A Gold Rush

I’m not sure about anyone else but this free agency period set to begin in under a week is like Christmas in March. This is a snippet from Adam Schefter and after reading it you have to love the possibilities the Niners have in front of them.

With the space, the 49ers believe they are going to be able to land at least two defensive studs and quite possibly a quality offensive lineman.

Look for the 49ers to make a major push to sign Baltimore’s free agent linebacker Adalius Thomas, Seattle free agent safety Ken Hamlin, as well as New England free-agent linebacker Tully Banta-Cain.

Along the offensive line, the 49ers are expected to make a significant push for Cincinnati’s versatile free-agent offensive lineman Eric Steinbach, who can play any position along the line.

But after free agency ends, no team is expected to have added as much talent and personnel as San Francisco.


~ by 49ersNews on February 24, 2007.

53 Responses to “A Gold Rush”

  1. i hope there not just teasing us.. that would be better than christmas

  2. i cant wait for free agentcy to begin and end.there is alot of mediocre talent and a few good ones.does it begin on march 2nd wednesday morning ?i hope we get more than one offensive lineman tony pashos or max starks.plus some help on defensive line too.

  3. didnt banta-cain go to Cal?

  4. yes tim he did go to cal.

  5. what is so special about a special teams player?i didnt watch the pats this year did banta-cain have a good year?what where his stats this year?

  6. We better get a good linebacker in fa because am i the only won who thinks derek smith is the slowest sloth in the nfl he misses tackles he cant cover he never sacks the qb or makes any ints please someone tell me why is he on our team still. I know we gave him an extension buy WHY.

  7. Gettin Steinbach means gettin rid of Kwame? 😀

  8. I’ll drink to that!

  9. Hey, don’t tease me like that…Kwame really needs to GO NOW!!!

  10. Robert Meachem out of Tennesse just ran a 4.36 40. At 6’11” 215 pounds this could be the next best reicever in the draft after Calvin Johnson…. 11th pick maybe?

  11. Correction at 6’2″….. 6’11” would be fucking crazy..lol

  12. now only need laron landry to line up with ken hamlin

  13. All of the players mentioned in the article fall into the plan that Scott McCoughlan mentioned, who are finishing up their 3 year contracts and in their mid 20s. Hamlin’s injurys in the past are a little troubling thou. But if we sign Stinbach, at least we can have Kwame as a backup.

  14. We don’t want him even as a backup…be have Baas. I guarantee you that he will do a better job at any position Kwame plays.

  15. Meachem is a reach @ 11 won’t happen (Arock) . . . It doesn’t make sense to draft Landry and sign Hamlin after we just resigned K. Lew and Mark Roman (Joseph) . . . I’d rather see us pick up A.D. and Nate Clemens while drafting 1. Branch – if available 2. Reggie Nelson or LaRon Landry – if available

  16. We aren’t going to pick up BOTH THOMAS AND CLEMENTS. It just isn’t going to happen. It is sounding more and more like the niners are going to go after Thomas really aggressively…if for some reason he signs with someone else then we will pursue Nate Clements because Clements is probably going to be on the market for a while because of his asking price (which is a little outrageous). I just some of you realize that if we don’t get Branch and Okoye and Landry are both available then Nolan is most likely going to take Okoye. Again, I ask, what if none of these players are available…THEN WHO DO WE DRAFT…because that could happen…Carriker, Nelson(even if we sign Hamlin?), Revis, who would you guys take????

  17. Also, realize that if the Lions take Quinn then we are looking at a likely senario of not getting Landry because the Dolphins will take him if they can’t get Quinn. The niners need to start talking to the Skins if they want to move up and acquire the player they want. The skins only have one pick in the first four or five rounds (I can’t remember which) I don’t know if anyone else is really going to even listen to us in the top ten.

  18. This could be just what we need!! We could trade down a little bit. We could trade our pick for a pretty good NT and a first round pick a little later in the round. Then we could still be able to land Meachem. That would take care of our NT and WR problems. This prob. wont happen but it would be pretty nice.

    -49er for life

  19. I don’t think that Meachum is high on Nolan’s radar. On the 49erswebzone.com it was pretty much saying that we are going to get a defensive player unless a extremely favorable offer comes our way (doesn’t look like that is going to happen in this draft)

  20. ahhhh screw it just trade up and get CJ

  21. NO WAY WE DO THAT!!! No offense, TAPOUT, but we MIGHT trade up with the ‘skins, but other than that we are staying put because we have so many draft picks and so many needs on defense. I think we should pursue Bennett from the Titans because he would be a great pick up.

  22. CJ is too far up, regardless of any talk you hear about Tampa taking quinn, they will take CJ or trade the pick. Their pick is valued at 1800, while ours is only 1250. Our 2nd rounder is only 470. Our first 3rd rounder is 107. In other words we’d need to trade our 1st 2nd first 3rd and a 4th just to even have Tampa think about it.

    In order to have a shot at CJ he’d have to fall to 7, have no one else trade for him, have Childress keep by his “don’t draft a wide receiver in the first round” policy, and then trade 1st,3rd,and a 5th or 6th rounder to move up just 4 slots.

    I’d rather they just kept the picks as they need to address 9 positions in FA and the first day of the draft.

    Also, can we stop it with the “what he’s asking for” rhetoric, it’s getting old and tired. Every player’s agent will ask for the most they can ask for, then they will get countered by teams, it is how it works.

    Since there are no good FA receivers out there and Ginn and Jarret don’t cut it, I hope the 9ers save some cap space to go along with the 8 mil increase to get a receiver next year. The only one of the 9 positions that need improvement that has a serious lack of available talent in the FA/draft pool.

  23. Edit – Messed up the 3rd round pick, it’s 215, so the first 3 picks would be “listened” to

  24. Ryan, why in the world would we trade with the skins?? To try and get Branch??? That doesn’t make sense at all. First of all Branch’s stock is falling, however; not a great deal, but it should be enough for him to fall to 11. Nolan is not going to trade up for a defensive player. I just don’t think it is going to happen. Another problem with your proposal is what would we give the skins. The skins are lacking a lot of the things that we are. I think we are going to stay put UNLESS someone offers us something amazing which prob. won’t happen.

    -49er for life

  25. Good stuff, Nick. I have been looking at a lot of mock draft and they say that Landry and Branch are definitely gone before we can touch them. But some new interesting names that I have seen are Carriker and Patrick Willis with our first pick. I don’t know if we should trade all of those picks so the ‘skins can pull themselves out of a hole. It is widely rumored that they are going to take Gaines Adams instead of Branch. If the Cardinals take the Defensive end for Arkansas then we might have a shot at Branch…provided that the Texans don’t take him. That is what it boils down to. This draft is deep a cornerback and defensive tackle so I say we stay put and take Okoye because he IS most likely who we are going to get.

  26. 49ers for life….I couldn’t agree with you more because we just have too many picks and too many needs. I love Branch, but he isn’t worth us giving up the means to adress SO MANY issues that we have on defense. I don’t think Nolan will trade up either.

  27. my favorite wide receivers are, jason hill or dawayne bowe or meachem and the underrated steve smith.dont like gonzalas he has been injury prone at ohio state. i would like to see the wide receivers and running backs run in cleats and pads in the 40 to see what there real speed is on the field .

  28. The only receivers you mentioned that the niners will even draft are Steve Smith or Gonzales because they will be drafted in the later rounds.

  29. Jason Hill….who is he since I am obviously clueless about him.

  30. jason hill was a top prospect last year,at the combine today he ran a 4.3 in the 4o yard dash and he is from washington state he is 6-1 215 pounds.i dont know what he did this year,but last year he caught 62 passes for 1097 yards and 13 touchdown.and the other later round wr i like is from fresno state paul williams .

  31. Jerry, what do you think about picking up the 6’5″ Drew Bennett from the Titans? He isn’t Chad Johson or Steve Smith, but he is good and we are going to be without Bryant our first two games.

  32. i just looked up his stats at tennessee.he hasnt had a 1000 yard season yet but i never really payed attention to him.if he can break some tackles. anything to help alex smith get the ball out of his hands quicker.is he a number one receiver at tennessee?

  33. i dont know who this runningback is chris henry.but in the combine he is the fastest runner4.33. he ran faster than adrian peterson.peterson ran a 4.38.

  34. Hey guys do u guys think we should draft anyone to backup Frank Gore just in case

  35. samra,i agree with you because mike robinson is still raw at running back and hicks is a decent third down back up and special teams player.if gore gets hurt, we do need to get a back up.

  36. fucking test dflkghldglhdfg

  37. and just like i said right after the superbowl. a few teams in the play offs and superbowl have two good runningbacks you got the saints duece mcallister and reggie bush,the chargers with ladaiian tomlison/michael turner,the colts-dominic rhodes/joseph addai.the bears cidric benson/ thomas jones.thats the reason why i feel we need to a good backup.did any one else just see the mike nolan interviw today i just got done watching it.of corse they mention we might get nate clements and a.thomas from the ravens.the one guy that always talks about everyone taking offensive lineman said, we need to get a big time playmaker for alex smith in dwaye jarrett or one of the other receivers in the draft but .he also said that the 49ers only want to spend half of the money they have and spend another quarter on the draft and frank gore wants a new contract too.

  38. mike nolan said in the interview too that we might trade a couple of draft picks for some players too.

  39. hey jerry,jason hill ran a 4.32 in the 40.just to let you know .

  40. thanks eddie.

  41. do to the combine and the draft and the length of the regular season.thats why rookies get burned out so quick before the end off the regular season.

  42. backup for frank gore should be:Darius walker from Notre Dame

    rushing stats:13 255 1267 4.97 7

    recieving stats:13 56 391 6.98 1

    he played with brady quinn so you know he can catch the football.

  43. for reciever I go with robert meachem from tenessee,or dawayne bowe from LSU,both big and physical,and can block.nolan worked with bowe from LSU in the senior bowl.he would be perfect,can you imagine,him and vernon davis blocking for frank gore?sweet.

  44. We might be able to draft Mechem in the second round. I definatley wouldn’t draft him at 11, but at 43, we can get bang for our buck by drafting him. That would be great.

  45. I hope beyond hope that the Niners aren’t really thinking about signing Ken Hamlin. I live in Seattle now, so I get a lot of opportunities to see the ‘Hawks play. And I have not been impressed with Hamlin. He has problems with coverage, doesn’t wrap up and his reputation as a big hitter comes from the fact that he plays dirty. A lot of his “big” tackles come on borderline late hits. And his injury “history”? He was out most of the year last year because he got his head smashed in at a sketchy club in Seattle that has now been closed since last year (do we want another problem child with poor judgement?). And the Seahawks still almost won the Super Bowl without him. We can do better.

    Do not sign The Hammer!

  46. with the numbers meachem is putting up,i personaly dont feal that he will go pass the charger in the first round.remember turner was at the senior bowl too.

  47. Well, to Christopher…it isn’t like WE have any power in the situation, but according to scout.com, the niners are going to try and sign him and Steinbach from the Bengals early as possible if they can. This is something I think they are doing to sure up some positions and (in the case of Steinbach) convince Frank Gore that they are REALLY committed to the run. Think about our line…Vernon Davis, Larry Allen, Jonas Jennings, Eric Heitman, Adam Snyder, Eric Steinbach, and we have stud back ups to boot….Baas, Smiley, and Kwame is a good back up tackle. So be perfectly honest about the receiver thing… the only way we will get a receiver with our second pick is if Bowe is still available…Meachum is short…speedy yes, but short and that isn’t what Nolan likes. Nolan likes 6’3″ and 220. Look for the niners to try and draft Dameion Hughes, Anthonoy Spencer, Brandon Mebane, or some other over looked defensive playmaker. Also, Christopher, if I was a seachickens fan, and was talking this much trash about my safety…then I would hope the niners DO get him. So I guess my question to you is…why do you REALLY hope we don’t get him. You guys have enough problems…like not being able to pick until the 52nd pick in the draft for an undersized receiver who had one good game in the super bowl…this season Darrell Jackson blew that joke out of the water when it came to performance.

  48. Ken Hamlin, if we sign him, will come cheap and will be part of having a back up at that position. I don’t think he’ll get starter money from us.

  49. Born and raised a Niners fan that just happens to live in Seattle now. They don’t show many Niners games up here, so I watch the Seahawks instead. The Niners will not be able to sign Hamlin for back-up money. If they sign him, it will probably be a big contract, since that’s what hes looking for. He’s already a starter in Seattle; why would he leave for less money to be a back-up somewhere else? I would rather the Niners save their cap space for Thomas and Clements (if they can pull that off).

  50. They WILL pull ONE off, but I doubt they will do both…although it would be nice (and solve a lot of problems on defense). However, I get the impression that Nolan wants to mold as many players as possible from the ground up, which is why I think he WILL sign Thomas, but Clements will only be a niner IF Thomas doesn’t become one because then we have the money to offer that NO ONE else can. I don’t know that much about Hamlin, but he sure could probably help our d with the shape it is in right now.

  51. I dont think 6’2″ is short for a reciever by any standard ( Meachem ) Also did anyone else hear the Seahawks are shopping D.Jackson? Might be an intriguing situation for the 9ers….

  52. he has been injury prone.

  53. Cool. Thanks

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