallworth stays healthy). i would take bennett over stallworth just because of injuries to stallworth. but what are we going to do with bryant because if he isnt know he wants to be traded then.and i like jamaal but there is no way he falls this far in the draft to us. alot of mock drafts got him going to the pigskins.

  12. hey ryan- your boy is on the nfl net laron landry. its 6 54 in jersey and they think nelson is better than landry as a pro.on the draft show.

  13. my bad ryan they changed there minds to landry now.

  14. nfl network said that a.thomas might become a jet they said that the jets are going to make a real hard run at thomas.told you guys not to get your hopes up.mediocre player over 30 for this team and thomas aint OVER thirty yet.

  15. Well Dionne Warwick at the psychic network said that he might become a 49er. Told you guys? Shut up.

  16. Jerry…yes the Jets are interested but 49ers have more money, Nolan coached Thomas and he will be 30 when the season starts.

  17. Seriously….don’t talk to me about the JETS….they’re not going to be at our level next year. As for Nelson or Landry…I want the one who has the better instincts. Landry I have watched play, but Nelson I haven’t watched as much…I know that most draft experts say that Landry is the top Safety in the draft, but I would rather go d line. I’M ANNOYING….I know, but I think Okoye is going to prove that he is out of our range if he goes to the combine and I think Landry will as well. At this point in time I think that Branch might slip to us or we go after Reggie Nelson or that linebacker from Florida State (if we don’t get Adalius). Carriker is also a GREAT OPTION. Again…I like the position we are in, but after the combine I think Landry is going to be out of our reach as well as Okoye.

  18. The thing with Branch that I am hearing from Michigan is that he has work ethic issues and is now currently 340 pounds at 6’6″. I wouldn’t mind it if he is actually in shape and wants to win games. We need a disciplined nose tackle not a fat guy with height and big arms.

  19. i like justin blalock the offensive guard/tackle from texas in the first round reminds me of another larry allen.

  20. I know we went offensive last year with our 1st pick but Im kinda liken Dwayne Bowe out of LSU, curious to see what he runs at the combine. Great size and hands.

  21. i also like the wide receiver from tennesse robert meachem.

  22. I like Drew Bennett because he’s one of those pain in ass players that when you play against him he’s always going to get the first down on 3 and long. That’s the kinda player we need. Bryant will be our deep/speed threat and Battle will be…Battle.

    As for the draft my money is still on Adam Carriker because of this size and incredible speed. And if I had to chose between Clements or A.Thomas as to which one I’d spend my FA money on it would be Clements. A shut down DB is hard to find. And at 27 years old he’ll be a Niner for the next 5 years!!

  23. Yea I like him too but to early to take him 11th and maybe too late too get him in the 2nd.

  24. Meachem that is.

  25. From the Press Democrat:

    The 49ers are fully expected to place calls with the agents for Nate Clements and Adalius Thomas once the free agency period begins.

    The Niners could let Shawntae Spencer play nickel if they sign Clements. New Orleans and Green Bay also have reported interest in Thomas.

  26. I say this

    49ers trade up to houston by giving them a 3rd round pick and harris (# 8 over all) and draft Branch.

    Then in the 2nd round hopefully Sidney Rice will still be around and trade up for him.

    That right there would be an amazing draft i think Sidney Rice is fast (even though the experts say not enough but who fucking cares when you play in the SEC you have to be fucking fast), and guess what….the 9ers would have another RICE!!!!

  27. Rice will be a BUST. He has great hands and runs great routes, but he can’t separate from a four year old girl. It looks like we won’t have to trade up for Branch because he might fall to us anyways. His stock is slipping while Okoye is sky rocketing. I think we should manuever our second rounder and a couple of fourths for low twenties first. Manny Lawson is going to how a lot of people something this year…believe that!!! By the way…I HATE WAITING FOR THE FREE AGENCY PERIOD TO BEGIN!!!

  28. just remember jerry rice wasnt the fastest he ran a 4.6 and look at him now.i think sidney rice will do good in the nfl.its called football speed.i just seen justin blalock just tied larry allens 39xs bench press.joe thomas only did 28.

  29. i wonder if peyton manning is gay you never her of him having a girl friend and man is in his last name.

  30. you never hear of him—i mean

  31. “I hate waiting for the free agency period to begin!”…Amen brother!…Also the ‘freakin’ draft!

  32. Can’t wait for free agency, the draft, or the season to start. I wish we could fast forward to football!

  33. here is one for you guys…..i cant wait till we go to the superbowl again.

  34. Wow….”Jerry” for President!…..I still remember what it was like to watch a ‘niner game and KNOW they were going to win. No nerves. Just relaxed, watching and waiting for the kill to end. Those teams were FULL of all-pros. Those were the days my friend………………

  35. yeeeee…..’ jump on your own jimmy,dreams do come to and end at some a days. you guys just get probowl leftovers over over the hill L.Allen,neveragain b.young and im to old to walk hemp harris.and jerry dont get to old waiting for the 49ers next could waste a lifetime of promise doing that and good riddens to ya glue sniffers…

  36. This is my latest hair brained idea…I say we manuever another Manny Lawson like trade in the draft so we can acquire Justin Blaylock and tell Kwame to take a hike. That would be great because then Larry Allen could teach him the ropes for a year because it is highly likely that after this season that he is headed back to the cowgirls.

  37. We need to give Alex Smith a sense of security from his offensive line and we will next year if we solidify it for ONE YEAR by getting Blaylock. We’ll put him at right tackle so Alex doesn’t have to watch his back all the time and will be given a decent amount of time to find a target….because Kwame is strictly the reason why he didn’t. Everyone else was doing there job except Kwame always got punked and let loose someone from the weakside to chase him out of the pocket and make him hurry.

  38. Cut him, trade him (if anyone’s stupid enough to do that), or release him….WHATEVER JUST DO IT!!!

  39. Man I can’t wait till free agency and the draft comes I’m getting so excited on who we might get I’m getting impatient but if we’re going to get adalius thomas then nolan needs to do some covincing because from what I heared yesterday if I’m not mistaking he’s asking for 9 million dollar a year contract and a 30 million dollar signing bonus.

  40. this is a very random comment, but has anyone else besides me compared Alex Smith’s second year stats with Carson Palmer’s second year stats. They are almost IDENTICAL. Now Carson only played 13 games in his second year while Alex played all 16, but still they are very very similar. Carson had an enormous 3rd year, maybe Alex will follow suit. Lets pray that he does. Back to the draft though we gotta take Okoye, or Branch (preferabley Branch). Nolan will hammer out any of these “work ethic problems”. Basically when you think about it, if free agency goes as planned and we acquire Adalius, Clements, and a reciever the only position left that is a major concern besides the right side of the O-line, is DT. Branch is a big guy. Hes the type of space eater that we need. Okoye isnt nearly as big but still talented but I just dont know if he will fit into Nolans plans.

    -49er for life

  41. I didn’t realize that with the numbers that’s good looking out and that makes me feel even better about alex smith but I was asking not to long ago if mike nolan was part of that ravens staff when they won the superbowl, I know jerry was going to look into it but it might have slipped his mind but if so then that definatly proves that nolan can put together a championship defense like I know he can!

  42. We AREN’T going to pick up both Clements and Thomas. It just isn’t going to happen. I am not sure if we should pick up Okoye or Branch…my money is on Branch. I say this because he is a beast and we NEED a nose tackle…our only other option is to hope we can land that other nose tackle…Tank Tyler from NC State. We aren’t going to get a shot at any other quality Nose tackles. The rest of the d tackles we will go after will the ones we put on the left and the right. Okoye would be one of those tackles we would put on the left or the right. A Nose tackle needs to be a beast and at 6’1″ he isn’t THAT big….talented maybe but not big and he doesn’t consume A LOT of space.

  43. adalius isnt asking for a 30 mil bonus, thats dwight freeney. adalius wants 15 mil.

  44. REAL BAAQI, Nolan was not on the ravens championship team in 2000. He was with the jets that year.

    -49er for life

  45. BAAQI, in the years that Nolan was with the Ravens defense they ranked fourth in 2001, 6th in 2002, 1st in 2003, and second in 2004. This is out of the entire NFL not just the AFC. Not too bad lol.

    -49er for life

  46. what talent did nolan bring to the ravens that wasnt already there? and with the 49ers-manny lawson is a cover 2 or 4-3 linebacker/defensive end and if you guys dont notice in a 3-4 outside likebacker,you notice all the good ones like porter from the steelers and thomas from the ravens and even merriman from the chargers there weight is 260 -275 pounds for a out sidelinebacker.and dont forget willie mcginest is 270 pounds.we need BIG lineman and BIG outside linebackers.hhhheheheh.

  47. Big M you’re right, that was dwight freeney I thought I heard them say thomas I was in the middle of something and I wasn’t looking at the TV, 49er for life you’re right too I thought nolan wasn’t part of that squad and you’re right 4th in 2001, 6th in 2002 and 1st in 2003 when he was there in the entire nfl is good THANKS FOR THE INFO ON NOLAN AND THOMAS YALL.

  48. Using our second round pick for a linebacker which fits the scheme wouldn’t be a bad decision. The linebacker core is key in the 3-4 defense.

  49. fire marshall bill you got some good points there too.

  50. I’m going back to Baaqi now and Ryan got a point there too so should we go with a OLB with our 1st round pick or free agency?

    I’m thinking in the draft with that youth that will definitly bring some vicious speed at the quarterback for a sack and disrupt the pass but in free agency that will bring experience.

  51. I meant to say our second round pick on a linebacker.

  52. i think the key to a 3-4 defense is tying up offensive linemen in the trenches by defensive linemen so the linebackers and safties can blitz or make plays on the ball.and i think alot of peaple last year ran all over us this past yearbecause we were undersized at linebackers and defensive line.

  53. hey billy—your mom gives lousy head!

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