49ers Want Branch?

From ProFootballTalk.com

Our moles in Indy tell us that both the San Francisco 49ers and the Pittsburgh Steelers are interested in Michigan defensive tackle Alan Branch. Many think that Branch can play defensive tackle in the 3-4 or the 4-3, and the Steelers likely will be using both fronts as coach Mike Tomlin, a Tampa Two expert, puts his stamp on the team.

The only problem is that both the 49ers and the Steelers likely draft too low to get Branch. The Niners are the Eleveners in round one, and the Steelers pick at 15.


~ by 49ersNews on February 24, 2007.

30 Responses to “49ers Want Branch?”

  1. And so….one of two things are going to need to happen in order to acquire him. 1) Trade up to make sure (because the Steelers might try this as well) 2)See if he slips down in the draft (because Mel Kiper thinks his stock is going to slip more and more as the draft gets closer). I don’t think we should take that chance, but that means that we would need to make some moves and it going to have to be with the skinss involved.

  2. well i want either branch. jarrett or landry one of those three im good well see what happens 49ers4life wooohooo

  3. i would love to have him as a 49er but just remember it takes a defensive lineman longer to develope.i think they said it takes a defensive lineman a year to develope..i love justin blalocks strength though.i cant wait to see how strong branch is at the combine.and i was watching nfl net earlier today.finley nolan had a press confrence and cut him off for something else .no love for niners fans.pissed me off.

  4. Let them have him Amobi Okoye would be a better pick out of Louisville the only bad thing is that he is a little shorter than Branch.

  5. we still might draft offense in the first round of the draft.McCoughan said:in the draft if there is a good player on offense sitting there and its not even close to the guy on defense,we are taking the offensive player.they have said on the nfl net that Amodi Okoye might go to atlanta with his former headcoach of louisville.and landry might go to miami.

  6. we wont trade up for anyone besides calvin johnson… and we still wont do that. theres too much value in having 8 picks in the first 4 rounds. mcloughan knows how to scout, so we will get a lot of depth with those picks.

  7. I really hate to break anyone’s heart, but Landry is NOT going to be a Dolphin. That is where Quinn is going. The Brown’s are going to take Adrian Peterson and then take Troy Smith in the second round. It is all over their site on scout.com. The only change you might see from what I just said is that they might take Joe Thomas if he is still available. The Lions aren’t stupid enough to draft another receiver with the second pick in this year’s draft.

  8. If the Lions take Joe Thomas…Quinn will drop a ways like Leinhart.

  9. ye ryan didnt you just say to miami.

  10. shit… everyone acts like BRANCH is the only DEF.LINEMAN out there.if he doesnt fall to us then we will go in a new direction.its all speculation and bullshit as we get closer to the draft like always.how do we know who we will get.we might get a saftey or a defensive end or lineman in free agentcy first.so tuck your sacks back and go for the free agentcy ride first before you get blue balls till wednesday and beyond

  11. OKOYE!!!

  12. ryan must be the next mel kiper or something. he seems to know where everyone will go. personally, i dont think quinn will fall that far. i think he’ll have a better career than jamarcus russell, who wasn’t on anyone’s radar until that bowl game.

  13. Amobi Okoye is a one-gap 43DT speed rusher : a taller Anthony Adams.

  14. i hope we get max starks or tony pashos to replace kwame harris IN FREE AGENTCY.i could see quinn going to detroit,minnisota or miami and if no there.i can see him fall to the panthers .thats the most i can see him fall.i like quinn over russell but i think they are both over rated. you seen what happend to cullpepper with no randy moss-he sucked before the injury he got in minnesota and after.quinn remimds me of kyle orton a little.

  15. Big M, Ryan is right the dratf board makes soo much sense as long as the raiders dratf russell
    2) Detroit-Joe Thomas
    3)Cleveland-Adrian Peterson
    4)Tampa Bay-Calvin Johnson
    The only team before Miami that wants a young QB is Minnesota but there is talk of them trading for a young buck or getting one in a later round. And branch could fall to the 9ers, im worried that washington or houston could get branch…but besides those two branch is the 9ers…
    FRiSCO FiTTED…Amobi Okoye is not only shorter but he is 30 pounds less then branch and in a 3-4 it doesnt matter if their is a learing curve for the NT because he doesnt need to be extremely effective just needs to be able to take up bodies.

  16. and russell reminds me of d.cullpepper.

  17. i think quinn lost a lot of popularity after that bowl game. but he played an SEC defense and his line couldn’t block for him. they were also playing from behind for most of the game and so they were ready for him and he got assaulted, and still hung in. the dude is built, had an nfl arm, and was groomed to be an nfl quarterback by charlie weis. he’s also a pretty bright guy and he’s got a lot of confidence. it will amaze me if oakland, detroit, cleveland, tampa, and minnesota all pass on him, seeing as they all have qb issues.

  18. but getting back to the niners, i saw dwayne jarrett’s interview on nfl network and he handled it really well. i had never heard him in an interview and he definitely impressed me.

  19. in the later rounds,i like brandon mebane at 6-3 310 from cal. or louis leonard 6-5 330 pounds from fresno state or red bryant 6-5 330 pounds from texas a/m if we dont get branch.

  20. the redskins might cut shawn springs.and that the new york giants,raiders,colts and the saints are all interrested in nate clements.

  21. Branch=bleh. Fat (not the good fat either), slow and lazy.
    Okoye is the best d-lineman for us.
    Landry is the be d player for us.

  22. Actually, I just looked on Scout.com and he has lost 10 pounds. There is reason why that post went up about Branch. The niners want him. IF the dolphins don’t get ahold of Quinn then they WILL take Landry. However, Jerry, I totally agree with you about Mebane…I watched him against Oregona and he was crushing O-linemen like ants. He would be a great pick up. Quinn is going to be an interesting situation because Minnesota is wanting a QB, Houston is talking about trading David Carr for the right price, and the Dolphins would be FOOLS to think that Culpepper is there future. So basically, we are going to go for Branch…it is unlikely we will get him unless he keeps slipping(and we trade up). THEN, I guarantee you Nolan will go for Okoye before he drafts Landry…this is a toss up to me, and then if they are both gone he will go for Landry (provided the Dolphins haven’t snatched him up. But, my question to all of you IS…who DO WE draft if all three of these players are gone by the time we are on the clock??? Sorry, to all of you guys out there, but YES, I am a draft nut…its like Christmas in April and we have A LOT of picks in the first four rounds.

  23. branch=bleh???

    branch=terrific fit for a big need on our defense

    okoye is not a good fit for the nose guard

  24. Branch=DOMINATION!!!
    Okoye would be a good fit, but I would rather handle the Nose Tackle situation first since Mebane and others are still available in the other rounds.

  25. just becauce we want branch doesnt meen we are gonna get him.

  26. big M I couldn’t agree with you more about quinn.everyone thinks jamarcus russel is such a stud,the only time I knew about him was when he was playing notre dame in the sugar bowl.yeah he can throw the ball 70+ yards flat footed,but can he come back in the last seconds of the game and win?(notre dame VS. UCLA)yeah he had an amazing sugar bowl.keep this in mind….he played notre dame….notre dame’s secondary couldn’t cover a pop warner team.they suck.yeah maybbe brady quinn can’t throw the ball 80 yards but he had two come from behind victories.jarmacus russel had an outstanding defense to rely on,brady quinn didn’t.that’s why they lost against LSU,USC,and michigan.Brady quinn will be great.jarmucus russel will end up like daunte culpepper.has anyone heard from him?I think he dropped off the face of the earth.brady Quinn is a better QB.

  27. I believe we should trade Harris and a draft pick or two for Calvin Johnson. This guy is a beast. I have been watching Calvin at Gt here in Atlanta and he is a class act. The Niner world would be reminded of Mr. Rice but faster and bigger.

  28. All of u are forgetting one detail our free agent signings!!! we wont take branch in the first round we already got franklin in free agency…i dont knoe who the niners will pick probably tedy ginn if he falls to us to give us another weapon for smith.. especially because of norv turner leaving.. he needs more weapons to fill that void…lelie will be our starter and then ted ginn will be our back-up. or the other possibility is the niners draft a linbacker..smith is getting old and a linbacker would be a great choice especially for depth. think of it lawson, haralyson, smith, moore, and then who ever is the top linebacker on the board when we are on the clock…other than that the rest of our choices will be getting depth for our team…these next two years are going to be great for the niners…look for the niners to make the playoffs this year…wont get by first round all depends on who we play….but then once this years draft choices get sum experience under their belts look for the NINERS to be SUPERBOWL BOUND!!! but like i said if u wanna guess at who the niners will take just remember think about our free agents signings we wont take the same position as we did in free agency…neways thats all i had to say continue ur discussion

  29. You don’t know what you’re talking about………if Branch is available I promise you that we will take him…….We will take Branch, Landry, Willis, and Carriker before we get Ginn Jr. we might even trade up before we take Ginn.

  30. I would be surprised if the forty niners take Ginn. He is a good player and would add spice to our return game for sure. However as a primary receiver don’t think so. I look at him as a David Hester type guy. Effective, but not our main 2 receivers. A threat not the answer for our passing game. If this was next year and our receivers were solidified he would be the piece to the puzzle.

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